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Zaid Diaz

Hah, of all places, Burqa is banned in Bosnia! Meanwhile that pic missed Kosovo, where Burqa is banned at least in schools.

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

Niqab being banned in some places in some parts of the Muslim world is a bloody shame, that shows that they have dayooth secularists running office…


The one about Lebanon made me laugh but also made me sad and honestly a little sick being from Lebanon myself this is legit an attitude that a lot of people there have been adopting it’s repugnant and shameful, it truly shows how delusional nationalism can make you they (mostly Maronite Christians) don’t want to accept that we are and have been unabashed Arabs and while Lebanon may be dead, lost and forever colonized we have time to save the rest of the Muslim and Arab world alhamdulillah