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Note to Tate: when you’re unapologetic in speech defend your speech unapologetically i.e. be consistent.

Hiding behind ‘nuance’ when you’re questioned is a very weak look, especially when you’re deliberately unnuanced.

Don’t backtrack on issues that are obviously true. Ofcourse men like younger women. Younger generally corresponds with: healthier, less set in her ways, more physically attractive, higher libido, higher fertility, larger fertility window, less physical and mental bagage etc.


Lastely, prepare yourself for an interview. Know your adversary. Piers Morgan is married to a woman 11 years his junior (and had a child in his late forties). He is consistently hostile to Meghan Markle (which makes him a misogynist according to his own standards). Could’ve thrown this right back at him. If you’re not willing to do the prework do not agree to the interview at all. Do something well or don’t do it at all.


Add to the list: far less pregnancy complications; healthier newborns; higher energy and patience with newborn; higher energy in raising offspring; more delight with the offspring. etc. etc.


Indeed. Plus the fact that pregnancy tends to permanently damage an older body because of less skin elasticity. This results in permanent excess belly skin, deflated and sagging breasts…and a host of more serious conditions like urinary incontinence and diabetes.

The only thing with which a 33-year old woman can beat a 23-year old, if all else is equal, is religiousity.