Most Moroccans Support Mandating Hijab… Will Democracy Finally Prevail?

Westerners seem to no longer be bothered too much by the Russia-Ukraine conflict, despite the fact that it will directly impact their daily lives through rising prices, etc., and could potentially result in nuclear conflict.

This is because they’ve moved on and discovered something better and more essential to their existence: supporting (a few liberal) Iranian women against the mandating of Hijab or, well let’s be honest, Hijab itself.

The death of a single woman supposedly “because of the Hijab” has provided new meaning to the lives of the nihilist Westerners. We could ask where these same people were when, post-9/11, thousands of women were being slaughtered by drones in the name of liberal ideals such as democracy and feminism.

But let us first ask this question:

If the majority of Iranian women, or Iranians as a whole, did want to see the end of the Hijab mandate and if their opinion should be accepted based simply on democracy, would the same apply elsewhere if the people wanted the Hijab to be mandated by law?

Take Morocco for example.

As reported by the Moroccan website Bladi in a recent article written in French, a survey carried out by L’Economiste (an influential business newspaper) has shown that 65% of Moroccans want Hijab to be mandated by law. Also interesting is that there are actually more women who are in favor of mandating Hijab than men (67% against 62% respectively).

Keep in mind that Morocco is not the “most conservative” or “most radical” Muslim-majority, or even Arabic-speaking, country either. The country is in actuality being eroded by sustained feminist onslaughts.

One could easily argue that Morocco is representative of most of the Arab-Muslim world—it is neither more religious nor less religious—so the fact that such a huge percentage of the population is in favor of making Hijab mandatory says a lot about the regional dynamics as a whole.

What is even more intriguing is that while 21% have “no opinion,” those that oppose mandatory Hijab are just a meagre 14%. What is most intriguing, however, is that—as per the article—this miniscule percentage comprises of the oldest demographic (those aged between 55-64).

Basically, the youth seem to be far more invested both in religion and in making Islam a societal force. This coincides with the worldwide trend of the younger Muslim generations being more committed to Islam in comparison to their parents (as well as those before them).

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In fact, concerning Morocco specifically, Bladi had quoted another mass survey in 2020. This survey showed that the youth were more religious compared to previous generations. These opinions are therefore not too surprising.

Also, keep in mind that this is related to Hijab being made mandatory. Thus regarding those who are opposed to it, they may not have any legitimate basis for being against it, but in no way does this automatically mean that they are against Hijab in and of itself.

This once again demonstrates how Muslims are alone in seriously resisting liberalization and secularization. Other religions scarcely have “religious folks” of the same degree, nor do they have the same level of worship and devotion. They do however have their own strand of “conservatives,” yet how many of these so-called “conservative” Christians, Hindus, etc. would be in favor of making anything mandatory?

Their conservatism is predicated upon internalized modernism. They’d generally consider anything being “mandatory” as going against “consent,” “individualism,” and so on. This is even more so with mandatory Hijab which, from their perspective, also goes against “women’s rights.”

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This particularly illiberal religiosity (and not just the general religiosity of Muslims) strongly demonstrates the superiority of Islam.

Now here’s the million-dollar question:

Will the opinions of these Muslims be respected?

Will Westerners follow “the will of the people” and join together in protest for the Moroccan monarchy to impose mandatory Hijab?

Or is the West simply just being hypocritical when it speaks of “respecting peoples’ choices”?

I think we all know the answer.

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Islam is the state religion as per the constitution in Morocco. Hijab is a Quranic obligation. It would only make sense to enforce the Islamic standard rather than the western liberal standard in an officially Islamic country. If I’d enter a basketball court in a swimsuit and flip flops I’d be kindly (or not so kindly) asked to remove myself…and only be allowed back on in the appropriate attire.


Every country has a minimum dress requirement for both men and women ie. a “hijab” of sorts. The difference between them and the Islamic standard is the Islamic standard is completely consistent and logical while the other standards are arbitrary and random – you now have feminists in the west campaigning for topless rights. In the current atmosphere they are going to get this right. The end outcome will be the right to full nudity.


To demontrate how consistent it is…..even the most deviant sects and sects who see themselves as Islamic but arent’t (like the Qadiani’s) agree that hijab is obligatory. Rafidi’s, Qadiani’s, Nation of Islam, Ismaili’s etc. all agree with Islam proper that hijab is obligatory for women.


May the muslim countries truly come back to islam instead of the wortheless and filthy degenerate liberal ideology, but i’m confident this liberal ideology will not find a way anyway

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Fax bro 💯


Also in Bangladesh(82%) supports implementation of Sharia. But we are known as secular country. DEMOCRACY at its best.


So how can you have a secular government then?

Truth Speaker

The majority got their butts kicked and marginalized by a minority with bigger balls like most muslim communities today.. except the pathan champs we are well aware of.


What i dont understand is how these hypocrites/atheists who run EVERY muslim country are basically the enemy of the people but they are still in charge. To be honest, it says something about the state of the general muslim population as well

Truth Speaker

He who dares, wins. The God fearing people are less daring and less courageous than the enemies of the people and here we are.