Responding to the Atheist Argument: It Would Be Better Not to Exist

How should we understand it when people say: “Life is too hard. I wish God didn’t even create me. God was wrong to create me without my consent!”

There are two primary modes of ethical reasoning: consequentialist and deontological.

Consequentialist reasoning focuses on weighing benefits vs. harms.

Deontological reasoning focuses on the inherent good or evil of something, regardless of the benefits or harms involved.

An example of consequentialist reasoning: It is ethically necessary to use pesticides against pests because, if the pests are not taken care of, they will cause great harm to people.

An example of deontological reasoning: It is ethically necessary to be honest with my friends even though that can make my life more difficult in certain cases. This is because lying to deceive friends is inherently wrong, regardless of any personal benefit to me.

The problem with those who complain about the difficulty of life and wish they did not exist is they are using only consequentialist reasoning. They are judging life only according to benefits and harms (usually of the physical variety).

But this is illegitimate. They must also consider that life on earth has an inherent value that cannot be reduced to physical benefits and harms.

The experience of experiencing, for example, is something priceless. The experience of pleasure, of happiness, etc., is obviously valuable. But experiencing pain is also something of inherent value. The man who experiences pain when he toils for his family. The woman who experiences pain in childbirth. The soldier who experiences pain as he fights for a higher cause. The pain of a parent who loses a child. These pains all have meaning and, therefore, are significant and, therefore, are inherently valuable.

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Scientific, materialist reasoning completely disregards the notion of inherent value and only traffics in consequentialist harm vs. benefit calculations. This is why people in secular nations who have been brainwashed with materialism increasingly do not see the value of life and wish that they had never existed.

This is actually a mental dysfunction because the human mind naturally finds value in life and humans naturally flee from death.

So essentially, secularism creates mental dysfunction in the population, where people not only disbelieve in God, they disbelieve in the value of their own existence.

Islam, on the other hand, balances consequentialist and deontological reasoning in a holistic ethical system. Muslims are grateful for the gift of existence and direct their gratitude solely to their Creator in hopes of drawing nearer to Him.

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To be honest I find this argument rather amusing because it probably would be better not to exist if one were to assume that God does not exist. I do not think any sane person would want to live in a world where injustices go unpunished and where morality is decided by personal desire rather than truth. But Islam changes all of that, it gives justice and order through sharia and belief in the hereafter. Of course, atheists are too arrogant to accept this and would rather blame God anyway.

Nazrul Islam

It gives justice and order AFTER you go through pain. Isn’t it amusing? Now do you see the value of pain? Pain is a kind of driver.
Argument here is not that if God did not exist. The argument is “I wish God didn’t even create me. God was wrong to create me without my consent!” because “life is too hard.”
“any sane person would want to live in a world where injustices go unpunished”. That’s a different argument btw. Even if punished injustices (or pain) still existed before punishment.

Servant of allah

But wasnt our world is truly where injustice go unpunished and morality is decided by personal desire though? ( as history of the mankind shows throughout the ages ). Many idealist atheist were struck with depression as they study history and realize the historical truth, that evildoers prosper

It would be splendid had someone out there historical-wise showed those depressed atheists that this world wasnt hideous as they thought.

Akhi, got any ideas?

B. St

There is no future in the West as it becomes a commercial and late stage capitalist nightmare.

Josip Kovačević

Salam alaikum Ustadh, if an atheist asked you: “What is that value of pain and suffering?”- what would you respond


Short and sweet. Thanks Daniel.


Is it not a mental dysfunction if someone desires to become a martyr?


Muslim Skeptic get this through your head. I am Iranian just like you. It was the Muslim conquests that completely destroyed Persian society and culture and destroyed Persian artifacts and art, and forced cultural Arabism upon us. We already had a culture and a religion which was the oldest mothiest religion on Earth.