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Lol at people still going on about Covid conspiracies Yes, all the governments and doctors around the world colluded to bring about a fake pandemic and all the leaders of industries which lost billions because of it were ok with this. Lol, no wonder Haqiqatjou loves the Republicans

Maaz Ahmad Khan

Shut up, bot.

Zaid Diaz

This ‘Wayne’ dude is either a Brandon fanboy or a Vučić fanboy.

Zaid Diaz

Huh, you feminazi again! You really have nothing to say except ‘HaQiQaTjOu LoVeS rEpUbLiCaNs’ which you can never prove (the burden of proving this is on you by the way), because the fact is Haqiqatjou is NOT any Republican fan. One more thing: Ask your mother who your biological father is… maybe Joe Brandon is your daddy? A real man would never give birth to a rotten feminazi like you.


He loves to share memes which criticize Democrats, but never shares any that criticize Republicans/Trump. And the crazy Covid conspiracies, pro-guns, anti BLM nd other nonsense that the far right stands for. Just a typical Fox news consumer lol

Josip Kovačević

He does share anti-republican memes, too. Since when have you been following this page?

I got a lot of anti-right-wing memes that I have from this page that belongs to Daniel.

PS.: I used to be a right-wing conservative nationalist before leaving that nonsense and becoming a fully practising orthodox Muslim and it was Daniels work (among many others) who helped me realize the falsehood of right-wing politics (I am not reffering only to the american right).

Last edited 1 month ago by Josip Kovačević

Yeah, it must be a coincidence that his views on election “rigging”, crazy Covid conspiracies, guns, BLM, etc line up perfectly with the far right lol


Damn you dont shut up do you.

Maaz Ahmad Khan