Qatar’s Migrant Exploitation and the West’s Hypocritical Outrage

The 2022 Soccer World Cup started this week, and has been the cause of euphoria worldwide.

On the one hand, many people are extremely enthusiastic about once again being able to watch their favorite competition. On the other hand, many liberal modernists are expressing their rage in relation to the conditions surrounding this year’s world cup. These imperialist minds deemed it to be absolutely unacceptable that a tyrannical “shari’ah-based” country be allowed to organize such an important event.

Among the many problems that they have with the politics of Qatar, is the treatment of sub-continent migrants during preparations leading up to the World Cup. They describe it as a form of modern-day slavery.

This claim caught my attention, since it is an argument that we hear often from the mouths of Islamophobes. These Islam-hating scum love to present the West as being this amazing, enlightened civilization which eventually came to the realization that slavery is bad and evil and that it should be abolished. Thus they abandoned their savage and barbaric ways. They then declare that slavery, in the form of migrant labor, is effectively still practiced within the “backwards” Muslim world.

But do they really have any grounds for levelling such criticisms?

I assume a closer look will only reveal more of that good old Western hypocrisy that we’re so used to seeing.

Is Migrant Labor Really a New Form of Slavery?

The Middle East’s need for workers pushed these countries to adopt a sponsorship system for migrants called kafalah. This procedure has its flaws, but it was required for the purpose of keeping the migrant population in check within areas that are mainly inhabited by migrants. Under this rule, migrants are essentially second-class workers that often have fewer rights than the country’s actual citizens. This situation led to many cases of harsh exploitation being carried out by various sponsors, which in turn led to the deaths of migrants in the peninsula.

Islam is a religion that advocates for every human to be treated in a decent manner, and such excesses would most certainly be deemed evil according to our religious law.

Yet, that doesn’t stop the Islamophobes from constantly blaming Islam for the occurrence of such atrocities. They claim that Muslims are obsessed with slavery because Islam permits it and because the Prophet Muhammad (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) owned slaves.

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This objection is a perfect case study of how liberals adopt a subjective bias toward their own lifestyle and culture. To get a clearer picture, let us scrutinize the rationale behind their claim.

The West laments South Asian migrants going to Qatar to work under dangerous conditions with low wages. On top of this, these workers do not have the same rights as the Qataris, and this resulted in 6500 migrants dying during the 2022 World Cup preparations. They claim that this is not labor, rather it is modern-day slavery. This is of course a very emphatic form of condemnation, one that they do not use when describing labor conditions within Western countries.

It seems that at least two ideas are included in this understanding of slavery:

  1. The migrant worker is employed to do the undesirable, low-paid jobs that most of the country’s actual citizens refuse to do; and
  2. The migrant worker does not enjoy the same protected status as actual citizens do under the country’s law.

The problem is that if we go by these standards, liberal countries themselves cannot consistently disown slavery.

Do they have selective amnesia about the fact that most Western companies own factories in poor countries, in order to exploit the workers there for cheap labor?

Have they forgotten about Europe’s exploitation of migrants during the ’70s?

France’s infrastructure is built upon the corpses of North Africans that went there to send money to their families. Many died in the process. To this day, some of them are still surviving on measly retirement pensions because France took advantage of their illiteracy in order to get them to sign unfair contracts.

It’s been fifty years.

Have they finally decided to abolish their modern-day slavery and give these migrants their due rights? It seems that France still has a long way to go.

Last week, Olivier Veran (a member of the French government) explained on TV how many restaurants are forced to hire migrants because they are not able to find any other suitable candidates for the position. The reality is that the wages for these jobs are so low that nobody wants them, besides the migrants.

This is a well-known fact.

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The corrupt French politicians allow seven hundred thousand new migrants to enter the country every year. Despite knowing that these migrants will be exploited by their rich friends, it doesn’t bother them even the slightest bit. In fact, it’s a bonus for them since it essentially they pay less to eat out at their favorite restaurants.

And France is not some kind of exception.

A Hyundai factory in the United States was recently caught exploiting migrant children:

Several of these minors, they said, have foregone schooling in order to work long shifts at the plant, a sprawling facility with a documented history of health and safety violations, including amputation hazards.

At a time of U.S. labor shortages and supply chain disruptions, labor experts told Reuters there are heightened risks that children, especially undocumented migrants, could end up in workplaces that are hazardous and illegal for minors.

A Reuters review of the records shows SMART has been assessed with at least $48,515 in OSHA penalties since 2013, and was most recently fined this year. OSHA inspections at SMART have documented violations including crush and amputation hazards at the factory.

Isn’t child labor a grave violation of human rights according to these liberals? What about these working conditions which include “crush and amputation hazards”? I’m waiting for these anti-Islam clowns to start condemning America as a backwards country that still has modern-day slavery.

Such examples are everywhere in the West, rampant in fact. Where’s the same level of outrage against how the West uses modern-day slavery, both through exploiting migrant workers and also cheap sweat-shop labor in poor countries. These hypocrites are blind to the suffering of their own employees, but they’re well-aware of all kinds of tyrannical exploitation taking place elsewhere.

You know what? Let’s put their sincerity to the test.

Now that it has been shown how France is strongly involved in modern-day slavery, are they ready to boycott the 2024 Paris Olympics? Will they start campaigning against it?

I can’t wait to see these liberals screaming all over social media, with the same level of anger and outrage that they displayed for the campaign to boycott the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

I can’t wait to see them going around cancelling all the celebrities that visit Paris in 2024.

I can’t wait to see their rage and tears regarding the 2024 Paris Olympics over all the clear Human Rights violations.

Come on. Save migrants. #BoycottParis

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Ibrahim Ihsan

Hypocrisy at it’s finest.


Isn’t another form of hypocrisy consistently criticizing the West but choosing to live there?

Muhammad Talha

The reasoning becomes clear once someone starts to question a little.
Everywhere else the West keeps interfering. We will in fact love to settle in Afghanistan soon if west stops its interference and sanctions.


No, it’s because some people like living in the West but don’t want to admit it


Those Uncle Tom’s are certainly not the ones calling out the hypocrisy. They’re on your side doing your bidding. You should have been thankful for them this Thanksgiving!


I’m thankful for anyone who pays taxes in the West!


Haqiqatjou is still choosing to live in the West and you are writing for his site

Kebabinator 5000

Is that your way of wishing him to stop exposing things you’d like to remain hidden? People who say things like that are low IQ idiots who cant respond to criticism instead they wish to be deaf.

Also, for what Haqiqatjou is doing, the safest place for him is near the belly of the beast. There isnt an agency in the Muslim world that doesnt take orders from their masters in Washington. Look what happened to PM of Pakistan and the many journalists in that part of the world.

Nice try shill.


Bro shut up what’s wrong with you come in real life and don’t hide in the Internet and make yourself someone you arrogant guy

Afrin Khan

No one likes living in the west, not even Americans, because the citizens don’t protect their culture. When you go to America you don’t see anything that holds people together.


Some people are born in the west and don’t have much options. We are also here to spread islam and change society. Islam is growing in the west. You can’t stop it. I myself am a convert since about 13 years ago.


This guy sounds like an anti-Muslim but he’s right. Some Muslims might be upset at this but I firmly believe you should not settle in non-Muslim lands unless you truly have no other option. There are many Muslim countries where you can live reasonably well even if there’s not as much luxury. It was a pretty much universal position of classical Islamics scholars that it’s forbidden to willingly move to a non-Muslim land. Modern scholars like al-Albani had the same position also.


When you live in a kafir country no matter how you rationalize it you are paying their taxes, strengthening their economy by working, contributing to their market by buying and selling. There is a cycle in Muslim countries of skilled educated people migrating to the west, leaving a shortage of skilled educated people in the country, which weakens the country’s economy even further. Muslims have no excuse to wonder why the young diaspora in the west is so lost and weak in faith.

zaheen ahmed

so tell me where do i go as an indian muslim

Ahmed Abdelrahman

Saudi Arabia,

Now, in the case where you can’t afford a ticket at all, then you are excused though.

Last edited 1 month ago by Ahmed Abdelrahman
zaheen ahmed

brother you seem oblivious to the reality of the world i am an indian i lived in qatar . the moment you loose your job in any GCC countries your visa is gone and you have to return back to you country so it no permanent solution where once i become 60 years old and cant work i can still stay the only country that you mentioned in the list that allows that is turkey that i know of and Malaysia but you need to buy land or home to obtain citizenship or PR visa which is not option for most


“If you don’t like it, why don’t you leave!”

Well, where to begin? Let’s see…

1. I’m not a hedonistic liberal motivated in life primarily by self-benefit and pleasure.


If you don’t like it, why don’t you leave!

Well, where to begin? Let’s see…

1. I’m not a hedonistic liberal motivated in life primarily by self-benefit and pleasure.

Zaid Diaz

It’s actually valid according to YOUR own so-called Freedom of Speech laws. Take your Nazi mindset elsewhere.

homer simplet0n

well if your beloved ‘west’ hadn’t perpetually proxy colonized half the world then maybe .. otherwise you need to study real history and stop relying on mainstream presstitutes .. oh and it may help if you visited a foreign country once in your collective lifetime outside of while you were in the mil fighting and protecting your corpse orations

M. Shehreyar

Because the West through its neo-colonalism in form of physical occupation & invasion (Mali, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria), puppet rulers, monarchs, dictators (Egypt, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Central Asia, Morocco, Gulf kingdoms) hasn’t left ours rather impovershing them both financiallt & technically by money-laundering, brain drain. We will start to live in our countries as soon as you leave ours.


I live in France. I come from an Egyptian and French “pur souche” (the fancy way of saying WHITE in “universalist” France).
My life is a disaster. I never fit anywhere. Before looking into Islam (by myself at 22), I never knew where to fit in.
Even with HALF white DNA I am still not white enough, “French” enough for them.
Even when I was an atheist, not speaking what I would best describe as thug dialect (associated by the media with crime).
Basing your country on ethnicity is a disaster.


migrants are essentially second-class workers that often have fewer rights than the country’s actual citizens.”

This is true everywhere. As as non-citizen you don’t have acccess to many facilities and subsidies. For instance non-EU citizens pay three to four times the tuition EU-citizens pay for higher education.

And with the tax rate effectively being +80%, in Europe, between income, VAT and obligatory insurances (which is a tax) you are a slave. People also feel this.


This is why many people try to “play the system”. They do this by getting on disability, defrauding insurance companies and overall avoiding paying tax. Companies avoid responsibility by not hiring directly but via temp agencies or other complicated legal structures.


There is truth to the allegation that Qatar mistreats migrant workers like all other rich gulf countries. Just because it happens elsewhere too doesn’t invalidate the claim. It may be hypocritical, agreed, but it’s a problem nonetheless in the middle east, especially with us Muslims. Anyone who’s worked in the middle east who’s not an Arab can attest to this fact. The best treatment is given to westerners, then locals, then other Arabs, then other migrants with South Asians being the lowest.


While I agree with the vast majority of what’s published here, this article is an example of the author not being even remotely close to the reality of things which is experienced by migrant workers in the ME. Talk to anyone in that community, the stories of delayed/withheld salaries, widespread abuse, humiliation, blatant racism abound. Don’t even get me started on how they treat female maids. So this happens globally, ok but surely we as Muslims should hold ourselves to a higher standard, no?

zaheen ahmed

your absolutely true grew up in qatar since i was 6 years old have brown skin and was discriminated horribly local kids didnt allow us to play football in the same ground recent years things have become a bit better but the discrmination exist on a instinutaional level if i come and work on an Indian/pak passport as an engineer i get half what a person with a western passport gets for same work and often they are treated much better. thats why i don’t feel sympathy towards qatar

zaheen ahmed

what an absolute irony the people they bent over backwards for(white kuffar) , go to their countries (France,UK,Belgium) for their vacations and buying properties are now (white kuffar) criticizing them the Qataris should learn a lesson and start practicing al wala wal bara instred of their loyalty and hospitality to the white skin they will never approve of you no matter how much you try and appease them . may allah help the widows , and the orphans muslims of subcontinent

zaheen ahmed

the Muslims of subcontinent only come to these countries because we really dont have much of and options often are helpless in our own countries manily the case for Indian Muslims . Ya allah swt improve the situation of the muslims of the subcontinent so we don’t have to go to these countries to get exploited

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

Most of the agricultural food supply (fruit, vegetables, olive oil, etc.) in the EU market come from southern EU mediterranean members, especially Spain where agricultural work is mostly done by foreign labor (mostly by Moroccans followed by Romanians, Latinos, Senegalese), the local population avoids these super hard jobs because wages are well below the minimum wage.The EU is very hypocritical in this regard, because they are doing the same,there are cases of abuse, exploitation,etc

homer simplet0n

say what about when the west is buying up all that cheap oil from the mideast ??? no croc tears about human rights abuses then hmmm .. how about when you are using various mideast or 3rd world coconutries to have military installments to launch wars .. do those installments not have foreign exploited labor etc .. exactly go back to your yahudi propaganda firm and ask them to do a better job in writing your talking points ..


Deleted “yahudi” from your comment ,it’s ridiculous. Zionism≠judaism.


You can also mention chocolate companies, designer brands exploiting children, migrants, and people in Bangladesh who were burnt alive due to inadequate work safety measures. What about Nestlé that has caused the deaths of infants, poisoned water sources in developing countries and Shell that has wreaked havoc beyond compare. Hypocrisy at its crescendo!!

Last edited 2 months ago by Hanna
Mohammad Talha Ansari

Hypocrisy as the foundation of a civilization.