Double Standards: Hindutva Kill Hijabi in France – No Reaction From Far-Right

It has been narrated from Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) that the Prophet Muhammad (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) had said:

By Him in Whose Hand is my life, a time would come when the murderer would not know why he has committed the murder, and the victim would not know why he has been killed. (Sahih Muslim)

Two lives were recently taken in France.

The first was a 12-year-old French girl named Lola. She was abducted by a female Algerian migrant as she was returning home from school. The woman had raped and killed this girl, then placed her body inside a suitcase.

The second was a 47-year-old Hijabi mother of four named Nadia. She was stabbed at least twenty-three times, all over her upper body and neck, close to a mosque.

As horrified as this must be to anyone reading, only one of these crimes had provoked a serious public reaction in France. You may have already guessed this, but most of the media coverage was dedicated to Lola.

Le Monde reports:

After the violent murder of 12-year-old Lola, whose body was discovered in a trunk in Paris on October 14, the French government was under pressure to show sympathy. Brigitte Macron was the first to react. While visiting a school on Monday, the French president’s wife said that this “abominable and intolerable tragedy” should “never happen again.” Then, on Tuesday, Emmanuel Macron received the child’s family at the Elysée Palace to assure them “of his full solidarity and support.” The president’s office promptly announced the family’s visit ahead of question time at the Assemblée Nationale.

Yet there was nothing even remotely comparable for Nadia. Nor did her orphaned children receive any such visit from Macron.

As a father to three girls, I feel a great deal of pain for what happened to Lola. And as a son, I am absolutely outraged by what happened to Nadia. So why is it that these people are so selective in their outrage?

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It seems like Lola’s assassination was an anti-French crime, and Nadia’s murder seems like an Islamophobic crime. The French far-right did not waste even a single moment before seizing the opportunity to try and exploit this event. They didn’t even wait for the investigation to be concluded. They printed t-shirts, changed their profile pictures, and publicly protested against the government, demanding the reduction of migration, which, according to them, is the source of France’s lack of security.

When people attempted to do the same with Nadia, the hypocrite far-Right influencers and politicians started calling them out for their hastiness. They asked them to be careful and not jump to any conclusions until more evidence has been gathered. Yet, they themselves were of course hasty when it came to Lola. To make matters worse, their impatience at times led them to accuse Islam of having influenced the actions of Dabhia B. (Lola’s assassin).

Eric Zemmour compared Lola’s case with the killing of Samuel Patty two years ago. This previous killing clearly had an Islamic connotation, so why try and link the two cases if Lola’s death was only due to migration?

Ironically, as the investigation proceeded, Dahbia’s TikTok account was being spread on Twitter. It featured striptease videos and whatnot. Her ex-boyfriend also mentioned in an interview that she had recently apostatized and was attending the Church. She had expressed interest in Christianity and even Satanism.

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When the information of her having changed religion had gone public, Damien Rieu (one of the heads of Eric Zemmour’s party) did his very best to try and convince people that she was actually still a Muslim. Why would he exert so much effort towards painting her as a believer of Islam if their target is truly migration?

Furthermore, Nadia’s investigator eventually identified her murderer successfully. He was a French Indian that lived nearby, and he was drunk when he killed her. The far-Right spread misinformation about him supposedly being a Pakistani Muslim. However, the inhabitants of Nadia’s neighborhood reported that he was in fact a Hindu and that he was a supporter of Modi and India’s far-Right.

Why do they so desperately desire for people to think that this was not an Islamophobic act? Is it because they wish to completely deny the very existence of Islamophobia? Do they want to be perceived as the perpetual victims in today’s France?

To be fair to the French far-right, I do want to clarify something important here.

I admit that in my opinion, French Muslims are too quick to label the French far-right and French patriots as being xenophobic racists. It is a fact that there is some correlation between immigration and crime in France, and it is normal to be mad about it. Not everyone who is anti-migration in France is a racist.

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Yet, that being said, most French patriots do come across as being bitter Catholics that are unable to digest the fact that their religion is dying while Islam is not.

They love to accuse the left of victimization, but they do the exact same thing.

They pretend to not be living in a fantasy, but they ignore all the disturbing evidence that contradicts their own worldview.

And finally, let’s not forget their serious double standards. They try and hide the fact that their real fuel is their seething hatred towards Islam.

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Shasan Alam

Environment will not change untill all the Muslim majority countries starts to fight against these people. E.G, what happened Nupur Sharma she is free.


Keep going brother. I suggest you make a video on it with the complete information you gave here. That would be even better cuz many may not read such a long article but most will definitely watch a video.


To be fair. As French people they’re obviously going to be more concerned about their own people than about a migrant. And to be fair, although both crimes are terrible, a little girl being raped and tortured then killed is possibly the most gruesome thing that can be imagined. We’ve been told since the beginning of Islam in the Koran and in the Hadiths that kuffar will always be enemies to believers. So why do Muslims keep getting shocked and victimizing themselves? Don’t live among the kuffar.




I’m a Christian from the USA. I’m against the loss of life regardless of race, religion, or w/e. My condolences to Hijabi’s family.