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The FDA still says to not use Invermectin, you are using a screenshot from EpochTimes which is known for fake news lolll

Last edited 16 days ago by Wayne
Zaid Diaz

You people can never be trusted in any way. You use the plight of the Uyghur people for your own anti-Islamic purposes, you shamelessly support a Nazi-backed Ukraine, you shout ‘One Love’ for gae people but then decide to abandon it for fear of FIFA punishments, these are enough to describe your ‘morals’.


And yet people like Daniel Haqiqatjou choose to live in the West


Have Daniel and the Muslim Skeptic Team not ever considered that ‘Ivermectin for covid’ is itself part of the psy-op?

Notice how this ‘oppositional’ narrative – one that ends up actually getting a lot of discussion in the mainstream media – reinforces the supposed truth of germ theory (as opposed to Terrain Theory) and the value and need for pharmaceutical drugs?

Do you not know how these people work?

Something to look into…

Parvez Khan

the asian parents one was hilarious