A Response to Supposed “Islamic” Objections Against Khilafah

It’s a no brainer that most kuffar absolutely hate even the very concept of a Khilafah or Islamic nation (or any sort of religious ruling system really). They are completely captivated by the temporary pleasures of this world, due to which they are unable to see the bigger picture of how living within a Godless, secular, materialistic system is leading only towards their own progressive destruction.

However, what is truly bewildering is that many Muslims also express a strong aversion—one akin to a serious allergic reaction—towards merely discussing the concept of Khilafah. They have become content with living under the aforementioned destructive secular system.

As such, we will be highlighting a few of the common “Islamic” objections against the concept of Khilafah and also providing succinct responses to them.

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Objection 1: “We Need to Fix Our ‘Aqidah (Beliefs) First”

The point some Muslims try and put forth is that since the ‘aqidah of many Muslims is incorrect, we have to therefore fix the ‘aqidah of these Muslim before we can even start thinking about Khilafah. After all, isn’t sound ‘aqidah required for any sort of real and meaningful victory?

Obviously, adopting and maintaining correct Islamic beliefs is extremely important. We do not in any capacity deny this fact. However, we cannot realistically expect the beliefs of all of the people to be corrected when there is no extant Islamic State to standardize what constitutes correct Islamic beliefs for the masses. This means that, until such a time, people are free to adhere to and follow whatever deviant and misguided ideology and belief system they wish to, or simply whichever it is that they are influenced by.

After all, it’s a secular world. As long as you’re not deemed to be a threat to the ruling authorities and prevailing system, you can believe whatever you’d like. Under secular rule, deviant and misguided beliefs spread like wildfire and traditional beliefs are misrepresented and distorted beyond recognition. Just look at what has happened to so many du‘at who were previously traditional but became “enlightened” after discovering liberal values. Consider the progressive Muslims and their impact upon the Muslim community within the West. Think about how many misguided and misguiding “Imams” and “scholars” have become so popular, to the point of having worldwide influence.

Even more concerning than all of the above is the undeniable fact that correct beliefs can actually be outlawed and even punished under a secular system. In France, Imams have been jailed or deported for simply quoting Qur’anic verses and prophetic narrations (ahadith) related to gender roles and chastity. In most Western countries, you will get into a lot trouble for talking about specific ‘aqidah issues, which include things like beliefs about Dajjal (tell me again, who will ally with him?); prophecies regarding specific wars that the Muslims will fight in (tell me, who will run and hide behind trees and stones?); the status of the martyr in the afterlife; the gender of the majority of the inhabitants of the hellfire; the stories of many prophets such as Prophet Lut (peace be upon him); and the list just goes on and on.

How can you have correct ‘aqidah if the entire system is designed to outlaw any aspect of your ‘aqidah that it finds objectionable? It’s only a matter of time where parts of ‘aqidah which are not considered objectionable today will be 100% objectionable tomorrow for the secular system, thus deviating the ‘aqidah of Muslims further and further.

The most effective way towards controlling and deterring such destructive trends of distorting ‘aqidah is, without a doubt, the protective shield of the Khilafah.

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Objection 2: “We Need to Focus On Our A‘mal (Good Deeds)”

Some Muslims will object and say that we need to focus on our actions and we need to make sure we are doing our utmost to please Allah. In essence, the claim here is that we must ensure we are praying right, fasting properly, doing wudu’ and ghusl correctly, etc., and only when we have all perfected our deeds will we be granted a Khilafah.

For the sake of clarity, again, we do not have any objections against the great importance of good deeds in Islam. But the problem here is the same as before. The deeds that we, as Muslims, know to be good may not be considered good by the kafir dajjalic secular system. This would make fulfilling our obligations and performing our deeds incredibly difficult. In some cases it may perhaps even potentially render it impossible for us to practice them. A simple and easily understood example is that of early marriage, something that has been encouraged by the Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace). Early marriage is something Eastern Muslims are constantly criticized for. Laws are even being introduced in secularized Muslim countries to outlaw such marriages. Westernized Muslims have, by and large, abandoned this practice altogether.

Even something as simple as washing oneself after using the toilet (istinja’) has been deemed problematic by secular institutions.

The Qur’an is filled with numerous injunctions and commands that cannot be practiced holistically without a Khilafah. How do you successfully maintain a healthy marriage when it is under constant attack via every facet of the secular system? How do you raise righteous children when every avenue of media and even the mandated education system aim to transform them into Godless apostate homosexuals (or any of the other LGBTQYZX+++ categories)? How do you establish any of the hudud, which are most certainly good in the sight of Allah but are considered “inhumane” and “backwards” by a secular society? How do you earn halal rizq (sustenance) when riba (interest) is extremely difficult to avoid and when your earnings are taxed and used to slaughter innocents and spread all sorts of fawahish (atrocities) all over the world? Even the various Islamic deeds that are generally considered to be acceptable by secular systems (like prayer, fasting, reciting Qur’an privately) can and have been outlawed and made punishable by various secular nations.

There is absolutely no way to establish the good deeds required by Islam and stay away from falling into evil deeds in a consistent manner without an Islamic system.

The most effective way towards establishing the good deeds required by Islam and being saved from falling into evil deeds in a consistent manner is, without a doubt, the protective shield of the Khilafah.

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Objection 3: “Group X Is Calling for the Khilafah and Look at How Messed Up They Are!”

I’m not really sure how this is even being used an argument to begin with. As predicted by the Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace), the original Khawarij during the time of the Sahabah were very regular in reciting the Qur’an. Going by the absurd logic behind this objection, we should then also abandon reciting the Qur’an because a deviant group was known for this deed.

Establishing the Khilafah and ruling by Allah’s laws is a part of Islam. It is indicated towards in the Qur’an both directly and indirectly. It has been discussed by the Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) himself. Countless classical and contemporary ‘ulama’ have spoken of its importance. When the Khilafah fell in 1924, many scholars recognized the severe detrimental effects this could have upon the Ummah, and they tried very hard to call for its reestablishment. Many were killed, imprisoned, and tortured for this very reason. It is truly pathetic on our end that we as Muslims now make excuses in order to flee from the concept of Khilafah for the sake of our own fleeting individual comforts. This is, in and of itself, an evil side effect from losing the Khilafah and is a very strong piece of evidence towards establishing its great significance.

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Abd Al Tawwab

The author seems to be preoccupied with the global dominance of secular liberalism at the expense of a correct understanding of Imaan and Islam. By regulating the role of “standardizing” aqaa’id (which has already happened, by the way) and the performance of righteous deeds to a non-existing Khilafah he is putting the cart before the horse and consequently giving an excuse to countless Muslims who can disregard the very essence of their Deen; “When the Islamic State is founded, I’ll start…”.


I disagree with the last point you made there, nowhere did the author justified a Muslim not doing righteous deed because there is no Khilafah, the author just wants to say that some sunnah are compromised because of liberalism, how can you preach Islam in France when even sins of riba denying liberals are persecuted? Whoever says that they will only do a deed when the Khilafah comes back or when a standard is made can learn from scholars to find the standard.

Abd Al Tawwab

Most of what the author lists as being under the threat of compromise are easily executable if a person’s Imaan is strong enough and their aql has not already been compromised with the waste of their own nafs and Shaytaan. The “West” is not to blame if your marriage collapses, your children are drowning in the Kufr of social media and public schools, you’re afraid to get your 14-year-old son married to a 21-year-old and you feel uncomfortable making istinjaa (for whatever reason).

Ibrahim Ihsan

For your information, the Khilafah is an issue for the Quraish. Second, if anybody controlled Islamic orthodoxy, it was the Ulema. The khilafah would simply adopt their ideas at times and oppose them on certain levels in another with one particular literally persecuting Muslims for not sharing his beliefs even though the Ulama disagreed with him. And the Ottoman Empire was secularising over half a century before it’s fall. The reason aqaid is necessary is because a Khilafat is also a human state

Abd Al Tawwab

If a true Khilafah rose today in the identical mold of the Khulafah Rashideen (Radiyallahu anhum), or even to the extent of a Umar II (Rahmatullah alayh), most Muslims would become Murtadd. The author should first establish a “Khilafah” in his household and at his local masjid where ta’leem of Aqeedah and A’mal can take place. As pitiful a condition that the Ummah is in…nobody wants to put in the real work, just fantasize and thumb-chatter.


What’s your proof that people will become murtadd? Besides speculating, can you give solid concrete evidence to back your claim?


I talked about this to a group religious Muslims and scholars and the response I got was very surprising. At first they seemed fine with the idea of working towards a Caliphate. But when I talked to the people one by one they deemed me delusional. Some of them believed we can make an impact in a democratic system and advance inch by inch. Some said we tried this in 70s and it produced a lot of pain. Generally they thought I want to be a Caliph because I wanted to work towards a Calpihate.

Abdul Azeez Manaf

Masha Allah! May Allah protect u n elevate your faithful devotion to establishing a most appropriate approach to reinforce the true Islam God envisaged for mankind in this trying n difficult endtimes! The hadith of our beloved leader n guide that mentions the ummah is like a building held together by stoic bricks n if one falls the whole building collapses! That is the state we r in now! All scholars cannot compromise n come together to formulate the law of God n establish a unified front!