Israel/Palestine: The Rise of Armed Palestinian Groups

On the morning of October 14 Mateen Debaya (20) was shot dead by a bullet to the head from IDF forces during a raid in Jenin. Dr. Abdullah al-Ahmad also died due to wounds he sustained from a gun shot to the head from the IDF. He was, accdording to Fatah, a commander of its armed military wing (al-Aqsa Brigades).

Journalists have shared footage from the time of the raid which they say shows Israeli fire targeting an ambulance carrying a wounded Palestinian.

Mateen Dabaya was the head of Jenin Brigades, one of the local armed groups that have formed over the past year and one that Al Jazeera decribes as a “capable adversary.”

This is part of yet another rise in tensions in this very long tale, and these raids have become common place in Jenin and Nablus. They are part of Israel’s Break the Wave campaign.

What’s new again, let’s say, is a rise in armed Palestinian groups who are taking matters into their own hands:

“The Lions’ Den, the Nablus Brigade, and the Jenin Brigade, say observers, came about as a result of a complete loss of confidence in the Palestinian political leadership, and these young groups are quickly asserting themselves as the new face of a new leadership on the ground with massive popular support.”

Will we see another intifada soon? Is it already here?


Sukkot, a week-long Jewish holiday celebrating 40 years in the desert after escaping slavery in Egypt as well as the harvest season, took place last week.

There is also connection between Sukkot and pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Here’s a Jewish perspective on it:

“Originally, Sukkot was one of three pilgrimage festivals in Judaism, in addition to Passover and Shavuot. But when the Temple of Jerusalem, the pilgrims’ destination, was destroyed for the second and final time, the festivals were increasingly celebrated in local synagogues. Still, pilgrimage is an essential part of Judaism.

After all, it was one of G-d’s commandments to Moses that Jews shall pilgrimage to Jerusalem three times a year. A popular contemporary destination is the Western Wall, the last remaining part of the Temple.”

This is likely one of the reasons why tensions are particularly high at the moment, especially near al-Aqsa.

Israelis are praying at the gates of al-Aqsa (they’re technically not allowed to pray inside the compound). Meanwhile, two Palestinians were reportedly arrested inside al-Aqsa.

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Armed Groups Attack

The recently-formed, loose group of Palestinian fighters, the Lion’s Den, fatally shot an Israeli soldier outside of an illegal settlement in the West Bank on Monday (October 11) in a drive-by shooting.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz has promised to get his “hands on the terrorist and those who helped him.”

Three days before the incident, another young IDF soldier was fatally shot.

It’s reported that since last Friday (October 7), four Palestinian teenagers have been fatally shot by Israeli forces. Meanwhile, a 12 year-old boy succumbed to wounds he got last month during an Israeli military raid of Jenin.

Israeli settlers with support from the IDF are seen here attacking Palestinians in what is said to be Hawara in the West Bank (yesterday, October 13).

Reportedly due to his throwing stones at Israeli cars, an 18 year-old Palestinian was fatally shot by IDF forces on Wednesday (October 12).

Some hours later, Palestinian gunmen fired at Border Police.

Anything Goes: Israel Hunts Down the Perpetrators

In order to seek out the killers of the IDF soldiers, we know the Israel will spare nothing, which is why they reportedly closed the entrance to Shuafat refugee camp in East Jerusalem and closed schools this past Monday.

This is causing undue harm to the residents of the camp. Knesset member Ahmed Tibi explained:

“‘Sick people are not able to get outside to be treated, bakeries are empty, some physicians and doctors and nurses were not able to get in. In order to get out, you need to wait in your car, three or four hours. This is suffering, this is collective punishment.’”

Defense Minister Gantz is confident they will stop these armed groups:

“‘Eventually, we will lay our hands on the terrorists. The Lions’ Den is a group of some 30 members. We will work out how to reach them and we will eliminate them.’”

He’s probably more worried than he lets on. We know Palestinians won’t give in, even if some of their leadership has. We also know Israelis will spare nothing to fight them.

When asked about the most powerful intelligence agencies in the world, an ex-CIA agent responded with a few different answers: (1) the Chinese Ministry of State Security is the most powerful in terms of reach, (2) the CIA in terms of professional capability, (3) in terms of “tech,” which he defines as corporate and economic espionage and general stealing of state secrets, he says France’s DGSE (La direction générale de la Sécurité extérieure) is the best, then comes the Mossad, of which he says:

“…in terms of just terrifying violence, you have Mossad. Mossad will do anything. Mossad has no qualms doing what it takes to ensure the survival of every Israeli citizen around the world. Most other countries will stop at some point, but Mossad doesn’t do that.” (Minute: 58:33)

While he speaks about Mossad, we know you could say this about all parts of the Israeli government. It’s hard to underestimate what havoc Israel is willing to wreak.

May Allah strengthen Palestinians and give them the utmost resolve.

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Maaz Ahmad Khan


Mohammad Samin

why are zionists so extreme in their methods? whats their motivation I dont understand?

Zaid Diaz

Zionism is extremist by definition. It gives Jews some kind of ‘victim complex’ (in terms of hatred from non-Jews in Europe) plus ‘superiority complex’ (in claiming that Israel is their ‘native land’), combine these two and aggression will kick in. Also, Muslim Palestinians have been fighting for their own survival against Israel for decades, which makes Israel even more ruthless.

Yusuf Ibn tashufin

Their motivation is ethno-nationalism ,the same kind of ideology behind the biggest wars in the 1800’s and early 1900’s that eventually led to the WW1 and then indirectly WW2 and the cold war after a long chain of events.