Person of the Year? Volodymyr Zelensky Tried to Ignite World War 3

2022 has been a long year full of inflation, western hypocrisy, and Ukranian president, Volodymyr Zelensky.

Zelensky is someone that requires no introduction, especially since he has been featured repeatedly on media outlets all over the world and has been just announced by Time Magazine as 2022 Person of the Year.

If there is one thing that Zelensky has proven to the world, it is that public communication is essential even during times of war. In this regard, we must accept that Zelensky had won the initial stages of the Ukraine war. It may seem like a somewhat distant memory now, but there was actually a time when people liked him. He used to be perceived as being “cool” even, known for taking selfies in the streets of Kyiv while wearing a military t-shirt and calling for patriotism.

Because of the great amount of respect that people had for Zelensky, the liberals went as far as declaring a Holy War in his name. They sent him weapons and significant sums of money.

Now however, things have taken a turn for the worse. You no longer see articles about Zelensky without the inclusion of a barrage of disparaging comments. This is because the people no longer view him as a hero. He has started to appear more like a resentful beggar. It is difficult to persuade the people that you are really a caller towards peace when you have in fact sabotaged many chances for a peace agreement to be reached⁠—by adding in numerous ridiculous requirements⁠—and when you continuously pressure your allies into giving you more money and sending more troops, even when it is clearly against their own interests to do so.

Thus the people started to hate him. Even the Western countries have become completely fed up.

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This most recent controversy has made his intentions very clear. Will this be the final straw for Zelensky?

The Independent reports:

Volodymyr Zelensky said Russian missiles hit Nato member Poland on Tuesday in what he called a “significant escalation” of the conflict as dozens more caused destruction and power outages across Ukraine.

US and other western officials were investigating explosions at a grain store in Przewodow, Lublin, in which two people were killed.

On November 16, 2022, a missile struck Poland and killed two people. Zelensky openly blamed Putin and called for the leader at the G20 Summit in Indonesia to “put an end to Putin.”

Isn’t it a little hasty to make such a call without first waiting for the results of the investigation? A Western coalition going to war against Russia would be the beginning of World War III. Apparently, Zelensky doesn’t seem to care in the slightest.

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This hastiness becomes significantly more concerning after discovering the conclusions of the investigation.

The Kyiv Independent reports:

A stray missile that fell onto NATO-member Poland’s border village, killing two people, was likely a Ukrainian air defense missile fired during heavy Russian strikes, Western officials said on Nov. 16.

The White House emphasized that Russia bears the ultimate responsibility for the “tragic incident” regardless of whose missile fell on eastern Poland.

“Ukraine had — and has — every right to defend itself,” the White House said in a statement.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the investigation into the blast is ongoing but there was “no indication that Russia is preparing offensive military actions against NATO.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that he had “no doubt” that it wasn’t a Ukrainian missile.

“I believe that this was a Russian missile, based on our military reports,” Zelensky said, adding that he wanted Ukrainian representatives participating in the investigation. He later asked the West to share “all the data” about the blast with Ukraine.

Is it possible that Zelensky intentionally fired a missile at Poland in order to force the West into entering the war? His outright denial of NATO’s conclusions could possibly be hinting towards this. Biden and his administration seem to think that it was likely a mistake on Ukraine’s part. And Zelensky is still adamant that it was a Russian missile, despite the White House emphatically declaring that “Russia bears the ultimate responsibility.” Why would anyone, after all this, continue insisting that the missile was a Russian one, especially since the investigations carried out by all the countries involved had concluded that it wasn’t?

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There is at least one thing in all this mess that is for sure:

Zelensky is so obsessed with his war against Putin that he is willing to fabricate and defend obvious lies in an attempt to force NATO’s hand into taking drastic measures.

And regardless of whether the missile was sent intentionally or accidentally, it will not change our conclusion:

Zelensky wants to ignite World War III.

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The only people who “hate him” are the ones who think they are smart because they always go against the established facts, like how this article says he wants to start World War 3 without mentioning that it was Putin who invaded loll. Some people have become so obsessed with being against the media that they will take the opposite side on every issue no matter how ridiculous they sound


Ukrainians were murdering ethnic Russians for the last 8 years in Donetsk and Lughansk. Why won’t your pathetic media report that? 14k civilians murdered by Ukrainian Nazis. Yet Putin is the bad guy here

Zaid Diaz

Established facts? I’ve seen enough of these… you are an example of how the West has actually succeeded in brainwashing the people within their reach…


He goes to the g20 summit, and during that time, bombs poland himself and says that Russsia did it and so everyone should start war against Russia. Bro wake up, dont be woke


Mistakes happen, not everything that occurs is a worldwide conspiracy. It’s not woke to not be paranoid all the time.

Haziq Farhan

*bomb your house* oops that’s a mistake it happens all the time 🤷

Zaid Diaz

You can’t help someone who has a strong conviction in delusions, and this is sad.


No, it’s just that some people are smart enough to realize isolated incidents does not mean there is some grand plan. For example, with the Covid vaccine. Literally, billions of people have taken it but now whenever there is anyone who dies young the conspiracy theory obsessed and the grifters and con-men blame the vaccine lol.They think they are smart because they are not being “sheep”, but being against science and established facts is not being clever, just ignorant.

Ibrahim Ihsan

How do you explain Zelensky’s lack of responsibility towards what the US and NATO have concluded even if it was an accident?
This article is hypocritical and illogical but I’d really like to know what is Zelensky’s intentions by denying the facts?


My guess is he thought that US/NATO were just trying to not get involved militarily, which they would have to do if Poland was attacked. Plus, later he softened his stance to saying he doesn’t know 100% what happened. But all this is besides the point. The issue is there are some guys who will go to such extreme lengths to show how “smart” they are, like blaming a guy who got invaded for wanting to start WW3 lol

Ibrahim Ihsan

Alright, ok.
Got your point, enough.

Maaz Ahmad Khan

Oh look! it’s Wayne bot again!

M. Shehreyar

The liar media has done its job so well that even if Bush confess in a live telecast that bombing Iraq wasn’t about WMDs rather oil, halfwits like you will still negate it. Putin isn’t an angel but if you think the US establishment should be exonerated, who for sake of profetering the military industrial complex & crook politicians must invade nations, topple regimes for past 200 years, then either you are biased or a complete moron.


I believe 3rd world war is something that the elites will never start because they would lose a lot of money and all their previous work and future projects would become a waste. The kind of wars that we will keep seeing happen will be regional wars like now in Ukraine or in Syria or previously in Iraq, Somalia or Democratic Republic of the Congo, etc.

Abdullah Ali

Brother, why are you not blaming Grozny Butcher? It was he who.invadef Ukraine in the first place, knowing full well it could lead to WWIII.

Last edited 3 months ago by Abdullah Ali
Kein Name

A Jew doing what the Jews always do – destroying the Earth.

Mohammad Talha Ansari

“Isn’t it a little hasty to make such a call without first waiting for the results of the investigation?”
The whole 9/11 episode flashed before my eyes. Who else?

Abdullah Ali

Interesting point. The US response to 9/11 was an exercise in arrogance and cynicism.

The Taliban had stipulated that Osama do no such thing. Now how do you expect them to react when a (then) war hero is suddenly accused of such an extraordinary atricity by a foreign country on the other side of the planet??

But of course America is the level headed custodian of world peace.

Now they are saying in Quora that if Putin uses one nuke, Russia will become a glass lake. SMH.

Last edited 3 months ago by Abdullah Ali
Russian Ukrainian Muslim

When will you start speaking up about the Muslim tortured , jailed, humiliated in Russia? When will you start talking about Putin’s crimes and Russia’s crimes against Muslim throughout its history