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Ah, so now this page believes science when it comes to women’s clothes lol.


You can differ actual science and pseudo science, if u have some common sense.


But this page and other right-wingers around the world “believe’ science only when it conforms with their views lol.


“Atheists around the world “believe’ science only when it conforms with their views lol.”

Goes both ways


same can be said about you.
this rhetoric is a waste of time, start actually discussing the evidences for and against.

M. Shehreyar

Mentally challenged weirdos who should have been in mental asylums are now giving lectures. Alt left has already left common sense by killing biology foe assigning whatever sex they want without biological change, massacaring maths for not going beyond the number infinity for gender pronouns & identity classification, furious at chemistry for not inventing gay gene & threatning physics by identifying as birds or planes. You’re not Wayne rather Arthur the Jocker. Go back to Akram.

Haziq Farhan

Your “science” believes that men could get pregnant


Damn brother your reply shut this bot up.Nice lol.

Last edited 3 months ago by Syed
illegal science

Both you and your right wing liberal buddies deny science when it goes against the interests of certain groups of people. Then it is made illegal or censored.


you know very well that the point is “western pro-feminism science admitting something that goes feminism”.
but you’re here to drop your 2 cents like usual.

Muzammil Khan

Sweetheart, science supports our claims on almost all current sociological issues, be it homosexuality, modest clothing, parenting and so forth. But that does not mean we blindly follow science. For us, its enough that God decreed something. Its you people who require scientific backing, so there you go then. And btw, what are you talking about? Evolution? You really think that’s science? There are numerous significant loopholes in that story.


Great memes today!


Never fails to make me laugh 😅

Mohammad Talha Ansari

CJ Werleman is worth supporting. May Allah guide him to Islam. Ameen.

Abdussalam Al-Shami

Oh my, the canadian euthanasia one has got to be the best one here!