The UN Chooses Not to Investigate China’s Crimes Against the Uyghurs

The UN Human Rights Council voted against investigating China’s human rights abuses in Xinjiang (I guess I’m supposed to say “alleged” abuses here).

This laughable decision becomes even more tragic once you realize the following fact:

A number of Muslim nations were among those who voted against the investigation—Pakistan, Indonesia, and I’ll note Qatar and the UAE here too. But let’s be frank. With the latter two it’s not really surprising at all, even the slightest bit, given how badly they treat guest workers within their own nations.

There are also other Muslim-majority nations that voted against it or abstained from voting. Here are the results:

In favor (17):

  • Czechia;
  • Finland;
  • France;
  • Germany;
  • Honduras;
  • Japan;
  • Lithuania;
  • Luxemburg;
  • Marshall Islands;
  • Montenegro;
  • Netherlands;
  • Paraguay;
  • Poland;
  • Republic of Korea;
  • Somalia;
  • United Kingdom; and
  • United States

Against (19):

  • Bolivia;
  • Cameroon;
  • China;
  • Cote d’Ivoire;
  • Cuba;
  • Eritrea;
  • Gabon;
  • Indonesia;
  • Kazakhstan;
  • Mauritania;
  • Namibia;
  • Nepal;
  • Pakistan;
  • Qatar;
  • Senegal;
  • Sudan;
  • United Arab Emirates;
  • Uzbekistan and;
  • Venezuela

Abstentions (11):

  • Argentina;
  • Armenia;
  • Benin;
  • Brazil;
  • Gambia;
  • India;
  • Libya;
  • Malawi;
  • Malaysia;
  • Mexico; and
  • Ukraine

This is one of the comments in reply to The Wall Street Journal opinion piece on this, and it sums up the Muslim vote quite well:

What an absolute shame. Somalia however deserves our thanks for voting in favor.

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Sure, the nations who raised this motion (including the U.S.) may care more about strong-arming China than they do about the Uyghur people, but this was at least an opportunity to highlight this very serious problem rather than having it swept under the carpet.

The WSJ article questions why America is even in the UN to begin with and for what purpose the UN even exists:

“Everyone knows the U.N. Human Rights Council is a sinkhole of moral equivalence. But if it can’t pass a motion merely to open discussion on China’s abuses in Xinjiang, there is no reason for it to exist, or for the United States to continue to be a member.”

This question, regarding whether or not we should even have a UN, has been floating around recently.

So, dear Muslims: Should the UN be dissolved? Does it really even offer anything other than the imposition of its own twisted version of morality upon the world or career options for aspiring diplomats and NGO employees? And if it should be dissolved, then should it be replaced by anything in particular?

Perhaps ridding the world of the UN’s spurious morality along with the IMF and World Bank would be a good thing, but what about some of the activities carried out by some of its agencies like the World Food Program and maybe UNHCR and UNRWA? Should these be preserved (perhaps even run solely by volunteers)? Or would it be better if local and regional bodies were made to work out local problems and for them to ask for external help if and when they require it, ideally through arrangements such as skill-sharing?1

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1 More about the potential dangers of foreign aid here

Image Source: Mike.Benadetti

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Zaid Diaz

I have followed MS for quite some time… this site and the people behind the articles are excellent in what they do, however addressing the Uyghur issue has its problems here. Generally, MS is rightfully critical of the Western Woke media but in case of Uyghurs, MS falls short. You may ask, why? Because MS exclusively relies on Western sources and does not criticize them. Besides, China is guessed only from the face value, so the real situation with the Uyghurs is not addressed properly…

Zaid Diaz

China and the CPC are no idiots, they’ve seen the Serb genocide against the Muslims and many Chinese themselves have been victims of Japanese genocide campaigns. So, the most plausible guess is, they’re killing Uyghurs en masse and hiding the dead bodies. Family members are being intimidated. But some questions remain: Is this Western narrative true? The Western media, which hates Muslims, suddenly are Uyghur-lovers, isn’t it a red flag? Is the Chinese side of the story being examined at all?

Zaid Diaz

I shall summarize the Chinese stance from what I’ve seen on Quora: they show statistics, tell their stories, show their satellite images of XJ and upload some videos to show that XJ is normal. I personally believe this isn’t the case. But some things need to be cleared first. Uyghurs do not live in the whole of XJ, they mainly live around the Tarim Basin. Han and Hui Chinese lie in the north. There are Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Mongols and Xibe in XJ.

Zaid Diaz

Uyghurs were always in XJ, but their prominence increased after the Qing Empire killed the Dzungars with Uyghur help. But the Sinophone Muslims (Hui) have had some control over Uyghurs, so these two groups have become arch enemies. Uyghurs and Kazakhs were killed by Hui during ROC period. After CPC came, the Hui became much loyal to the PRC regime, so they’ve escaped the systematic persecution against Uyghurs (and Kazakhs). But Muslims groups like Salar, Dongxiang, Bonan aren’t under the radar.


The UN itself is the foreign ministry of the Zionists and colonialists.

Why on earth do you expect it to do anything in favor of Islam?

Even those (kafir governments) who voted against China are only nations with their own axe to grind against China and agenda to push. Nothing to do with wishing well for Muslims.

Haziq Farhan

Muslim should not just focus on theology in order to build ummah. We should be attempting to gain economic independence from any powers.This is another form of Jihad that is often ignored because it is viewed as “materialistic”. The truth is, Islam never forbade you from being rich. By focusing on economic, we won’t be bought just like we are now. We shouldn’t be thinking to starve ourself for the sake of protecting Ummah but rather how do we lose dependence on others

Last edited 3 months ago by Haziq Farhan
Believer Anon

Why would anyone expect kuffar nations to suddenly help us in our struggles? I know the reason why those countries suddenly care about our Uyghur brothers and sisters is because they simply hate China. What China is doing to our brothers and sisters in East Turkestan/Xinjiang is just a way for those countries to attack China. The only thing that will save them IMO is the Caliphate.

Last edited 3 months ago by Believer Anon
Mohammad Talha Ansari

Selling the ummah starts with dishonesty and zulm going unpunished. This allows a small zalim to become a big zalim. A big zalim to become a zalim ruler. Zalim rulers actively foster allow zalim people to prosper and become the rulers of their respective communities because those are easy for them to control and they favour such rulers because honest ones will probably hang them.
It starts with a small zalim going unpunished. It also derails the morale of 70 honest people.

Ok Muslim

Uyghurs not getting lined up to get killed, but this is what the West portrays what is happening there. Instead China is removing Islam from the Uyghurs, which the West doesn’t talk about, because that is what the West wants done to Muslims. The CCP does not directly say they are doing this, but hints at it. For example, CGTN interviewed a Uyghur who had graduated from the concentration camp, and he says he was taught that no food is unclean.

Sibgwatul Rabbi

I appreciate you guys talking about the issue. However dissolving un is not the solution