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Maaz Ahmad Khan

There was a time when there was hope for both Jordan Peterson and Andrew Tate to become Muslim. This turned out exactly like Abu Jahl vs Umar (r). Jordan Peterson the supposed intellectual was just like Abu Hakam. Then his reality was exposed and now he spits out Jaahiliyah just like Abu Jahl. Meanwhile, Andrew Tate status was raised and his acceptance and proclamation of truth brought him closer to Allah.


Philosophers like Peterson deal in abstractions, they are far removed from everyday real life. Practical people like Tate deal in observable reality, not in fancy ideas. Common folk engage with reality on a daily basis which gives them an almost intinctive ability to see what is right and wrong i.e. they are closer to their fitrah. And exactly because they are closer to their fitrah they can more easily recognise the righteousness of Islam.