Morocco vs. France: This Year’s World Cup Is More Than Just Football

Morocco makes us proud.

Is this an overreaction on my part in relation to football?

Most Muslims know that football is pretty controversial because it involves elements such as gender mixing within stadiums, excessive love and obsession for one’s favorite team, admiration for non-Muslim players, the culture of alcohol that surrounds it, advertisements for haram things on football kits, etc.

Writing about football and praising the Moroccan team does not necessitate that I condone the unlawful aspects of football. Considering the international fervor that has swept over Muslims and non-Muslims alike during this World Cup, writing about football becomes necessary, at least in my humble opinion.

Morocco was knocked out of the World Cup during the group stages in 2018. This time however, they’ve managed to qualify for the semi-finals, and in the process of doing so, they defeated Belgium, Canada, Spain and Portugal, all of which are former colonial powers.

All of this seems pretty ironic and also symbolic to many Muslims who, overcome by emotion, started to support Morocco during their winning streak.

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This accomplishment has united Muslims globally and they’ve become the pride of the Muslim Ummah, regardless of country. At the very least, Morocco’s team deserves praise for creating such an atmosphere of strength and unity within the Muslim world, something that is extremely rare nowadays. At this point in time, this competition represents far more than just football. It has become a battle of cultures where today’s oft-defeated Ummah is able to let loose regarding its inner frustrations.

Just look at how the players of the Moroccan team have displayed the Palestinian flag on numerous occasions:

Doesn’t this show how the team in engaged in a fight that extends far beyond a mere sport? If it still isn’t clear to you, just look at how the Zionist Islamophobes pressured the king of Morocco, Mohammed 6, into making public excuses for displaying the Palestinian flag.

Moroccans have been criticized time and time again for their geopolitical stance on Israel. At least this demonstrates how the nation of Morocco supports Palestine and longs to see Al-Quds freed and restored to its true glory.

As part of their celebrations for one of the most significant victories in Morocco’s recent football history, the Moroccan team brandished the Palestinian flag before the gaze of the entire world.

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If you still think that describing this game as a clash of civilizations is exaggerated, know that the French would strongly disagree with you.

Many football fans and politicians are taking this meeting between the two national teams very seriously. They do so not only due to the usual blameworthy reactions orchestrated by Moroccan supporters after virtually every game. They are highlighting the importance of the encounter precisely because of its symbolic meaning.

This type of sentiment can very much be found within the mainstream media, which undoubtedly wishes for France to dominate these backward Muslim nations all over again.

All of this runs much deeper than just a simple political maneuver for creating tension between the French nation and Muslims. Many French people want their country to succeed, and they are urging all citizens to back them. In some media outlets, binationals who share both nationalities are being shamed for expressing their support towards the Moroccans during this semi-final. Any person who does not support Les Bleues is a traitor, thus no longer deserving of belonging to the French nation.

Look at the reaction of people when Hervé Renard, the former coach of the Moroccan team, declared that he was supporting Morocco for this game:

These reactions alone are reason enough for us to take a side. This has become a symbolic battle of ideas, values and beliefs. It is for this reason that I fully support the Moroccan team in this competition.

Come on to Morocco. It’s your turn to be victorious over these other countries.

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If people were as fantatical about their din as they are with football they wouldn’t have been colonized in the first place. 3ajeeb how grown men act like children.

Also sad to see the stadiums full with women unlawfully intermixing with men. This would’ve be something completely frowned upon only a generation ago. Let alone the extreme tabbarudj of the women.

How are you expecting victory – even in the case of a silly game – when you show your gratitude with increasingly more hara


We won unity and love between Muslims which is the basis of any cause to move forward see you are talking out of ignorance by ignoring the liberal agenda pushed against Muslims and Qatar . Morocco players wanted to answer the LGBT liberal agenda on the football pitch.They also wanted to take advantage of this huge media exposure to push out our own Islamic causes and agendas , values, culture , to the world. The positive effects from this were extremely good, Imams failed doing it


It’s dishunity that brought us to be colonized and fear of battle…you are definitely a Satan 🤣 full of hatred. Instagram is full of Arab women with Hijab doing Haram stuff , imagine no Hijab .What did you do to help Islam? I didn’t see many Moroccan women in the stadiums what are talking about?


Something that I’ve noticed is: the more football crazed a nation is the more naked their women are. It’s as if their obsession for football interferes with their gheerah for their women.

Zaid Diaz

In Western football culture, men always get drunk, and women become easy targets for them.


It’s not even that. Just look at the three participating Arab nations.

Saudi Arabia – Saudi women weren’t even present in the stadiums
Qatar – few women present but relatively well covered.
Tunisia – few women but uncovered
Morocco – many women and uncovered


When you rank the men’s football fanaticism the line up is the exact same. Saudis being enthusiastic, Qatari’s slightly more (probably because they are the host nation), Tunisians being quite fanatical and Moroccans being extremely fanatical. To the point were you have to think if it isn’t a mental illness. Just thought that this is an interesting observation.


As a moroccan, I agree with you. But you have to know that the good practicing moroccans with gheerah for their women don’t go to football stadiums let alone with their mahram women, daughters and wives.

A Muslim man is ideally expected(in my opinion) to learn his deen, stay healthy and always learn new skills to improve his condition(his family too), and football fanaticism blinds men and serves as a drug to escape from the reality. Gheerah requires to be mindful and awake.


Are you a hypocrite? Didn’t you see that these women all came from Europe? 2-) All muslim countries failed to end tabaruj except Afghanistan and it’s Islamic government. If you are Muslim you should enjoy the good that been brought to muslims instead of crying like a baby


This didn’t age well. Also, everyone is a former colonizer

Zaid Diaz

One thing is true: the Feminazism you love so much hasn’t aged well 😀 And not everyone colonized, don’t pretend to be a saint after committing crimes against humanity against Afghanistan and Iraq (and at the same time formulating a sham of ‘human rights rules’ which says that being gae is somehow a human right!). By the way, this is my final comment for you, so bye!

Maaz Ahmad Khan

These liberals and feminists are not only self destructive, they also want to force their self destructive ideology down the throats of others as well.


Actually, it did, the very clash between the french and morocco was enough for the sifting between “freedom of opinion” hailing french and Muslims deluded with “french” identity. Also, the west is still a colonizer, not a former.


Whoever gets power unfortunately eventually becomes a colonizer or starts unjust wars.


colonization isn’t alway wrong, it’s just another form of authority of some people over other people. Our colonization works, yours doesn’t, even when all the knowledge and technology at it’s service. Our caliphate flourished your 3rd world doesn’t, and it’s all yours.


our colonization worked, for more than millenia. Yours didn’t. The 3rd world is yours.


Ibrahim Ihsan

There is a difference between conquest and colonizing, mainly economical.

Haziq Farhan

“….If you still think that describing this game as a clash of civilizations is exaggerated, know that the French would strongly disagree with you…..”

These people are islamphobes kafir, who cares what they think?

Last edited 3 months ago by Haziq Farhan

You missed the piont, it’s not about what you care, it’s about what is. Feelings are the only things in the universe that become real once people believe they are. Kafir anjass the French are! But the clash is all too real, and they are acting like it. So should we.

Last edited 3 months ago by jcorendo

I believe when all the Moroccan bootlicking French wannabes turn back to their Islamic and Arabic speaking roots – when they drop their inferiority complex – they will overcome their French colonizers at home and on the pitch. From God alone comes all success.

Bin Zahid

This is unexpected from you. How can you support such games mixed with free mixing, gambling and more haram things?

Tareq Aziz

“This accomplishment has united Muslims globally and they’ve become the pride of the Muslim Ummah, regardless of country”

Such union does not have barakah in it, and I think this has withered away already with the defeat. I don’t have to reiterate that actions are based upon the intentions. They didn’t come here to play to unite. Their sijdah and all gestures might be genuine but there will not be any sustainable positive outcome through some sports involving a lot of unislamic activities.


im sure the enemies of Islam are happy that we are caring about football while they pillage our lands.


If Dan approves of this “end justifies the means” argument, then I don’t see much difference between him and Yaqeen in the near future


the French team only has one French player, other players from other countries.


Our conflict with the French/Jews is not a conflict of land, lineage, women, or money (not from our side, at least). It’s a conflict about right and wrong. It’s a conflict about what morality is. It’s a conflict about religion. In that conflict, every “muslim” country is against us Muslims: They do not accept fully and exclusively that belief is for Allah SWT (they think people have a “right” to make it up as they go), and they do not accept that legislation belongs to Allah alone.

Last edited 3 months ago by jcorendo

Did you read that NYT article that 25,000 witches came together to protect Messi and Argentina from the evil eye within 7 days of losing to Saudi?