Are These the Last Days of Feminism?

Are we seeing a surge in anti-feminism attitudes?

I believe, yes. All the signs are there for all to see.

There are three obvious reasons I can think of for this shift.

1. Many people are being burned by feminism in their personal lives. Feminism has incited such toxic behavior that whole families are being destroyed because of the actions and attitudes that feminism promotes. Also the younger men and women who promoted this ideology are now getting older and wiser and realize they have been duped.

2. Many are seeing the social consequences of feminist politics and the militant attitude of activists in pushing highly disturbing and immoral policies on society and on children. This is causing outrage in the general population, including Muslims. The recent protests in Michigan by angry Muslim parents against the LGTVHD+ curriculum is only the recent proof of this.

There has also been huge backlash against feminist political figures like Ilhan “The Sharia Is Barbaric” Omar and Rashida “My Allah Is a She” Tlaib. The backlash against Compassionate Imams who promoted such figures is also palpable.

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3. Finally, psychological research suggests that economic hardship is correlated with women increasingly valuing masculinity. And vice versa, economic prosperity is correlated with less attraction to masculinity.

As the economic situation in the world gets worse and worse, this will result in more appreciation for men, even if it is purely on a subconscious level. This will mean more hostility and aversion to feminist attacks on masculinity and patriarchy. As I always say, there are no feminists to be found when crisis hits.

Naturally the sell out Unfit Imams see the writing on the wall and will naturally adjust their messaging to fit the changing social circumstances. That’s what sell outs do — they adapt to whatever is popular. But we should never forget the damage they have done with their efforts to Islamicize the worst ideas within feminist discourse for the past 20 years. They won’t own up to the damage they have caused, but we won’t forget.

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Leena Wang

I remember the days when women had enjoyed and even thrived on a taste of financial and personal freedom—but the problem is after they received those freedoms, they wanted more and the feminists today want people to believe in this idea of toxic masculinity. However, this idea of “toxic” masculinity turned out be the same sort of masculinity that our Prophet Muhammad (May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) preached and taught his early followers. Feminism is wrongly presented as “good”.

Follower of Truth

Islam will prevail with or without them
Choice for believer is he wants to be part of the incredible Saga Allah SWT has written for us as Qadr


If you look at it globally than the answer is: no. You-go-girl inc. is definitely making waves. In the West there might be somewhat of a pushback against – the most extreme aspects of – radical feminism but not against feminism as a whole. In fact most people have internalized it so much that they don’t even recognize it as feministic. It’s just seen as the natural state of being.


The current uprising in Iran is for a large part a feminist uprising. The regime is fundamentally un- and anti-Islamic but the uprising is aimed at aspects that are in line with Islam: hijaab, the prohibition against ikhtilaat, the testimony of women in court, the concept of mahram etc.


The pushback in the West is because it is starting to hurt them economically. In the US there are 7 million prime aged (25- 54) men who simply refuse to work and be productive (Eberstadt). Those who do work are doing the bare minimum. Young men are the engine of any economy. Feminism is akin to the sand that is thrown into the engine. It makes men lethargic and despondent.


I also think there has been a general pushback in recent times where people are just sick of it. I’ve been closely following these trends over the years, and first saw the seeds of it being planted in 2016-2017, and 2018-2019 when that seed started to grow, and 2020-2021 when the pendulum stopped swinging in the liberal direction, and now in 2022, it’s JUST started to swing back.

Events like Andrew Tate becoming famous and the red pill becoming more mainstream is evidence of the rejection—


—of post-modernist beliefs. It’s a return to traditionalism, at least in part.

I will say, however, that this points to a scary development underway: War. The tradcons are all still liberal (it’s just right-wing liberalism vs left-wing liberalism), and as we’ve seen with Jordan Peterson, their movement & beliefs will be hijacked by the neocons to attack Muslims. And that potentially means Al Malhamat al Kubra is right around the corner….


Tate has been active online for many years. His breakthrough came by him doing three smart things:

  1. seize the moment i.e. stepping in at the hight of the momentum
  2. utilizing the Tiktok algorithm to full effect
  3. getting a Muslim audience by speaking positively about Islam and having talking points that align with Muslim culture. Most RP content creators up to that moment simply ignored the Muslim male youth or were anti-Islam.

’16 is when Trump was elected. The pushback started earlier.

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

The pushback is not against feminism entirely, it’s only against the latest radical waves. But now many people no longer see feminism as something innocent like 10 years ago.

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