Muslims of Dearborn Protest LGBT Curricula in Schools

Incensed about the inclusion of a highly explicit book, This Book is Gay, in local schools (it’s not clear if this and other similar books were being taught or just kept in school libaries), Dearborn Muslims (with the largest Muslim population per capita in the U.S.), took to the streets and attended school board meetings.

While some focused on homosexuality being wrong (as a degenerate and sinful crime) according to virtually all major religions, others focused on the fact that the book in question, regardless of it being related to homo or heterosexuality, is sexually explicit material that should in no way be given to young children in schools.

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One father, Hassan Shami, spoke on the street, saying:

“We want to make something clear…we want to leave the politics out of this…all it is, is protecting our children…we as concerned parents in Dearborn are not tied to the left, to the right when it comes to this issue. And we’re not going to use this cause for any organization for their own agenda. We’re here to protect our children.”

Alhamdulillah. Sure you could argue that this is about politics, but he’s right about there being filth and degeneracy at the heart of this. He also said:

“This is wrong. You do not expose kids to sexually explicit material … there’s a poster right here to my right that I had them cover up. I, as an adult am – 33-year-old adult – told them to cover it up because I’m embarrassed to look at this.”

Others noticed him too; here’s Matt Walsh talking about it (5:38-9:36).

It seems many were surprised to see Muslims take a stand against the Woke. I guess they’re used to dealing with Muslim leaders and politicians that whole-heartedly align with the Left. And in the same vein as what seemed to be said in the speech above: we’re not Left, we’re not Right, we’re just Muslim.

May Allah help us to protect our children and to be good representatives of Islam. Amin.

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To see the kind of disgusting filth that was being pushed within this book, you may see here. Please note that the content is extremely nauseating and repulsive and is certainly not for the faint-hearted.

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Abd Al Tawwab

This is a queer circumstance in the direction of the Dearborn Muslim community (no pun intended). Why not “protest” by removing your children from these public schools and establishing a communal system that will educate the youth of their community with the necessary Islamic principles (i.e. Tawheed, Risaalat, Akhirah, Tahaarah, Salaat, Fasting, etc.) and whatever secular education that the community deems relevant (i.e. reading, writing, mathematics, etc) without compromising Imaan with kufr.

Muslim brother

One word, fear.


Although a necessary step for Muslims, it’s not enough. Those who own homes are supporting such schools by paying property taxes. Leaving the city is another necessary steps. Where should they go you may ask? Find a city with schools that don’t force this filth. No such city? Home-school. Too hard/unrealistic?

LEAVE THE COUNTRY. And I don’t say this sarcastically.

Once my children reach school age, I intend by the will and grace of Allah almighty to leave all this degeneracy behind.


“only a fool would let his enemy teach his children”

Malcolm X