Morocco vs. Belgium: Europe in the Flames of Football Hooligans

Now is the perfect time to discuss one of the great causes behind Islamophobia within Europe.

Today, all African football fans were delighted over Morocco’s victory against Belgium in the ongoing FIFA World Cup. All things considered, this victory is an amazing accomplishment, especially since Belgium is a strong team that generally performs well in international tournaments. Belgium also actually has one of the largest Moroccan diasporas in the World.

As a side note, we should acknowledge that even if there are many significant disputes as to the legal rulings regarding football in Islam, we can empathize with supporters that do not go overboard in their love for football. These people are simply happy to see their country shine, and we should not be killjoys by trashing their festivity simply for the sake of criticizing them.

The words that I will express are not some sort of football bashing, or Moroccan hate. I myself live in Rabat and was hoping that the Moroccan football team would win. When the Moroccan players won and made sujud, I was moved by the fact that their first reaction, after experiencing what was such an important event for them, was to be grateful to Allah. I was ashamed though when I learned about what happened after the game. The Moroccan national team expresses its gratitude with manners and Islam, but unfortunately their supporters did not follow their example.

I also want to make clear that I am well-aware that some of these players are not perfect, with many even making public displays of haram actions in the past. I am not in any way suggesting that they are paragons that should be taken as role models. I am saying that on the ground, many young Moroccans look up to them and take inspiration from them, and I expected this to be reflected in the after-game attitude of Moroccans worldwide.

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I genuinely do not understand how the Moroccan supporters can go from looking at this:

To going outside and ending up doing something like this:

Is this representative of Moroccans? Certainly not!

Do people care? Most don’t.

In response to this point, we often hear how every country has its bad apples that celebrate by burning and destroying things. Unfortunately, this is not true. French people did not destroy the streets of their country when they won the last World Cup. No countries had to bear the backlash of French migrants supporting their national team by flipping cars over.

I am sure that there are many reasons which could explain why some Moroccans would act in this way. The problem is that most people will not make the slightest effort to even try and understand. For most people, these riots confirm the already existing bias in their minds: Muslim migrants are destroying the country, so Islam must be a savage religion that leads only to destruction.

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Disbelievers will not see that Islam is the greatest opportunity for them, their lives and their salvation in the hereafter, or realize that most Muslims are great people⁠—not when they are being exposed to things like this:

Do not make the mistake of assuming that this turmoil is simply some sort of isolated event. Anyone that grew up there knows that whenever Algeria or Morocco is playing, situations like this are to be expected. Regardless of a victory or a loss, these supporters go out into the streets and spread chaos (today there were thugs in the street even before the match started). We, as Muslims, should not turn a blind eye when such delinquent behavior is enacted by people of our Ummah. Things like this are a significant contributor to the rise of islamophobia within the West.

Islam is strong in the Maghreb region. Ninety-nine percent of Morocco’s population are Sunni Muslims. This is a land where even those who are misguided have a sense of dignity in relation to Islam. These wrongdoers causing havoc in the streets know very well just how un-Islamic and haram their actions are. It seems like they don’t even care. They are simply playing into the hands of the wicked disbelievers that weaponize their stupidity towards fighting against Islam.

This article should serve as a general reminder: your love for a sport should never drive you into committing sins. Most Moroccans did not go on a rampage in the streets, but many instead played music and danced around. Music is haram, and celebrating in such a way is completely disgraceful too. Please understand that believers have the right to be happy, but they should always express such a feeling with gratitude, good actions and steadfastness.

O Muslims, the entire world is watching you. Make sure the only thing that people can see from you is the embodiment of the Noble Quran and the Blessed Sunnah.

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The evil in these kinds of sporting events is much greater than the potential benefit. You see music, a lot of tabarruj from Muslim women….massive amount of gender mixing going on, people neglecting their salat, exposing and looking at the awrah of the players etc. etc. You see a lot of relaxing of moral standards.


Spain & Italy also have large Moroccan diasporas. But they wouldn’t dare behaving like this there. The issue is a mix of factors:

  1. feelings of humiliation and emasculation with large parts of the young male immigrant populace.
  2. weak law enforcement
  3. the madness of crowds

Men who come from dysfunctional environments often tend to be overly emotional and overly aggressive. Men learn to control emotions via their fathers. If the father isn’t actively present they emote like their mother and sis


Over aggressiveness is compensation for the feelings of emasculation. This is why ‘immigrant’ men tend to be like this in very feminist societies. Whether Pakistanis in the UK, Turks in Germany, Moroccans in Belgium, Somalis in Sweden or African-Americans in the US. It’s a reaction to a society that wants to ‘castrate’ them. If they want to take you phallus away you as a counter reaction make it as large as possible by exaggerating to the extreme.


Lol, then why do most of these men want to leave their societies for feminist ones? It’s not “society” that is responsible for this, it’s that some men want to act sand sound tough because they are insecure and often are poorly educated


Most of them are children of economic migrants. They are 100% responsible for their own behaviour. But that doesn’t mean we can’t look at the total context.


Because the war other nations started you fool.

In this age of interconnectivity of world, you cannot just enrich yourself without stabilization program in foreign nation.


The problem throughout the world is that young men feel the need to act tough, that’s why they are so scared of feminism, they think it will make them less manly when in fact it will just make them act like normal humans

Feminism causes this

Nah, feminism has turned men into effeminate soyboys who want to be women then they become into trannies.

Feminism and sexual liberation is the cause of stuff like this, not the solution.

Zaid Diaz

Surprise, so you’ve come out as a feminazi. Congratulations for choosing to be an idiot for the rest of your life 😀 😀


How much money have you given to Andrew Tate lol?


I am afraid, we don’t have an International Muslim Fund/IMF.

Zaid Diaz

I’m a man, why should I do such stuff? You’re a certified inbred, you better get dominated by your mama!


Unfortunately, this is not true. French people did not destroy the streets of their country when they won the last World Cup”. Sorry, but this is not even remotely true. Brilliant article, but brother, please be more concise and precise.

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

This behavior is the result of awful parenting(absent fathers, neglect, ignorant parents, etc), huge french “banlieue” gang culture influence through music and “fashion”, total neglect of the muslim community on this issues (0 da’wah work done on youngsters),etc. In my opinion the maghrebi community is guilty of its own reputation and the reason some native belgian and french are reluctant to learn about Islam despite them being genuine open minded people. I also blame the law enforcement…

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

In addition, the government already knows in advance that there is a high risk of this happening, and despite this they do not prevent crowds of many young people, they do not block the passage to certain streets, 0 check points, they do not take out policemen on horses as they do when hooligans from other EU states come during Champions League matches ; it is very suspicious , the people who run the police are responsible for this and they are not Immune to certain political ideologies…..

Last edited 2 months ago by Yusuf ibn Tashfin

What you said is right but we have to add to it they were allot of Belgium fans in city’s with non Marocains that gut out break stuff in coffee shops and bars. second they were Marocains on the street and non Marocains from Ather country’s that we as Marocains waiting for the police reports to see how many non Marocains that did this. third allot of people were celebrating peacefully and the police did come started to gaz directly🧐🤨🧐🤨 “I now for Belgium this is normal because of the EU HQ”


It’s also important to note that many of these young thugs don’t know the language of their parents and grandparents, they are 2nd, 3rd generations.”Importing” poor people brings these problems.In Spain a similar problem happens with latin gangs, the mafia in the USA during the past century was formed by the children of Italian and Irish migrants.
The only solution to this is to harshly punish crimes and actively protect innocent people and their property, Singapore, KSA, UAE are a example

Last edited 2 months ago by Takeshi

Hi, after i read this article, I’m very sad about this unislamique actions, but I’m very proud of this kind of Nasiha to our Islam community in Belgium specifically and Europe and Word. I’m Moroccan too, i enjoyed the victory but, we shouldn’t celebrate with this way!


“Things like this are a significant contributor to the rise of islamophobia within the West.”

To be honest, I was thinking that as well, but in the netherlands they always want to make the moroccans look bad in every situation. Even before this all happened, they were saying that” most of the moroccan players were not born in morocco. So it was their duty to side with the country where they were born. Do you see? They are not loyal. Those muslims will take over when they get the chance.”