2022 FIFA World Cup: Deception and Distraction

Misdirection is a word used commonly by lay people. In relation to art and magic it is a term used by entertainers, tricksters, magicians, and sorcerers. The common person mistakenly assumes this word ‘misdirection’ to imply ‘distraction.’

For example, a common person will shout out ‘hey’ on the street, and while their target is distracted, the very same person who shouted ‘hey’ snatches the wallet, bag, money, purse, or phone off their distracted target. Then you have the entertainer, who will distract their audience and carry out their trick or act of entertainment while the attention of the onlookers is focused elsewhere.

One of the potent methods employed by entertainers, magicians, tricksters, storytellers, and media houses is to tell the audience a story that they can tell themselves, pacify their consciences and promote to others, without really knowing that they were distracted. The entertainers and magicians offer some sort of explanation to their thrilled audiences, but the tricks are played upon the minds of the audiences and not the objects themselves. If the evidence according to the senses is believed, then the ‘magic’ in the mind is made real.

‘Misdirection is the cornerstone of nearly all successful magic’ – TA Waters

In the same way, within this modern and refined age, non-Muslims whose religions frown upon magic and sorcery, are now embracing magic and sorcery wholeheartedly as part of the package of misdirection employed by scientists. The scientists narrate their stories in light of scientific ‘evidence,’ whilst the reality lies somewhere else. An example of the misdirection offered to the world is the Theory of Evolution. While millions (including misdirected Muslims) believe in the scientific ‘evidence’ presented to them, it is a far cry from the truth. In fact, it is simply a lie against Allah Ta’ala, the Noble Qur’an, the Messenger of Allah (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) and the religion of Islam.

In essence, the refined society of the twenty-first century has fallen for more refined sorcery and magic.

As we write this, the entire world seems to be engulfed in pacifying their consciences, telling themselves that everything is well and good while they are kept entertained by a ball being kicked around a pitch. What makes matters worse is when highly educated people and scholars fail to recognize the misdirection that they have fallen prey to.

The misdirection being offered to Muslims is of the host country (Qatar) providing various means and methods to propagate Islam and calling to the faith. This is nothing but misdirection. We are told that the Ahadith will be displayed in all corners, Muezzins have been employed to call the Adhan beautifully, and it will be relayed and heard in stadiums and so on.

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Let us look at a few basic examples of the misdirection being explained. Firstly, it is not permissible for the Adhan to be called out and for the Noble Qur’an to be recited in the restroom, or in a sewage facility. This is severe disrespect to the words of Allah Ta’ala and His blessed name. A ring that has the name of Allah Ta’ala engraved upon it cannot be taken into the toilet, and books of Islam and the Sirah cannot be distributed inside a nightclub. In the same way, it is utter and gross disrespect to the entire religion of Islam for the Adhan to be relayed in stadiums, where every vice is perpetrated.

No Muslim in his right sense of mind can imagine justifying the sorts of vices that are done during major sporting tournaments such as the World Cup. Yet, we find misdirected Muslims and misdirected Muslim scholars who feel the need to appreciate the da’wah work being done during the course of the World Cup. We find it difficult to understand how Qatar saw the need to provide this misdirection service to the millions of people who have come to their country for entertainment, drinking and adultery.

We do not appreciate this kind of da’wah work, as it is not a call to pure and pristine Islam, but it is simply a ruse to pacify the suffering Muslim Ummah. Qatar has fallen to the pressure and has bent over backwards to entertain the vices of the entire non-Muslim world. This is while Muslims look on in horror as they see their homes being torn down; their mothers and sisters raped; and their sons slaughtered by the very same visitors they want to please. Qatar is only promoting the Liberalized version of Islam that the football body will be pleased with. This is the misdirection that Qatar is responsible for. For this reason, Qatar does not deserve any du’a or sympathy from the Muslim Ummah.

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We rue the immense wastage of money on a tournament that brings nothing but destruction in its wake.

Think for a moment before an outburst upon what you have just read. Reflect. Have you not been misdirected by all the hype around the World Cup too?

Our du’a and plea is to Allah Ta’ala, we beg Him for His aid and help. And we call for one and all to look deeper into the misdirection that they have been fed, and to refrain from promoting this misdirection any further.

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Thank you Mufti Moolla. It is indeed a big farce. Let’s not forget the 6,500 or so migrant workers who perished building these monstrosities. Truly a stain on the Islamic world.


Where did you get that 6,500 from? Wasting 230 billion to organize this nonsense is bad enough, but we should be careful in taking from western (and other) sources. The last WC was in Russia. Can’t remember the western media being remotely as dismissive. This isn’t sincere critique but bullying based on anti-Muslim and racist sentiment. This campaign is almost exclusively pushed by North-West European nations. It started in Britain and then France, Germany and others picked it up.

Lame Poojeet Speaks

Quran 9:97 states that Arabs are Kuffar. The scarab slaves of kikery must take note.

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

What are you talking about??? , that verse was only about one group of arabs (nomadic arabs around Medina in that time) , not all arabs. The last and final messenger Mohamed(pbh) was an arab, most of his companions were arabs…

Last edited 14 days ago by Yusuf ibn Tashfin

He is a troll or a Shii (or both).

Ahmed Shaikh

Looks like hindu troll to me.


The Quran doesn’t mention Arabs at all. There is only a reference to the Arabic language.

Zaheen ahmed

I grew up in Qatar i left just before COVID to pursue my education i can tell you from personal account that migrant workers from sub continent are treated horribly . In recent year the attitude has become better . During my childhood i faced many racist remarks by the local kids many refused to return salam . Now you look at their attitudes towards the whites it’s completely different they bend over backwards to accommodate them .major Qatari company all good posting mostly go to the whites

Last edited 11 days ago by Zaheen ahmed
Ahmed Shaikh

That figure is based on guardian’s own investigation (a very leftist liberal newspaper) and all the other news outlets are reporting based on that without fact checking.
Yes the workers died but i don’t trust their fraud numbers.
Their real agenda is “LGBTQ” and “Women Rights” and are just using the workers death as a means to bash them for that.


Most of science today is misdirection. Many standard models are falling apart: cosmology. Some are outright fraud: evolution; germ theory. Almost all rely on mathematical fantasy. The goal is to convince us there is no creator.

I’m so disillusioned I’m tempted to keep my offspring out of any formal education.

Ahmed Shaikh

Wasting more than 220 billion on this secular liberal tournament when almost half of the Muslim world lives in poverty.
I don’t know how can any true Muslim defend that probably because they are privileged with enough money that they don’t care like Saudis.


I always thought that the golden world cup is similar to the golden calf once Banu Israel worshipped. Allah is good and he accepts only what is good and pure. إن الله طيبا لا يقبل الا طيب . We cannot have a game that is our major goal and focus, and in the mean times we can give dawa. That will be considered Shirk. And Allah will destroy the work of Shirk. من عمل عملا أشرك فيه معي غيري تركته وشركه. Whoever did a work while putting a partner in it with Me, I will abandon him and his work.


Somewhat not totally agree and I returned to the writer he is not Mr. Danial I think if we look to the positive side it is really a great chance for non muslims to get knowledge about Islam keep political issues out and look if just one person from all these foreign visitors became muslim or started looking in Islam this worth great and Allah Like it as hadith from our prophet ” for God to guide one man through you is better for you than red camels”

Zaheen ahmed

at what cost Even if you don’t trust the death figures given by western media it’s an open secret that the migrant workers from the subcontinent many of whom were muslims are mistreated not paid a fair wage and even at times killed and for what just give dawah at the expense of the most vulnerable (many only bread winners of their family) of your fellow muslim even if the number is not 6500 and just 650 their are muslims in it and they are closer to me than any rich Sheikh or any white kufar