Saudi Hosts Halloween Festival: Halloween’s Pagan Origins

Saudi Arabia has recently seen some significant threats to its preservation of a traditional Islamic society. These threats are brought about in the form of secular implementations, and the latest in this long line of un-Islamic changes arrives in the form of a huge Halloween party!

Middle East Monitor reports:

Saudi Arabia has hosted an event to celebrate the once-banned festival of Halloween, in a historic move for the Land of the Two Holy Mosques as the kingdom looks to implement social reforms intended to modernise the country under de-facto ruler, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

The event was unimaginatively named ‘Scary Weekend,’ and it lasted for two days at the Riyadh Boulevard. Not only was this event actually hosted by the Saudi government, they also actively encouraged people to participate by offering free entry to anyone who arrived dressed up in a costume. This led to a very strange and peculiar sight: Muslims walking around dressed up as ghosts, ghouls, monsters, and witches. The Haram stuff that you may normally witness at events like these, such as gender mixing, were already present. However, the thing that sparked the most controversy and rightfully angered Muslims all over the world was that Halloween is an event that is celebrated by Christians. It is an event that stems from All-Saints’ Day, which was historically meant as a day for Christians to venerate their saints.

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This is not where Halloween truly originates from though. Rather, its real history has deep roots within Celtic mythology and paganism. The earliest recorded documentation of this event traces all the way back to the 9th century, and back then it was referred to as the Samhain festival.

The festival embodied part of one of the four major seasonal festivals that were celebrated by the Irish pagans. This one in particular marked the end of the summer and the beginning of the ‘darker part of the year.’ They believed that a veil exists between the worlds of the living and the dead, and due to its transitory nature, they believed that at this time the veil was at its thinnest. They also believed a portal would open up between this world and the ‘Otherworld’ and that, during these days, evil spirits would descend from this ‘Otherworld’ to this world. This would be a cause for great fear among the Celts and most of the rituals carried out on this day were performed for the purpose of seeking protection from these spirits, which are known as the Aos Sí. They were also called the Tuath Dé (“tribe of the gods”). In brief, they are the false gods from Celtic mythology.

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A huge fire would be lit by burning a ginormous wooden wheel, and bones would be thrown into it, thus garnering it the term ‘bone-fire,’ or bonfire. Cattle would be sacrificed and offered up to the Aos Sí in order to try and appease them and be safe from their wrath. Taking part in this three day festival was mandatory, and punishment would meted out by the authorities on anyone who refused to participate. People would light flames using fire from the bonfire, take these back into their homes, light their hearths with them, and spend all night eating, drinking, and performing divination rituals. One seat would be left empty around the dinner table for a dead loved one to occupy and eat the food left out for them (known as ‘dumb suppers’). It seems that heavy eating and drinking may have been a very important part of this festival:

Documents also mention drinking alcohol to excess and overeating at gluttonous feasts. There was an idea that once you reached a certain level of really full and sodding drunk, you could communicate with the gods.

Out of fear of the Aos Sí, pagans would dress up in strange costumes, trying to impersonate the demons so that they wouldn’t be harmed by them. This is the origin of the costume wearing ritual we see in Halloween today; and why the costumes are often imitations of evil creatures such as demons, monsters, murderous clowns, and witches. Young men would blacken their faces and go door to door, threatening mischief upon families if they weren’t welcomed. It’s possible that the act of ‘trick-or-treating’ originated from this practice.

The cattle sacrifice that would take place is something well-known, but it is also suggested that human sacrifices may have been part of the festival too. This is due to the fact that there is evidence of the druids carrying out such sacrifices and even taking part in cannibalism.

The Aos Sí include a number of very bizarre Satanic creatures. Puck, for example, is a malevolent dark-furred creature that can shapeshift into animals in order to trick and deceive people. It is usually portrayed in the form of a horse or a male black goat. Another example is Dullahan, the headless rider riding a flame eyed horse, which is based on the Celtic god ‘Crom Dubh.’ The ‘Lady Gwyn’ is another headless horse rider that is often accompanied by a black pig.

Even the Jack O’ Lantern has satanic roots which stem from folklore. According to the story, a drunkard named Jack tricked the devil and trapped him. He offered to let the devil go free on the condition that the devil won’t take his soul to hell. The devil agreed and was freed. However, upon Jack’s death, he could neither go to heaven, nor to hell. And thus he was left to wander the netherworld forever, with a lamplight made from a carved out turnip.

And just as the Irish pagans tried to appease their false gods, Christians who came to the Irish lands tried to appease these pagans and attract them towards Christianity by merging their All Saints’ Day holiday (which originally took place on May 13) with the Samhain Festival on the 1st of November. And the evening before this day came to be known as All Hallows’ Eve, which is now known simply as Halloween.

Historically, Christians actually have a habit of merging their holy days with pagan festivals. They did this not only with Halloween but also Christmas and Valentines’ Day too.

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Some Muslims and Compassionate Imams seem to be following in the footsteps of these Christians, foolishly attempting to appease the modern liberals and atheists by trying to make Islam like the liberal religion. They say:

“If we don’t take part in this polytheistic festival, how will the disbelievers ever walk the path of Tawhid?!”

They then look on in bewilderment, confused as to why liberalized Muslims are leaving Islam. Do they not see how Christians have tried this tactic and failed miserably? Do they not see how rather than succeeding, they instead had their own religion watered down so drastically, to the extent that anyone can claim to be a Christian today?

And should a Muslim ruler and government be facilitating this festival⁠—which is evidently based on Shirk and Kufr⁠—within an Islamic country? Should Muslims remain silent and ‘obey the ruler’ while he pushes endlessly for the secularization of a Muslim country? And not just any Muslim land but one that is the heart of the Muslim world!

How many more music concerts will it take? How many more Qur’anic verses and prophetic narrations will have to be removed from texts? How increasingly more modernized does education have to become? How much must the increasingly friendly and loving attitude towards Israel be tolerated? How many more Kufr festivals will have to be celebrated?

Just exactly how much will have to happen before Muslims vehemently oppose these ‘rulers’ of modernizing Muslim countries like Saudi, Qatar, the UAE, or Turkey?

Or should we just naively assume that they have good intentions and look on helplessly as the younger generation of Muslims gradually become liberal atheists?

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The event was unimaginatively named ‘Scary Weekend,’ and it lasted for two days at the Riyadh Boulevard.”

Doesn’t surprise me. Riyadh is the most liberal city in SA. People there tend to be quite westernized. Jeddah is somewhat the same. Most capitals tend to be much more liberal than the rest of the country…simply because they are more connected to the rest of the world. Keep in mind that many people participating aren’t actually Saudi’s, they are migrants or the children of migrants.


Just exactly how much will have to happen before Muslims vehemently oppose these ‘rulers’ of modernizing Muslim countries like Saudi, Qatar, the UAE, or Turkey?”

Organizing and facilitating these events is indeed objectionable…but opposing the ruler opens the doors to bigger fitna. As long as you’re able to practise your religion and aren’t forced to engage in these events the best course of action is to advise people.


Creating hostility between the ruler and the ruled will worsen the situation. Tribulations like these need sabr and hikmah. The events and concerts of late have and audience because in my humble opinion people aren’t marrying at and age appropiate time. It is clear than boys and girls have a great desire for one another. But aren’t able to facilitate this in a halal manner. Events like these sublimate this. Much of the fitna is caused by delaying marriage.

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

Historically revolutions bring disasters and immense suffering to the average people , the French revolution or the Russian revolution are some historical examples or recently the Arab Spring revolutions(Syrians, Libyans and Yemenis are now unfortunately in a very dramatic and dire situation because of that).
The best way to deal with a tyrant or big intrusive government is with wisdom, awareness, patience and long term strategy ; but it is easier said than done.


Or to give a very current example: Iran. The Khomeinist revolution of 1979 has resulted in mass secularization and apostasy among Iranian Shia youth. You can’t just haphazardly implement measures on a population that doesn’t believe in the underlying ideology. The first thing you do is teach the correct aqeedah and step by step rectify society i.e. you work bottom-up instead of revolution i.e. top-to-bottom.

Muhammad Talha

I think Pakistan tried to do that… We are just going downhill…

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

Exactly, historically all the great Muslim scientists and scholars came out of maadrasas in which they first learned the aqeedah bases.
What happens in Iran is also the result of applying the same educational system created in Prussia (which is used by all countries in the world). We can see why Afghanistan’s new rulers want to reform it at its roots.

Ahmed Shaikh

It’s because of false Shia teachings, corruption and other things.

Ahmed Shaikh

So Syrians were wrong to oppose nusayiri kafir Asad?
Yeminis should have accepted Iran backed Zaidi Shia takeover of their country?


Bin Salman, more appropriately Bin Shaitan is a Murtad Kafir Crypto Yahudi. Can he still be considered a Muslim after openly declaring a war against Islam? Jailing ulama, abolishing Sharia, allying with Israel, bringing kufr and shirk practices like halloween into Jaziratul Arab. While Jerusalem is under the occupation of Yahud, Haramain is under the ocupation of a Murtad regime.