Khawa Khawa: Does Siding With Morocco Make You a Nationalist?

In some of my previous articles, I have taken critical positions in favor of Morocco in relation to the Western Sahara crisis within North Africa. Strangely enough, some readers have actually accused me of being pro-Moroccan and a nationalist despite me having personally criticized nationalism very harshly in the past.

These reactions just tell me one thing. When it comes to politics, some people have a very hard time understanding nuances.

For example, the Moroccan kingdom could very well be wrong regarding various geopolitical matters and still be right with regard to this specific case. So what exactly is the point of the retorts mentioning all the flaws of the Moroccan kingdom in the comments?

Yes, Muslim countries should not make alliances with Israel.

Yes, a part of the Moroccan population is liberalizing and dangerously adopts the values of their past settler.

Yet, my point remains valid. The pro-Sahrawi side is influenced by the West and is only capable of rendering a liberalized reading of this entire mess.

When I say that the Western Sahara should belong to Morocco (at the very least for practical reasons) and that Muslim countries in the region should not side with Polisario, I am in no way suggesting that Moroccan politics and officials are blameless.

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For some people, if you simply state that Morocco is right regarding some specific matters, this consequently means you believe that they are right regarding everything. At the same time, they seem to believe that if Morocco is wrong regarding some specific matters, then there’s no way they can be right regarding anything.

This line of thinking is itself a form of nationalism and partisanship. They do not understand how defending a camp is not equivalent to committing fully to that camp. It is entirely possible that they struggle to understand this point simply because they themselves are nationalists and partisans.

They are wired into this black-and-white line of thinking.

When they see anyone being critical of their party, they assume the plaintiff is hostile towards them, and they instinctively go into defense mode.

Well, guess what?

If Morocco was switched with Algeria in this situation, I would still be completely opposed to the Polisario.

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Muslims should not be taking sides or adopt a position on current issues based on whether or not they are Moroccan or Algerian or whatever else. Rather they should be unbiased and judge things solely based on their Islamic values and beliefs.

Islam is our criterion.

And the only way the Muslim Ummah can successfully unite and enjoy peace together is if we all put aside our emotions and defer back to Islam and its teachings.

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Yusuf ibn Tashfin

People need to be more pragmatic, life is not like the NBA or the Champions league where fans are fanatic followers of one particular team ; very similar to nationalism. Unfortunately people can’t go beyond that thinking.


But if the Moroccan king is absolutely rotten and degenerate, why side with him on ANY issue?


It’s rather interesting reading these words and how you give Morroco’s government/camp the benefits of the doubt and not look at it from a generalised view and at the same time you can not offord to be as generous with some gulf states, chief amongst which, Saudi Arabia. I mean I’m sure the Saudi government isn’t perfect from an Islamic perspective…no far from it. But at least it’s not all’s not evil to the core! As a lot of of the Muslim brotherhood and Sarouriya make it out to be


Morroco has acquired the western Sahara through deception. They didn’t fight the Spaniards to liberate it. But rather marched to capture it as the Spanish army retreated. And to this day, many Morrocan officials and academics claim that the entire western Saharan of Algeria is a Morrocan territory! I mean they ought to liberate Ceuta and Melilla from the Spain before a talk of expanding thier empire! The western saharaoui people don’t want to be part of Morroco which means they’re oppressed.

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