French Politicians: How Gender Mixing Is Feeding Rape Culture

Is gender separation oppressive towards women? Well, many schools and institutions have been shut down based on this pretext.

According to the liberal mind, separating men and women is both backward and degrading. Their thinking goes something like this:

It is wrong to “punish” women⁠—via restricting their liberties⁠—merely because men cannot control their impulses. This kind of reasoning simply condones rape culture, ultimately blaming women for things that they are not responsible for.

The liberal discourse surrounding gender segregation for this past century can be summarized as follows:

Don’t blame women! Raise your sons better!

Let us examine whether or not the very embodiment of democracy, i.e., our elected politicians, heed and respect this advice.

To keep this article brief, we will not be addressing the normalization of Zina (pre-marital and extramarital fornication) within the political sphere. This is despite the fact that it clearly demonstrates how a liberal education does not prevent men and women in power from being perverts.

We will instead be focusing on one thing in particular, something which no liberal would dispute: rape. It is well-known that the feminists have been engaged in a long war against what they define as being rape. According to today’s liberal feminist standards, everything from the slightest comment regarding a woman’s attire to forced intimacy must disappear, as it is rape.

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Well, what if we can definitively prove that gender mixing leads to rape, even in the elite and, supposedly, “most noble” spheres of society? A fortiori, gender mixing would then also lead to rape within the lowest spheres of society, and it should be halted altogether.

Let us see how the feminization of politics has created an unsustainable situation in France, coming very close to even paralyzing the country’s entire political system.

“Let Him Be the First to Throw a Stone”

The relationship between politics and feminism has been so toxic that at least one of them should really be considering divorce at this stage.

According to feminist thought, the burden of women denouncing their rapists is such a heavy one that even the slightest semblance of doubt should be avoided. If you do not, without question, take immediate and definitive action following every single claim, you are in fact encouraging rape since you are essentially dissuading women from turning to the courts. Thus you are part of the rape culture.

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This principle is especially true for men in positions of power, such as politicians, sportsmen and celebrities. To take on people like these would be an almost impossible task. Feminists want to solve this problem by completely removing any blame from the women in relation to rape accusations so that women no longer feel any shame (while along the way, shaking men down for a few million dollars).

Considering the French political scene this past month, it simply wouldn’t be possible to even begin applying the above-mentioned principle.

Deputies from almost all parties have been accused of sexual harassment during the past year in France. In fact, the situation had become so ridiculously bad that parties started to debate regarding which political party should be avoided on the basis of having the highest number of rapists.

To name just a few, Emmanuel Macron’s party, Renaissance, sponsored the candidacy of Gerald Darmanin, the infamous Islamophobic interior minister. Darmanin has been accused of requesting sex from a co-worker in exchange for an appealing job position.

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It doesn’t stop there with the presidential party either.

Damien Abad, deputy of the French parliament faces multiple rape accusations. Other names that are worthy of being noted include former deputy Stéphane Trompille; former deputy Christophe Arend; and Benoit Simian, who was a parliamentary a candidate until his rape accusation was leaked on the internet.

And let’s not forget Laurent Bigorgne, who is a close friend of Emmanuel Macron that frequently assisted the council of ministers. He was accused of giving drugs to his sister-in-law in order to rape her. Some policemen reported that he later on pressured police to hinder the investigations.

We could just stop here, having proven my original point that members of the French assembly are involved in sexual harassment and rape. However, it would simply be unfair of us to not also mention the scandals of others.

I’ll just summarize it by providing a brief list for each political party:

France Insoumise (Left): Taha Bouhafs, former candidate of the legislative election, has been accused of sexual violence; Eric Coquerel, deputy, has been accused of sexual harassment; Adrien Quatennens, deputy, has been accused of domestic violence.

Europe Ecologie Les Verts (Ecology): The party’s president, Julien Bayou, was accused by Sandrine Rousseau of exerting “psychological violence” upon his ex-wife, which resulted in her attempting to commit suicide.

Rassemblement National (far-right): Gilbert Collard, an important party member, was accused of rape four years ago (since then the courts have ruled him to be innocent); Hervé Juvin, a euro delegate, has been convicted of domestic violence.

This pretty much covers all sides of the political spectrum without even delving into any of the older accusations.

Isn’t it weird that there are so many accusations of sexual harassment and rape within the French assembly? Feminists love reminding us that statistically only 2% of rape accusations are false, which would mean that it is almost impossible for all of these accusations to be lies (but of course, this statistic is actually nothing more than a myth).

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They should at least follow the principle that I mentioned earlier and condemn and “cancel” all these politicians and the wicked parties that defend them. However, that would seem to be impossible since all parties are culpable, and it would effectively paralyze the country if all parties were condemned and “cancelled” due to such scandals.

It is of course much more rational (and obviously non-feminist) to say that, when money and power are involved, this significantly increases the possibility of false rape accusations. This would also explain why all of these supposed rape victims suddenly appeared just before the French legislative elections, when it was in the interests of opposition forces to shame their enemies…

Anyway, at the end of the day, there’s a simple conclusion that cannot be escaped:

Mixing between the two genders leads to rape and sexual harassment.

If the elected elite of society are supposed to be models of exemplarity, yet they cannot behave themselves within a mixed parliament, how can you then expect anything different from low-class citizens with a lowly education?

Feminism has failed.

Don’t blame your son’s education and upbringing.

Men: stop mixing with women who aren’t your wives and keep your gaze low.

Women: stop mixing with men who aren’t your husbands, cover yourselves up properly when you need to go out, otherwise remain within the safety of your homes.

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Hanif Hu

AsSalamuAlaikum, fantastic article as always, keep it up. Just a little correction at the very end of the article.
“Men: stop mixing with women who aren’t your husbands and keep your gaze low.”
it’s supposed to be ‘wives’ instead of ‘husbands’
[Delete this comment after correction. JAK]


So you’re saying that there is a rape culture and also that most of these cases may just be people lying about rape lol. You contradict your own premise

Maaz Ahmad Khan

Wayne, the bot, appears again!


Maaz Khan the guy with no answers or anything to say appears again!

Can do =! Did / Does

So, according to you, a court of law should punish a man on the basis of an allegation of rape from a woman against him without verifying?

Zaid Diaz

Do YOU have anything to say, you inbred? You have serious cases of PTSD and OCD, go see a doctor. Maybe your birth parents are siblings themselves XD


Yes, there is a rape culture, yes the chances of false rape accusations are significantly high too, considering the stakes involved, be it money for the accuser or loss of power of the accused, people lying about rape and “harrasment” in the political sphere (focus of the article) shouldn’t surprise anyone, lol,intermixing and power disparity in the sphere (by default) does promote this rape and harrasment culture even when all of education and ideological influences are of liberalism.


Both can be true at the same time. Sexual harassment is definitely true but women lying about or exaggerating about such cases is true as well.

Interesting to see that as people in the West became more tolerant of fornication their definition of ‘rape’ became wider and wider.

This is because it’s a struggle between beta simp sex hungry male politicians and power hungry feminists.

Men use power to get sex, women use sex to get power.


That’s not what he said though, he said it was interesting how these cases came just before elections, implying most are fake.


This is a correct observtion by the author. Most probably are fake…well at least in the literal sense. In the legal sense it might fall under ‘rape/harassment’. Depending on what French law says about this. This being said I’ve no sympathy for either side. Both are predatory in their own way.


Well, if most are fake then there is no rape culture lol

Zaid Diaz

Expected this from a feminazi… there is a rape culture, which enables many women to lie about rape, because any unsatisfactory event can be called rape by women, and since rape culture exists, anything ‘rape’ would be taken seriously. False rape accusations are good weapons to jeopardize innocent people. But feminazis like you don’t have a functional brain, so I’m sure you can’t and won’t understand what I said.


Zaid Diaz? Are you Latino?

M. Shehreyar

Yes there is a rape culture & yes people might have false claims because 2 % false rape doesn’t automatically means that 98 % will be false. Rather the figures lies in between. But have you ever pondered your brain over the fact that why rape is prevalent in sex free secular societies where it should be rather than the conservative ones instead?

Mard e Ghazi

Error : “Men: stop mixing with women who aren’t your husbands and keep your gaze low.”

It should be “Men: stop mixing with women who aren’t your Wives or mahram and keep your gaze low.”

Last edited 1 month ago by Mard e Ghazi

Gender mixing can also be used as a weapon.During the cold war for example,a young physically attractive woman was the ideal “tool” to spy, extract information and blackmail, kill rival politicians, big businessmen, high military profiles, enemies, etc.Some years ago, EU envoys were sent to Azerbaijan for important talks, and these envoys were instructed, at home before leaving, to not talk to any friendly young attractive woman, as they feared they could be working for the azeri intelligence.

Last edited 1 month ago by Takeshi

You said: Men: stop mixing with women who aren’t your husbands and keep your gaze low.

It should read: Men: stop mixing with women who aren’t one of your four wives and keep your gaze low. 🙂

Men are not allowed to have husbands!


Sorry I think there was a big jump from people in power are associated with rape to gender mixing leads to rape, I think you could’ve connected the ideas better. To me it seems like men in power in non gender mixing areas could also be associated with rape if you didn’t add better supporting ideas.


Mistake in this line towards the end.

Men: stop mixing with women who aren’t your husbands and keep your gaze low.

It should say “wives” instead of “husbands”