Nord Stream: Is America Trying to Start World War 3?

“USA Destroys Nord Stream 2 to Stop Germany From Buying Russian Gas”

What would your thoughts be regarding a headline such as the above?

Would it be defamatory to openly accuse the United States of such an action when no court has established America as being responsible?

Yet, since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the Empire of Lies has propagated many blatantly false accusations against Vladimir Putin. In this struggle to control the narrative, I sometimes get the unpleasant feeling that the West honestly believes we are a bunch of gullible idiots. During these recent months, the media has tried to peddle things which are not supported by facts and even things which defy common sense.

What amount of evidence would be sufficient to conclude that the Nord Stream pipelines (1 & 2) were sabotaged by America in order to further expand the diplomatic pit between the EU and Russia; and to eliminate all possible means of betrayal against the U.S. by European nations?

First of all, it would make no sense at all for Russia to destroy its own pipeline. These giant conduits can only operate unilaterally, and Putin had complete control over them. If Putin really wished to deprive Europe of its gas, he could have simply switched off the tap. There would be no need for costly destruction or an unnecessarily risky operation.

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Once again, the Western media wants to depict the bear of the Kremlin as some sort of irrational fool who drools over the very thought of violence. Of course, Putin is a despicable criminal who has opposed Islam in many situations, but he is certainly not a moronic idiot. He’s a smart head of state. This depiction of him is extremely farfetched, and no educated person would buy it.

To make matters worse, Joe Biden’s past declarations may have actually hinted towards these course of events.

He declared just a few days prior to the Russian invasion:

Let me answer the first question first, if Russia invades, that means tanks and troop crossing the border of Ukraine again, then there will be no longer be a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it.

During the declaration, a journalist asked Biden how they would be able to achieve such a thing since this project was under Germany’s control. He answered plainly:

I promise you, we will be able to do that.

Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Victoria Nuland, declared on 24th January of 2022:

If Russia invades Ukraine, one way or another, Nord Stream 2 will not move forward.

Similarly, the day before the strike, some internet users revealed that American ships were operating in the Baltic Sea just some 18 miles away from Nord Stream 1 and 31 miles from Nord Stream 2.

This image shows an American ship operating close to Nord Stream 1 & 2, one day before the strike

Forbes reports:

And the anonymous British military source upon which the The Times relied expressed uncertainty that it was, in fact, the Russians, and viewed it as a tactical error, if it was. “If it is them [the Russians], I think they’ve pulled out a blinder. Russia has absolutely no influence over the West except for this one gift — gas.”

The Kremlin, for its part, hotly denied the accusation. “It’s quite predictable and also predictably stupid to give voice to these kinds of narratives,” said President Vladamir Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov. “Both branches were filled with gas, ready for pumping, and this gas is very expensive,” said Peskov. “Now this gas is disappearing into the air.”

Russia has shown a strong interest in protecting its pipelines. Last week, Russian security agencies claimed to have prevented a planned attack by the Ukranian military on the TurkStream pipeline, which sends Russian natural gas to Turkey and southern Europe. Spokespersons for the Ukranian government denied it.

The U.S. Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, did not accuse Russia and instead said it was in “no one’s interest” to destroy Nord Stream 1 and 2. “The United States and NATO/EU seem remarkably relaxed about sabotage of a piece of critical infrastructure,” reported an oil and gas reporter for Reuters. “NS 1 and 2 were not delivering gas. But there is an important precedent/principle. Lack of high-profile response from Washington, London and Brussels itself an important story.”


German magazine Der Spiegel reported that the CIA warned Germany weeks ago of a coming attack on natural gas pipelines, Nord Stream 1 and 2, which transport natural gas Russia to Germany. Der Spiegel notes that Russia could have pulled off such the attack on the pipelines, but “It is difficult to see whether Russia or Ukraine could have an interest in such an incident.”

An on-line debate erupted between senior Polish officials over who is responsible for the destruction. A former Polish Defense Minister, Radek Sikorski, attributed to the United States the sabotage. “Thank you, USA,” Sikorski wrote on Twitter. Sikorski was Minister of National Defense from 2005 – 2007 and served as Deputy Minister of National Defense and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, previously. He is currently an elected member of the European parliament.

I feel that, considering these damning shreds of evidence, we can safely conclude that: America plotted this strike.

Despite the evidence, the United States has remained quiet and did not take responsibility for this move. Likewise, many Western media outlets tried to blame Putin outright as the perpetrator of it all, and many others not so subtly hinted that he was to blame.

After all this, can anyone really deny that the West is using war propaganda to mass manipulate people’s perceptions towards the Kremlin?

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Another serious question remains:

What exactly is the endgame here for America and its allies?

Do they desire a third world war?

Do they wish to sacrifice Europe in order to save the American economy?

These questions deserve to be explored and, if Allah permits, will be the subject of future articles. In the meantime, I will conclude with a famous saying that aptly describes how the America handled the situation:

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

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It’s incredible how the USA is literally bringing the economy of the EU(European union) and other non-EU european counties down. Even when the EU countries get their gas(much expensive) from elsewhere and create new infrastructure for it(they will do it in record time), they will have to deal with new price parameters that will make the economy much less competitive and all the big businesses and wealth is going to go abroad. I think the USA and China are the big “winners” here.

Last edited 5 months ago by Takeshi

The phrase “With friends like these, who needs enemies?” is perfectly fit for this situation. But reading the recent history, it’s not a surprise. The USA was the best friend and ally of the arab nationalist and socialist Saddam Hussein’s dictatorial regime and yet when he was no longer useful for them and they had new demographic and geopolitical plans for the regio, they got rid of it like a kleenex. Regardless of all this, Russia is also not innocent and it has also committed war crimes…


I think the Henry Kissinger quote, “To be an enemy of America can be dangerous, but to be a friend is lethal” sums it up quite nicely too.