Jordan Peterson Desecrates Masjid Al-Aqsa, Endorses Zionism

Jordan Peterson (right) in Israel, with Ben Shapiro (left) and David Friedman (center), both radical Zionists

Jordan Peterson released two consecutive videos some three months ago. The first video was a “Message to the Christian Churches,” and this was followed shortly by a “Message to Muslims.”

Besides the fact that in the former he addresses institutions and in the latter he addresses all individuals—despite all the risks of generalization that exist in the latter case—the obvious overtly paternalist and even condescending tone of these videos did not go unnoticed.

As many have noted, the message to Muslims in particular did not seem to be geared at all towards addressing specific points related to Islam. Rather it was just a way to sanitize the Zionist project against Muslims by pushing the so-called “Abraham accords” agenda.

Some naive idealists were also anticipating a “Message to the Jews,” but this was never going to be anything but a pipe dream. Sending a “Message to the Jews” would obviously be deemed anti-Semitic and would force us into casting our minds back to the darkest years of modern Europe.

More insightful observers had however noticed another reason for this unhinged endorsement of the Zionist project: he joined Ben Shapiro’s The Daily Wire.

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We could rationalize the ideological reasoning based on Peterson’s financial security. As per The Guardian, in 2018, before he reached his prime, the Canadian psychologist was making a meagre $80k a month.

Someone with such a towering intellect certainly deserves much more than this, and perhaps The Daily Wire could help in this regard…

But such a move obviously also entails the curtailing of “free speech,” the contradictory liberal-secular idol which Peterson casually weaponizes against “leftists” (and it seems only leftists).

Being so close to Ben Shapiro, who is an unapologetic Zionist and Arab hater, would render Peterson’s “free speech” against the Zionist neocolonial project quite paradoxical to say the least.

And far from criticizing it, it seems Jordan Peterson has actually (and naturally) gone in the complete opposite direction. He is now gleefully endorsing it.

Having been in Israel for a few weeks now, multiple videos have been circulating wherein he can be seen desecrating Masjid Al-Aqsa by accompanying Zionist settlers and thus also legitimizing their actions.

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Zionist media is of course elated to see “the West’s leading intellectual” joining in as part of their nefarious plans.

Arutz Sheva reported:

Renowned Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson told a 3000-strong crowd ‘We need Jerusalem’ with tears in his eyes.


[Jordan Peterson quoted] The fate of the world depends on the decisions of the people of Israel. Just as the fate of the world depends on the decision of every individual, so you make yourself a shining light on the hill, right? You attract people here because of what you’re capable of doing. You show the world what the holy city could look like. Because we need it. We need it, and it’s up to you to do it. Thank you very much. [End of the Jordan Peterson quote]

Ben Shapiro, the well-known American political commentator, and the owner of the media body The Daily Wire explained that in his eyes, Jerusalem, chosen especially by the two as the place where they will appear when they arrive together in Israel, is a global moral compass.


Rotem Sela, director of the Sela Meir book publishing house, commented: “The speed with which 3,000 tickets were snapped up for this event proves that there is reason for optimism, that there is a tremendous thirst for an open and unapologetic discussion, in meaning and substance, and that we know how to appreciate and cherish those who dedicate their lives to fighting for the truth.”

As if Shapiro wasn’t enough, another person who was also present there was David Friedman, the former US ambassador to Israel and the spiritual father of the entire “Abraham Accords” fiasco. Peterson had also recently invited Friedman onto his podcast to discuss “peace” in the Middle East.

Elsewhere we read:

After their words in the lecture, Peterson and Shapiro sat down for a conversation with former US ambassador to Israel David Friedman, who focused on the historical and biblical accounts of Israel, Israel’s role as a Jewish nation-state, and put forward a debate about whether the United States was “on a cliff.”

Friedman is widely credited with being the main figure behind moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, America’s recognition of Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights, and contributing to the signing of the “Abraham” normalization agreements between Israel and Arab countries.

Friedman was close to former US President Donald Trump, and he was known for his refusal to establish a Palestinian state within the two-state solution.

I hope this is sufficient to help people better make sense of his “Message to Muslims.”

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I used to watch Peterson, years ago, when he appeared on ‘The Agenda with Steve Paikin’. Peterson has always struck me as unstable. But since his massive mental breakdown a while back he’s been an emotional wreck. The guy literally starts crying for the smallest of things. People like Shapiro are specialists in public relations (aka hasbara), they know how to manipulate public opinion and which people to use for this purpose.


Shapiro is the same person who produced the infamous clip ‘The Myth of the Tiny Radical Minority’ in which he basically claims most Muslims are extremists. Interesting to see that social media got rid of the Zionist critical right like Freedomainradio (Stefan Molyneux), America First (Nick Fuentes) and David Duke but kept the pro-Zionists like Dailywire (Ben Shapiro), The Rubin Report (Dave Rubin) and PragerU (Dennis Prager).

Zaid Diaz

Good thing is, JP has unmasked himself to more Muslims, so even some Muslims who may have liked him will be away from him. Allah plans the best, and what He does is for the betterment of us Muslims!

Mohammad Talha Ansari

It is a blessing form Allah that the hypocrites and back stabbers are so easy to see through on this day and age.