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Ok Muslim

I knew Suhaib Webb when he converted to Islam in Oklahoma. He used to play with us and was our Sunday school teacher. Everyone felt as if he was always a Muslim. He was genuinely someone I liked seeing.

He told me once he wants to do hijra because of all the haram here, such as the women, which made me smile. He said that’s shaitan smiling in me, so I never imagined he’d be like this now.

He told us he used to be in a gang and did every haram thing, so why can’t he cut Tate some slack?


People are always keen and enthusiastic in the beginning. If you don’t correctly feed this keenness by seeking correct knowlegde, living in an uncorrupted environment and associating with the right people this attitude will weaken and wane over time. If you become worse over time instead of better you have to slow down and contemplate what’s going on. You can see the same in Yasir Qadhi and other daees.


Suhaib Webb has been a murtad dog for a long time now. La’anahullah.


Subhanallah. I knew this guy was in a bad state (liberalism, feminism etc.) But I didn’t know his level of zandaqah reached this level. He upgraded from simping for feminists to simping for qawm lut.


I see a pattern in my personal quest, where I keep getting – how to say – blindsided? blown out of water? on multiple scholars. This has been going on for 30 years for me. Starting with Hamza Yusuf. I’ve lost count since then of such blindsiding.

This is also happening with Muslim scholars all over the world.

I am down to listening to 2 scholars, both Arab, of which one now has some circulating doubt around him.

La hawla wala quwwata illa billah.