Synthetic Babies: A Generation of Slaves for the Modern Machine

Whenever mainstream news outlets start to incessantly shove something into readers’ faces and all their headlines are mere copies of one another, it’s obvious that there is some major new liberal propaganda afoot.

And the most recent phenomenon in this stream of propaganda is synthetic babies:

Scientists have created the miracle of life — no male or female necessary.
Using only a mixture of stem cells, University of Cambridge researchers were able to generate a live, “synthetic” mouse embryo — complete with a brain and beating heart in what they deemed a “world first.”

The horrible nightmare of synthetic lab-grown babies which we have been warned about in dystopian sci-fi novels such as ‘Brave New World’ is, for some diabolical reason, being celebrated by the mainstream media. But this is just one more addition to a long and unending list of abnormal atrocities being pushed towards normalization by liberals and the new world order.

However, right now the idea of synthetic human babies is nothing but a fantasy pipe-dream and this liberal nightmare is the least likely to ever come into fruition.

Mainstream articles are wording this research carefully in order to make it sound like scientists have gone ahead and created life from nothing within a laboratory. They’re equating the researchers’ achievements with Allah’s act of creation. Even the least knowledgeable Muslim knows that this is Shirk. Muslims should understand that to acknowledge such a highly misleading notion is tantamount to believing that scientists have the same power as Allah, and this would of course be Shirk. This notion can also be easily deconstructed.

Many different types of cells exist within different parts of our body⁠ (such as myocytes cells in the muscles, neuronal cells in the brain, osteocytes in the bone, hepatocytes in the liver, and so on). But before they became what they are, these cells existed in an ‘undifferentiated’ form and had the capacity to turn into any cell type. These undifferentiated cells, with the capacity to ‘differentiate’ into any type of cell, is what is referred to as a ‘stem cell.’ The experiment, published in Nature, describes how rather than fusing a sperm with an egg, three different types of stem cells were made to interact with each other in a specific environment so as to induce the process of embryogenesis (the formation of an embryo). After this induction, the cells basically then started working on their own⁠—following the natural course of genetic expression and cell differentiation⁠—to form basic structures, such as the primitive heart and brain.

This is KEY.

All the scientists did here was ‘induce’ the process with the necessary genetic and cellular ingredients. They did not in any way create the cells or program the genetic code and complex cellular communications involved in the process. The paper even mentions that the cells had basically ‘self-organized’ into an embryo. What the media is doing is akin to presenting a farmer planting a seed in the ground and watering it, then claiming that this amounts to him precisely fashioning and determining every step of that seed’s transformation and growth into a tree.

The reality is that the genetic instructions and complex pathways that occurred upon their specific interactions were already imbedded in these cells by Allah. It is He who Designed and Ordained this inimitable precision and perfection. A more accurate analogy for what these scientists have achieved would be someone basically switching on a computer. All the complex coding and circuitry that functions in order for the computer to be booted up and ‘brought to life’ was already pre-programmed by a team of programmers and software and hardware engineers. All the user did was click the ‘ON’ button. This in no way equates to them having mastery over every other aspect involved in the process. This is the primitive stage where reproductive science really exists at today. Not what mainstream media wants us to believe.

Another lie that they hope to sell with this news is further reinforcement of the theory of evolution. It is no secret that they want to push the idea of evolution from fiction into fact so that they can superimpose a godless ideology into the masses and turn them into easily controllable liberal atheists. The theory itself has been debunked in countless ways, but for the purpose of this article I’d like to focus on the origin of life. Specifically, the chances of even the most basic proteins forming all by themselves.

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The building blocks of a protein are called amino acids. These amino acids are linked to each other like chains by ‘peptide bonds.’ The simple and specific sequence of amino acids attached linearly in such a manner is the most basic and unsophisticated version of a protein, known as a ‘primary protein.’ Douglas Axe, who is the Maxwell Professor of Molecular Biology at Biola University, calculated the chances of this happening from a prebiotic soup at an incredibly low 1 in 10^164. And this is just for a primary protein consisting of only 150 amino acids! He presents this idea as follows:

Another way to say that is the probability of finding a functional protein by chance alone is a trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion times smaller than the odds of finding a single specified particle among all the particles in the universe.

Adding to this, the work of Frederick Hoyle (a distinguished British cosmologist) gave his estimation for the odds of 200,000 amino acids needed to make the proteins of the most rudimentary cell coming together by chance, at about 1 in 10^40,000. And these are still nowhere even close to the chances of an actual cell forming all by itself. So, when atheists like Richard Dawkins and mainstream media assert that ‘believing in God is like believing in a random flying spaghetti monster,’ you should know that they believe one of the most complex structures in the world came about by chance when some random lightning struck chemical soup. That’s as mythological as it gets!

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Then there’s the fact that this research was conducted on mice, NOT humans. Although these articles mention this detail (albeit very briefly), they present it as though the same has been achieved for human embryos too. The genetic code can be understood as an instruction manual required to form proteins, and all the individual genes in this entire ‘manual’ can be thought of as individual recipes for specific proteins. However, it goes way beyond this. Each gene can actually be read in different ways, resulting in different proteins. So each individual ‘recipe’ can be used to make several different ‘dishes.’ This reminds me of how certain verses in the Qur’an can often have several different meanings.

The reason it was important to explain this, is that although humans and mice may share similar genes (which is why they are experimented on to predict what would happen in humans), they express those genes differently. In fact, it was found that two-thirds of the genes shared by mice and humans were expressed differently in the same cell type. And cumulatively these expressions can spell the difference between life and death, such as in 1993 when fialuridine (FIAU) was used to successfully treat hepatitis B in mice; but resulted in liver failure and five deaths when it was used in human trials. This happened because genes in both humans and mice produced a transporter protein that allowed FIAUI to enter the cell (and it would then attack the Hep-B virus within the cell), but unlike mice, humans ALSO have this protein present on the surface of their mitochondria, allowing FIAU to enter and damage this vital organelle.

The fact that such a small difference could result in such a huge disaster means that the only definitive evidence of what can be achieved in humans through experiments are to have them conducted directly on humans. Therefore, Muslims should be very wary of jumping on the bandwagon of ‘science has finally created humans from scratch!’

However, for the sake of argument, let’s assume that such a day may come to pass where the horror of lab grown babies is a reality. The consequences would be severe.

This technology will definitely be used to further the LGBT agenda, and such evil groups will shove this down people’s throats as a solution to gay couples not being able to have children. In fact, Matt Krisiloff, the head of a company called Conception, is already working on a different biotechnology called in-vitro gametogenesis, that could convert stem cells into sperms and eggs. Krisiloff is gay, so we can safely assume his intentions for this tech:

Krisiloff also had a specific interest in the artificial-egg technology. He’s gay, and he knew that theoretically, a cell from a man could be turned into an egg. If that were ever possible, two men could have a child that was genetically related to both. “I was interested in the idea of ‘When can same-sex couples have children together?’” says Krisiloff. “I thought that this was the promising technology for doing this.”

This is their idea of progress. Harvesting stem cells from homos and trannies to ‘make’ babies that they can later groom and molest. In fact, why not be even more progressive? Why limit it to two? An entire orgy of perverted homosexuals could make a baby this way and then raise it in a vile sexualized environment where it too will be at constant risk of being turned into a sex object. Then there’s the scenario where one person provides his stem cells to be used for producing both their own sperm and egg. Is this really how humanity should be proceeding into the future?

One of the modes through which modernity imposes dubious technologies onto people is by creating a sense of urgency. Every good salesman knows that his pitch must make the consumer feel that they absolutely need his product. And so, these new products are introduced as a solution to a dire or severe problem, but the intention and end goal is always to make it into a comfort product that consumers get hooked on. A good example is how Elon Musk’s Neuralink is being touted as the definitive solution for people who are paralyzed from the neck-down. However, the long term intention is to turn it into a mass product that most people will have implanted into their heads so they no longer have to memorize or remember things. Lab grown babies will be no different. The technology disguises itself as a solution to organ donations and availability (if babies can be grown, so can organs), miscarriages, and infertility problems. Ironically, modernity-induced hormonal changes are the main cause behind problems such as increased infertility and miscarriages. This is modernity in a nutshell. It creates catastrophic problems for humanity and then sells people solutions that lead to even greater problems in the future. Such a downward spiral can only lead to societal collapse.

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And just like Neuralink, the long term effect of this technology will be the rise of designer babies. As the name suggests, these are babies that, while at the developmental stages in the womb (or some techno replacement), will undergo genetic editing in order to give the parents the baby that they want. The parents (or parent, as there’ll no biological need for family anymore) will be handed a menu in which they can browse through a list of hundreds of viable embryos which were produced according to their desired specifications. The parents may want a completely healthy, red-haired, blue-eyed, fair-skinned, high IQ, athletically superior child. So any embryo that will result in a child with a physical or mental illness will be rejected. All hazel-eyed and dark skinned embryos will be thrown into the trash. The crime of not having the right genes will justify murder by the hundreds. A genocide of the unwanted for each desired baby.

For an ideology that’s so inclusive and compassionate, this morbid future sounds like it would be extremely cruel towards the disabled. And think about it. Liberalism and modernism is based on desires borne from the comfort and luxury of pursuing them, so why wouldn’t modern liberal parents pursue it?

Modernity aims at discouraging discomfort, and it does so by providing comfort in the form of immediate sedation through technology. Netflix, junk food made addictive through processed chemicals, pornography, video games, medications for the smallest headache or sneeze, drugs and alcohol, and a synthetic lineage. With the possibility of not needing more than one parent, the idea of family will be readily discarded. Why should the modern man provide for and protect a family throughout his entire adult life when he can simply donate a few stem cells and get the perfect heir? He already has his only fans subscription/sex robot/virtual girlfriend to ensure his urges are always catered to. Plus he can indulge in any fetish under the sun via those means. Now on top of all that, a metaverse ad tells him that ‘with SynthBaby you can get the ultimate baby tailor-made to your dream specifications.’

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Alternatively, why should the modern woman waste time looking for a suitable husband who can cater to all her needs? After all, her thriving career has made her independent and there are very few men who make more money than her. Plus, she already has a surrogate husband in the form of the government. As for the love and appreciation that she isn’t receiving due to lack of a husband, she can simply post provocative images on Instagram and get dopamine hits in the form of likes. When she’s in her late-twenties to mid-thirties and finally wants a family, it’s just a simple click away. There’s no need to go through the discomforts of pregnancy or the excruciating labor pains. She selects all the desired options in her future baby as if picking out toppings on a pizza or a Subway sandwich. She sends off her DNA sample to the lab and viola, nine months later her baby is ‘delivered’ straight to her doorstep like an Amazon parcel.

Transhumanism aims to transform humans into a simple quantifiable product. A product to be consumed by other humans. And people living in consumerist societies tend to get bored of their products once they outlive their entertainment value. So too will the modern parents become bored of their synthetic babies and simply toss them away, perhaps finding some faults in them that they didn’t note at the time of purchase. Or maybe a new line of babies is released, with better genetic enhancements than the current version. So, they quickly discard their SynthBaby for the all-new SynthBaby Ultra Pro Max.

However, neither the modern man nor the modern woman were ready for this responsibility. They’ve wasted their lives⁠—the man watching anime and the woman pursuing a higher education⁠—which in no way prepared them for raising a child. But worry not, as they can simply hand it over to the government. The state-mandated nurseries and schools will ensure that the mass produced children turn out exactly as their parents: consumer wage slaves, shaving years off their lives under evil billion dollar corporations; groomed and ‘educated’ to be nothing more than obedient puppets to their masters who are the modern rulers. The modern version of rulers are billionaire eccentrics, and their modern army consists of employees working to death as cogs in the modern machine so that it can continue running smoothly.

By unlocking the key to mass producing humans in labs, modernism and transhumanism will achieve the pinnacle of their goal: the loss of individuality. These mass produced babies will be raised with the express intent of them lacking any independent thought, instead being spoon-fed all the tenets of the modern religion and brainwashed into believing that being in control of your life and doing whatever you desire means being a well-oiled cog in the ever growing modern machine.

And after all this, after outliving their usefulness, for all their hard work and service they will be left to die alone in a dingy apartment with no family or children to take care of them. And at the very end, they’ll have nothing but the beeps of hospital monitors to accompany them in their loneliness. Spewed out mercilessly by the modern machine.

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Contrast this to an Islamic society, where you use your skills to truly further humanity as it was always meant to be. Where true justice and stability can be achieved for all its citizens. Where men provide for their families and women maintain households. Instead of empty over-priced apartments, men will have a loving family to return home to. Instead of marrying her to the state, a father will find a suitable man for her daughter, one who will provide for and protect her. She will not need those hollow likes on social media in order to feel validated. Nor will he require sex dolls and pornography to fulfill himself. These familial units, like cells in a body, will work together to maintain and uplift the whole of society. A system where both the individual and society benefit from each other, as opposed to transhumanist societies where the modern machine simply sucks the souls out of its slaves and in return leaving them with nothing of any real value.

Modern society manufactures soulless slaves, while a Muslim society raises Muslims to reach their peak in mind, body, and soul. Instead of being molested by their seven homosexual/tranny parents, or being raised as disposable machine-wear like the modern child, the Muslim child will receive love and care from his parents. Parents who have both understood and accepted their respective roles in the upbringing of their child, and want only the best for them. In time, they too will grow up to become the ideal role model for their children and further their progeny, contributing valuably towards the Muslim Ummah.

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Abdullah Ali

The earth has 1.3×10⁵⁰ atoms. Compare to the probabilities mentioned above.


Very insightful article. JazakAllahu Khayran.

There was a typo: “She sends off her DNA sample to the lab and viola, nine months later her baby is ‘delivered’ straight to her doorstep like an Amazon parcel.”

It’s “voila”.