Sweden Lets Gay Couples Adopt Children: What This Means for Muslims

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Recently there has been news circulating online, especially on Twitter, that a gay couple in Sweden was given custody of a 5-year-old Muslim girl:

Maryam is a five-year-old Muslim girl whose custody was forcibly taken away from her family by the Swedish Social Affairs Department and given to two gay men.

However, thus far there has been no proof of the child having originally belonged to a Muslim family, and moreover, the couple seem to have adopted her from a shelter and are in contact with the child’s biological grandmother. But the confusion surrounding this fiasco has raised some very alarming points. First, let’s have a look at some well-established facts. MuslimSkeptic has already covered extensively the Swedish social services crisis that Muslims are facing. See:

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In short, Swedish social services, simply known as Social, are notorious for kidnapping the children of Muslim refugees and handing them over to non-Muslim families.

In 2014, over 32,000 children had been taken away from their parents and the new foster families receive up to $23,000-46,000 per month. Anything which indicates that the Muslim parents are not doing everything they can to completely indoctrinate their children with a wide array of un-Islamic values, is sufficient grounds for them to be seized forcefully. Either completely assimilate with Swedish secular values or say goodbye to your children. There is no freedom of choice.

On top of that, disciplining your child or ‘harming their development’ (whatever that may mean) also grants these bullies cause to snatch children away from their parents. Spanking your child, or an accidental elbow injury they get while playing around, is enough of a reason for strangers to call these tyrannical social workers on you and have your kids stolen WITHOUT even telling you.

And it would be utterly foolish to assume that these children live safe and happy lives after being kidnapped:

A Swedish TV report- reviewing 324 cases involving 994 children- points to the harm Social can inflict on children taken away from their families. Elaborating on Social’s incompetence and faulty procedures, the report says 150 children taken to foster care between 2016-2018 have either fallen ill, had serious accidents caused by neglect and poor care, or died.

In fact, there is even a bone-chilling case of these criminals handing a boy over to a family where a dog mauled him to death.

The legal right to adopt children in Sweden was given to same-sex couples all the way back in 2003. The first gay couple adoption in Sweden took place in 2012. And now, with the gay couple in question publicly advertising the two children the Swedish authorities have placed under their care and with there being very little backlash regarding this. The question is:

Just how long will it be until Swedish authorities place Muslim children in the homes of homosexuals?

Imagine taking children away from their natural parents and handing them over to people involved in unnatural behaviors, then claiming this was done to ensure that the children didn’t face any developmental issues. These policies directly reflect liberal secular values. They’ve pushed this degeneracy so much that their policies now officially consider sexual deviants to be better caretakers for a child than his own biological father and mother.

“Don’t teach your child about Allah, it’s dangerous! Teach them about gay pride instead. If you don’t, then off to the LGBTQ they go!”

The lack of a mother being present is usually brought up as an issue that children adopted by gay couples will face, and this will MOST certainly lead to serious developmental issues. Children also have a strong inclination towards good and against evil due to their uncorrupted Fitrah (natural disposition), and as we know, it is an undeniable fact that homosexual behaviors are considered deviant unnatural perversions by all the major religions and traditional cultures of the world. Such religions and cultures no longer have a place in the so-called “tolerant” West.

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But this is not where it ends. The bar for these cursed social workers drops even lower when we look at an even darker side of gay adoption, i.e., child molestation.

The threat of children being molested by homosexuals is very real, and it is one of the main reasons why parents, even in the liberal world, consider contact between them to be alarming. In fact, it’s been proven that aversion to homosexual behaviors is biologically wired within humans.

A peer-reviewed study was conducted where scenarios are presented involving homosexuals having jobs that would put them in contact with children, such as a gay teacher or a gay pediatrician. And the subjects, consisting of undergraduate students, were quite averse to such scenarios, even when the participants disavowed homophobic beliefs.

For the liberal world to have pushed sexual “freedom” so much and yet still fail at erasing the aversion that exists towards such behaviors shows how deeply ingrained that aversion is within the Fitrah. The politically incorrect but indubitable fact that remains is that homosexuals are more likely to molest kids than heterosexuals.

Just look at this case from Gastonbury, where two gay men were convicted of molesting two of the NINE children they had adopted. Are children worth sacrificing for the sake of sexual liberation? In the West, apparently, the answer is a cold, “Yes.”

Now, someone might nitpick and say that the above case is from the UK, not from Sweden. Well, here’s an unnervingly bizarre case right out of Sweden:

A convicted paedophile has been given permission to adopt a child in Sweden despite sexually abusing a five-year-old girl.

The adoptee in question is the man’s own disabled ten-year old stepson. The social affairs committee involved in the process saw that nine out of the ten members approved this adoption. They claimed that the risk of this convict reoffending was quite low. Bear in mind that we are talking about someone who has committed more than 90 crimes.

This is what Sweden has become. Because of their liberal values, they consider a child’s natural biological parents giving him a disciplinary spank far more traumatizing than kidnapping him and placing him under the ‘care’ of a convicted pedophile who has been convicted of almost 100 crimes. They truly believe that this will be better for the child’s psychological development.

These cases are just an extension of the overall liberal plan. Just look at modern liberal education being pushed onto our children. Even here the attempt remains the same, i.e., to separate the mother and father as the source of knowledge and inspiration from the home and replace them with the state mandated liberal ‘educators.’ All this, while liberal Imams sing the praises of secular degeneracy and push for Islam’s assimilation with liberalism, just like the corrupt Swedish authorities pressure Muslim refugee parents to assimilate their children with liberalism. The two are eerily similar in the ideologies they possess.

If we had good Muslim rulers, perhaps they could’ve stood up for this grave injustice against our brothers and sisters. However, as it stands, most of them are too busy getting in bed with Zionists and exchanging the blood of the Ummah for wealth and power. Instead of building ample safe havens for our oppressed brothers and sisters, they are too busy building extravagant cities of sin.

May Allah’s curse be upon those who kidnap children, and may He grant justice to the countless families, Muslim and non-Muslim, who’ve had their children taken away.

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