The End of the Johnny Depp and Amber Fiasco: An L for Feminism

The Depp-Heard trial from earlier this year was somewhat akin to the ’90s OJ Simpson car chase and subsequent trial. It was another pop culture trial for the ages, and it was difficult not to get sucked in to what was in a way a piece of theater.

But beyond the sensationalization of it all—the alpaca outside, the disgusting near-worship of movie stars, the unfortunate lifestyle choices that often accompany excessive wealth—there was a powerful story of modern marriage, a kind of master class in how not to behave; and how traditional marital values and traditional gender roles cannot simply be discarded and overturned.

Listening to the testimony, it was all there—hearing Depp repeatedly mention how he was protecting her in various instances, how he didn’t like that she wanted to work so much, feeling jealous when she was out with other men (of course), etc.

Female victimhood, no matter the facts, was at satirical levels. Heard’s sense of victimhood, her willingness to take the lies to the next level (e.g., pledging to donate money is the same as actually donating it) was absolutely unbelievable.

Her cantankerous level of pompousness created a storm of anger from watchers-on. Perhaps some of them love a movie star (i.e., Depp) a little too much (or, perhaps even a lot too much), but I think others were simply reacting to the utter gall of this woman, who took #Metoo and made it #Mememememememe.

And yet, she ultimately lost, with Depp receiving punitive damages due to her libelous actions and with Heard receiving a much smaller amount in damages (though not punitive damages) due to the actions of Depp’s lawyers, which if I’m being honest still doesn’t really make sense to me.

This point in fact—that the jury did to some degree hold Depp accountable for the words of his lawyer—was grounds for the Depp team’s appeal.

Amber Heard, who continues to cry ‘victim’ to this very day, also filed an appeal for various reasons that didn’t hold much weight (for instance, one of the juror’s was not the juror originally called to duty, even though he was indeed vetted and agreed upon by both sides and so on).

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Now we hear that the appeal has finally been settled outside of the courtroom, with Heard paying Depp one million dollars, which he is going to give to charity (and given his track record with charity, it seems like a pledge he’ll likely make).

Some think this is great. Depp gets to move on with his life, and she can cry victim all she wants, but she still lost. However, I think that’s missing the point. Even today, the mainstream press doesn’t seem to be able to take simple facts and make logical conclusions from them.

The Associated Press writes:

“At the courthouse and across the country, Depp’s supporters backed him fervently, and Heard was routinely mocked as she detailed allegations of physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

The ruling at the Virginia court in Depp’s favor came after a judge in the United Kingdom ruled against Depp in a libel suit he brought there against a British tabloid. The judge in that 2020 case concluded that Heard had indeed been subject to abuse at Depp’s hands on multiple occasions.”

These are the last two paragraphs of the article. To me at least, the implication is pretty clear. Heard is a victim. It does not discuss the differences in court proceedings within the UK. The trial there was decided by a judge, and Amber Heard was not a party to the case (it was Depp versus a tabloid). Not wanting to derail the discussion at hand, those who wish to can read and further investigate these details themselves.

What we witnessed in the Depp v. Heard fiasco was that a man can indeed be the victim of a woman’s violence. We saw to what a major extent false words can destroy someone (the seriousness of this crime we know from our own faith). And then, we saw that people can come to see this falsehood for what it is when the facts are laid bare before them.

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And now, in the appeal settlement—which does not appear to include a gag order or any kind of practical injunction on Heard that would prohibit further libel and slander (she has herself pointed out that she has no restrictions on what she can say)—we see a slight weakening of justice and a win for feminism.

As this lawyer points out:

“She can continue saying whatever vile lies she wants to and just continue talking about ‘my truth.’…every feminist organization out there gets to publish their statement and be vindicated…and he gets to continue getting raked over the coals.” (17:28-18:24)

He continues:

“I want as much pain towards her as has been directed to men who are perpetrators of domestic violence. I want equality.” (38:10-38:21)

We’re Muslims here. This isn’t about movie star celebrities. Rather, it’s just further proof of the toxicity of feminism; the laughable reality of this so-called ‘equality’; how common it is these days for people to not see what’s right in front of them; and the role of the media in furthering this.

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Maaz Ahmad Khan

Alhamdulillah for Islam


The more time passes, the more I cannot bear the amount of shear brainwashing that a lot of people have in the west.
I realized it’s an insult to myself to talk to people who haven’t put the same amount of time and thought that I have and other people have into these topics.
They are actually just babbling about what the TV, mass media, family said. Not thinking for themselves.
And I think the major reason for that is technology. Most of it is like a drug, keeping people asleep but awake.


I think everyone should read Industrial Society And Its Future by Prof. Ted Kaczynski. I now believe, as a Muslim, that all modern technology is simply not in the human fitrah, it’s opposite of human fitrah, it should be banned and destroyed, and it breeds kufr. Obviously, beware of all things in the text which are unislamic, like the author justifying killing civilians for his cause. I believe the technology in the life of the Sahabah and our Prophet s.a.w. was the ideal amount of technology.

Last edited 2 months ago by aerbil313

Feminism is not only toxic, nowadays it’s also about female supremacy (misandry) sponsored by the mass media and government support and funding.
In the previous article titled “Contextualising Female Scholarship in Islam”,I wrote a comment explaining about a field experiment on gender-based employment discrimination  conducted by a team of researchers from five european institutions, the experiment shows that the narrative feminists use is a hoax(at least in the experimented countries)


Feminism, as with all leftism, is really merely a result of indıstrial technology itself. See my reply above to Pragmatic.


Leftsm originated from the turmoil of the French revolution, and that original leftism was way different than the current frankenstein-leftism.
Feminism was created by the hungry governments(and their sponsored corporations)to get access to control the families and steal more money (taxes)from them (now taxing both genders instead of one), and putting the next generation under governmental brainwashing from a much younger age(cuz mom and dad work). Industrial technology wasn’t the cause of it.

Last edited 2 months ago by Takeshi

Let’s not forget why this trial was given such a publicity. It was so that the Ghislaine Maxwell case would go unnoticed. If you don’t know who it is, she is the pimp who supplied children to Epstein and his friends in the high society. She had a list of all her high profile clients and she used it perfectly to get a mere 20 year sleepover in a high class spa. Funny how none of the mainstream media covered the issue