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Please continue analyzing popular anime from time to time, since they’re popular among teenagers between 15 and 20 years but also by adults above that age.

Secondly, they’re as accessible as ever now, and can also influence many ppl who don’t partake in overt munkar like Halloween.

A few “classics”:

-Fullmetal Alchemist
-D. Gray Man
– Black Clover.

The first pushes materialism, “teen-friendly” anti-theism, materialism, scientism and scientomania…

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… The second and third contain clear Kufr and Shirk like satanism, devil and ancestor worship, divinations to attain certain demonic “power-ups” to defeat “evil” enemies who unsurprisingly do the same – apparently only Shirk can defeat Shirk it seems.

Constant symbolism, downplaying and unhinged euphemization of satanic concepts and eventual “humanization” of sorcerers and witches.🙄

Heck, Aleister Crowler is depicted as “caring” ally!🤮
(D. Gray Man)


…For those who don’t know Aleister Crowley is the WORST public satanist in 1900s in the West.

[ And no I don’t watch it anymore after starting to practice and try my best to stay away from these things.

The reason I mentioned it,is so that others can benefit from this inshaAllah.

After learning about the dangers of TV, YouTube and Co., Muslims MUST be careful what to consume and even with “children’s” movies, series as a parent you HAVE TO analyze and watch consciously. ]

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Ahmed Shaikh

Attack on Titan and Soul Eater also.