How Hollywood and Bollywood Are Negatively Impacting Our Societies

This is a guest post from Bint Kashmir.

Many of us probably remember the first movie that we ever watched. For most of us it was likely a classic Disney movie that our parents had put on. We may remember those joyful emotions upon seeing Cinderella finally marry her prince, or the heartbreaking moment when Mustafa dies in The Lion King.

All of these seemingly innocent children’s movies actually have a much darker backstory to them. Take Cinderella for example, the original story was far too gruesome to even mention. It was instead taken by Disney and made into something for little girls to watch in admiration of the fairy tale.

This is just one genre. The never-ending list and variety of movies that are available is impossible to keep up with. Bollywood and Hollywood are both disgusting, each in their own special way. They have had a huge impact in the shaping of the society we live in today.

Let’s first take a look at Bollywood.

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Most of the films in Bollywood have more or less the same plot. The “romance” films that continuously show a “handsome” lead who falls in love with a random girl he sees passing by. He decides to stalk and harasses her until she finally falls in love with him, and they dance their way to a happily ever after.

Within South Asia, where these movies are popular, this culture of stalking and harassing women has now become normal. India the birthplace of Bollywood, is literally the world’s worst country to be a woman.

There is no doubt that the constant viewing of these movies over generations has created a perverted mindset as to how women should be treated and what relationships should look like.

According to a controversial 2018 study carried out by Reuters:

“India is the world’s most dangerous country for women due to the high risk of sexual violence and being forced into slave labour, according to a poll of global experts released on Tuesday.”

The BBC reported at the time:

The government has been quick to question the Reuters survey, but India has no reason to gloat – a look at the official crime statistics for 2016 shows a woman was raped every 13 minutes; six women were gang-raped every day; a bride was murdered for dowry every 69 minutes; and 19 women were attacked with acid every month.

Add to that thousands of reported cases of sexual harassment, stalking, voyeurism and domestic violence.

It would be extremely inaccurate to claim that Bollywood is not to blame, especially with its portrayal of filthy men who do not understand the word “NO.” This kind of aggressive and invasive pursuit of women even has its own term in the country: “eve-teasing.”

What does this term mean? Let’s ask Google:



the making of unwanted sexual remarks or advances by a man to a woman in a public place.

Young men view these films and see that these “heroic” figures do not face any legal penalties but rather, they go home with the girl they fall in lust with. This only emboldens them and leads them to believe that they will not face any consequences for their actions.

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The negative effects that movies have on the brain affects society at large. Hollywood is notorious for having warped the relationship expectations of many women. Due to the representation of “romance” within popular movies, a large number of women decide to sit tight and wait until the moment that their “prince charming” locks eyes with them from across the room and the two of them then falling head over heels in love with each other. This man will of course be some secret billionaire who is tall, handsome, sensitive, in touch with his “feminine side,” the epitome of perfection, etc., as well as someone who loves everything about her, including all of her significant and insane flaws. They’ll quickly get married (having an extremely lavish wedding), and they’ll grow old and gray together, eventually dying in each other’s arms.

Whether or not this man could potentially be a criminal and a predator is disregarded completely, all in the name of love.

New York and Los Angeles are two of the most populated states within the U.S., and they are often presented as the dream stage within most movies. The audience is indirectly advised throughout the story: if you want to find love, happiness and your dream job, it’s all here, waiting for you. Clueless foreigners often believe this huge lie and work their entire lives trying to make it to “the land of the free.”

Over the years, Hollywood has also successfully inserted their unapologetic LGBT agenda into popular movies and television shows. Over 80% of the content on Netflix is Pro-LGBT and is available in almost every country, with the exception of only a fortunate select few.

By normalising things like LGBT, nudity, crime and substance abuse, the viewers unknowingly become desensitised to degeneracy. So much so, that we see our own Muslim brothers and sisters falling into these sins.

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Far too many of us pay no attention to the realities of the “entertainment” that we consume on a daily basis, not realising our very worldview is being warped by the constant social engineering and brainwashing.

Muslims need to wake up and stop mindlessly consuming media that is created for the express purpose of destroying our souls. The directors of these films know exactly what they’re doing. They have not invested billions of dollars into this industry merely for our entertainment.

With the perpetual promotion of immorality and degeneracy peddled in these movies, it is no coincidence that there has also been a staggering rise in crime and mortality rates over recent years.

As Muslims, we really need to think twice about what we’re viewing and what we are allowing our kids to watch. The repercussions from being negligent in this regard are not going to be small or insignificant.

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Ibrahim Ihsan

Are you sure you watched Lion King, cuz he was Mufasa,not Mustafa.


It might simply be a typo. Also, naming a character wrongly does not mean she did not watch the movie. People sometimes forget/ or mis-pronounce the name of someone whom they have known for ages! The other day my mother called me by the name of my brother lol.

Leena Wang

Thank you for letting me know how the entertainment industry influences us into normalizing LGBTQ and other immoral things. It is sad how “woke” the entertainment industry has become in this modern world that we live in. We need to be careful and guard our beliefs from these outside influences.

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

In the Arab world, the egyptian film industry is the most “successful” one. Since the 20st century they have been promoting westernized lifestyle.Now in the 21st century in Morocco the local film industry produces series and films that do the exact same thing, portraying same gender house parties and clubs, western style relationships, hijabs only used by maids that aren’t smart, elderly as the only religious folk.
Doesn’t this show what their goal is? The film industry is a weapon…


Taking and watching pictures, photos, videos is haram. This would not be a problem if Muslims abstained from these haram evils

Ahmed Shaikh

One thing missing from the article is the impact on women in India of these stuff. They are copying western clothes which is also partially responsible for this rape and harrasment. You can find even little girls in shorts nowadays.
It is also affecting college Muslim women where some of them remove the burqa and put it in the bag.