Should We Declare a “Pandemic Amnesty”?

“We need to forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about COVID.”

The above was written by Brown University professor Emily Oster, a huge lockdown proponent who is now begging for mercy.[1] This woman belongs to that special class of people who actually believed (or perhaps pretended to believe?) in the official COVID narrative about a ‘deadly’ virus. This was a virus so deadly that it had a 99% survival rate, which was obvious to anyone who had eyes to see and ears to hear. She writes:

Let’s acknowledge that we made complicated choices in the face of deep uncertainty, and then try to work together to build back and move forward.

Nice try, lady. It was clear to any serious observer of the events unfolding around the ‘scamdemic’ that this was never really about a deadly virus. We were witnesses to the largest psychological experiment in the history of the world where⁠, in the words of our new Muslim brother Andrew Tate:

They were censoring anybody who said anything contrary to the purported version of events that the mainstream media decided that they want the entire world to swallow.

Now this lady wants amnesty for what she⁠ and countless others in positions of power⁠ did, when they went along with the government narrative and tried to peddle fear into the populace. She claims that they were “in the dark,” but this is simply not true. ZeroHedge writes:

There were numerous sources pointing out the actual science that ran contrary to the mandate claims, and they were deliberately silenced by a vast media campaign.  Evidence suggests that media platforms worked in tandem with Big Tech, the CDC and the Biden Administration.  It was not a simple matter of overreaction, there was collusion to remove all counter-information.

These people had no problem with shutting businesses down; mandating face masks; and shaming entire groups of people for not wanting to vaccinate themselves or their children with experimental gene therapy. Then, when it turns out the ‘conspiracy theorists’ were actually 1000% right, these people are now seeking amnesty for their abhorrent behavior.

In a reply to Oster’s attempt at backpedaling, Matthew J. Peterson (Claremont Institute Senior Fellow) shared an epic tweet:

These people shut down the entire world economy (but now want to blame inflation on Putin?), and they adopted tyrannical powers that have never been used before (which we are now having trouble getting rid of). Yet, while they allowed rioting in the streets, we were barred from going to the mosque?

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Where Are the Men?

Unfortunately, many mosques acted very shamefully during these times. They were complicit in enforcing tyrannical measures that were not only unscientific, but they were also without any basis in the Prophetic sunnah. There was very little skepticism towards government policy, and they just followed procedure without even questioning it.

Now, I understand that there can be pressure and fear of government repercussions if you do not fall in line with official policy, but we should have been braver. We should have put up a greater resistance against the draconian measures that were so manifestly oppressive.

We kept hearing the same hadith repeated over and over again without so much as actually investigating if this hadith even actually applied to COVID. Was there really an outbreak of the “plague” (perhaps the best translation for the word طاعون)? Was this the same as the ‘black’ death that scourged the entire European continent during the Middle Ages? The answer is a resounding NO. Far from it in fact. But somehow, most of us have not embodied the principle of a believer never falling for the same trick twice:

َدَّثَنَا قُتَيْبَةُ، حَدَّثَنَا اللَّيْثُ، عَنْ عُقَيْلٍ، عَنِ الزُّهْرِيِّ، عَنِ ابْنِ الْمُسَيَّبِ، عَنْ أَبِي هُرَيْرَةَ ـ رضى الله عنه ـ عَنِ النَّبِيِّ صلى الله عليه وسلم أَنَّهُ قَالَ ‏ “‏ لاَ يُلْدَغُ الْمُؤْمِنُ مِنْ جُحْرٍ وَاحِدٍ مَرَّتَيْنِ ‏”‏‏.‏

Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) narrates that the Prophet (ﷺ) said, “A believer is not stung twice (by something) out of one and the same hole.” (Sahih al-Bukhari)

When it has been firmly established that these people are perpetual liars⁠—they lied about the Iraq war; they lied about 9/11; and they lied about the Afghan War⁠—then do you not think that we should probably stop and question the things coming out of their mouths before jumping on the bandwagon? It is unbefitting for a believer to fall for the same trick twice, and yet here we are.

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Most of those who were alert quickly realized what was going on, but somehow many of our masajid accepted the official narratives without challenging them at all. They viewed obedience to the establishment to be an act of great piety. Face masks, vaccines, social distancing, praying two feet apart, etc., were all signs that you were a good Muslim citizen doing your duty by participating freely in the government-sanctioned social experiment.

As a kid who grew up learning about Nazi Germany and World War II, it always puzzled me how so many people chose to simply just go along with the agenda. It never made sense to me why almost nobody stopped to question something so obviously evil and wrong. Now, in my adult life, I understand the mechanisms behind human fear, and why people choose to go along with the programme. People just want to live.

We often speak about the French ‘resistance’ in such glorious terms when in reality only about 10% of the population actually resisted.[2] The vast majority of people cowered and were angry with the resistance movement, shaming them for making the occupiers angry. Their mantra seems to have been:

Can’t you just get along with the occupiers so they leave us alone?

I have come to realize that history certainly can (and will) repeat itself. This is because the world is filled with psychopaths that are ready to follow orders obediently and put their common sense aside, as long as they are rewarded for what they do. It takes courage to stand up against power, and unfortunately most men are cowards.

The Stanley Milgram Conundrum

The Stanley Milgram experiments are a perfect example of this. They were a series of social experiments conducted by Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram in the 1960s. The acts of World War II had shocked the world, and he wanted to understand why seemingly ordinary people were capable of committing evil acts such as genocide and torture.

The experiments demonstrated that ordinary people were willing to inflict pain on their fellow human beings as long as they were instructed to do so by an authority figure. After all, they were just following orders, right? People like Professor Emily Oster should be excused, right? Because after all, all she was did was toe the line with what the authorities were saying, right?

This line of thinking made me recall the famous meeting between Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal (رحمه ٱلله) and the prison guard.

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Ahmad ibn Hanbal and the Prison Guard

After Imam Ahmad rose up and stood against the belief that the Quran was ‘created,’ he was imprisoned repeatedly by successive Abbasid Caliphs who wanted to assert political control over the ‘ulama of the time. In a well-known narration transmitted by Ibn al-Jawzi, when Imam Ahmad was jailed, one of the prison guards came to him and asked him:

“O Abu ‘Abdillah! The hadith that is narrated regarding the oppressors and those that aid them – is it authentic?”

He (Imam Ahmad) answered: “Yes.”

The prison guard then said: “So, I am considered to be an aide of the oppressors?”

Imam Ahmed replied: “No. The aides of the oppressors are those that comb your hair, wash your clothes, prepare your meals, and buy and sell from you. As for you, you are one of the oppressors themselves.”[3]

If you do not speak out, if you do not find the courage to say no, you are complicit in the oppression. We must find the courage to stand up against oppression no matter where it is. That is the true sunnah. We cannot just pick and choose which causes we want to fight for and then stay away from whatever is ‘politically incorrect’ at the time. This is what cowards do. They adjust to whatever is popular, and they shy away from telling the truth when it is inconvenient. We should never forget the damage that we as an ummah did when we decided to remain silent against the oppression of the COVID policies.

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[2] See: (watch from 8:28 to 9:33)

[3] Ibn al-Jawzi, Manaqib al-Imam Ahmad, p. 397

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Ok Muslim

We had to pray six feet part and wear masks. Some masjids required vaccination. Meanwhile, on planes, people sat a few inches apart, removed their masks while eating, and there was never a vaccine requirement.

People compared covid to leprosy. However, your eyes can see leprosy. But when a Muslim says he’s not sick, why can’t we trust him? Isn’t trust part of brotherhood?


Jazakallah khairan brother Abu Zakariya. Reading your article is like reading the many conversations I’ve had with my family and friends, word for word. Your point about trusting the same people after 9/11, Iraq, etc. resonates with me 100%. “Cowards”, you’re spot on.


I say this sincerely and not as one feigning it that I have wondered why Allah has given myself and people like me, like our brothers & sisters at MS team the ability to see these things for were they are? Is it because of some good we did? Because it’s a test to see if we propagate the truth and stand up for it? I am grateful to the Almighty but also wary of the responsibility.


Our local mosque enforced the mask and praying 6 feet apart. I could not bring myself to pray in Jama’a without my feet next to another brother’s. Alhamdulillah there was a smaller mosque a 20 minute drive away. The brothers there prayed next to each other. Those who wanted to mask were free to do so. Those he didn’t, did not get hassled by other brothers.

Fear of another man’s arbitrary dictates over conforming to the way the prophet PBUH ordered us to pray.