How Muslim Parents Can Avoid Losing Their Children to Disbelief and Atheism

Parents in today’s age are quickly losing their authority.

Homeschooling is one of the best and most effective ways for you as the parent to regain control over your own child, reclaim your natural parental authority, and recommit to your full responsibility for the tarbiya of your child.

Homeschooling allows you to:

1. Have control over what your child learns, which means you can:

2. Prioritize the learning of Islam and important Islamic subjects: Quran (hifdh حفظ / memorization, tafsir تفسير, tajweed تجويد, tadabbur تدبر/ reflection), seerah / biography of the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم and of his Sahaba and stories of the prophets, hadith, `aqida, Arabic, and instill a deep love of Allah Most High.

3. Protect your child from the woke sicknesses forced down the throats of schoolchildren in modern secular public and private schools, like HGTV and other illnesses that are made to seem “normal” and “beautiful.”

4. Inoculate your child against the biggest diseases of modernity, the -isms taken for granted in the mass schooling system: atheism, scientism, materialism, liberalism, feminism, individualism, hedonism, satanism. Save your child from falling into these traps and explain their inherent flaws and irrationality, while demonstrating why and how Islam is far superior.

5. Teach your child “secular” academics much faster and more efficiently at home one-on-one than in school at the usual 20-to-one ratio. Use your intimate knowledge of your child’s personality and learning style to tailor the material to fit your child’s needs, so that learning is even deeper and more impactful.

6. Protect your child from the hyper-sexualized environment of the public sphere, including sadly modern public and private schools. Guard your child’s fitra and innocence for as long as possible.

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7. Teach your children manners, social graces, and beautiful etiquette according to Islam at home, instead of letting the mass schooling environment destroy these things. The “socialization” that happens in school is one of the worst things that can happen to a child: learning how to curse, be foulmouthed and vulgar, act shamelessly, behave brazenly, defy adult authority, are part of the “socialization” of school. Socialize your own child properly at home.

8. Impart your own mother language to your child well. One of the worst losses of public school is the loss of Arabic/ Urdu/ Bangla/ Turkish/ Farsi/ Swahili and other original languages of our Islamic countries. English learned in school replaces them all, superseding them in your child’s mind and mindset. This language barrier creates a gap between the understanding of parents and their children, causing a rift in the relationship, estrangement, emotional distance. The parent and the child no longer speak the same language, literally AND figuratively.

9. Choose your child’s friends and playmates by vetting them carefully and knowing their families. When your child is institutionalized in the system, you as the parent get no say in who your child hangs around all day in class, in sports, or extracurricular activities. Your child will be influenced by the presence of these other children and you will have no idea who they are.

10. You will reclaim your rightful place as the main influence in your child’s life. You will be the primary caregiver, primary teacher, primary role model. You will have the authority and the right to impart your own values to your own child, your own principles and convictions. You will be able to pass on Islam to your child unfettered by the intervention of external forces and unhindered by the time constraints imposed by the mass schooling schedule. You, the adult who birthed the child, will be also the adult who raises the child and moulds his personality and refines his character. It will also be YOU who has to stand before Allah and answer for how you raised or didn’t raise your child, so regaining your natural authority to be able to fulfill your parental responsibilities is critical.

Parents, we live in a time of war. An ideological war that is being waged for the hearts and minds of our own children.

How would you like to proceed so you can win the war? Allow your enemy to take control of your own child and just forfeit the fight? Or stand up and reclaim your natural authority as a parent?

Interested in homeschooling but don’t know where to start? Take Alasna’s course: Bonded Hearts, Noble Minds.

Want a Quranic homeschool curriculum that takes the guesswork out of what to teach your children? Try Alasna’s Quranic Homeschool curricula.

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What do you think about Islamic schools? The ones not run by outright heretics like Omar Suleiman, may not be perfect, but also not preaching liberal apostasy.

Ibrahim Ihsan

Since when is Omar Suleiman a heretic?
The guy has unpopular opinions and if that is the criteria to accuse of heresy then what about Ibn Taymiyyah and his idea of a temporary Hell?
Don’t like him, just say so instead of tarnishing his name.


Schools like the ones of Omar Suleiman, are complicated to say the least, back when i was struggling with existential question of all sorts, the Yakeen Institutes research papers saved me in a sense, well, lets just say they introduced me to Islamic scholarship in the same way it was being attacked by the western media and acedmia, so, i would be very hesitant to say “they serve no purpose”, however its very clear that some of Yakeen’s views are highly problematic to say the least.


its more than just “not liking him”, views on salvation for non-muslims, (i do not hate brown, fyi), views on “siding with liberals and -isms, because we are in danger”, conceding evolution with islam and more are definetly more than just unpopular opinions, and Yakeen’s literature has way more reach than MS or other contemporary traditional islamic academias. especially out of the U.S, where western narratives are pushed, and the traditonal scholarship are not well versed in its rebuttal.


You’re a jahil, utterly unaware very elementary Islamic aqidah. Contradicting elementary aqidah of the Quran and Hadith is not just an ‘unpopular opinion’, it is kufr. I’ve got no reason to tarnish his name. He doesn’t owe me money! He’s a heretic. As for ibn Taymiyyah’s statement on temporary hell, his students have stated clearly that he was quoting heretics, i.e. reporting about heretics, not saying as if he believes this nonsense contrary to Quran. Notwithstanding iT’s own books!


Translation:pay us to home school your kids

Anti PC Akhi

Translation: nooooo dont do that who will then recieve enrichment aspiring to be strippers and trap runners????? We depend on your brown refugee seed! Since we have done everything we can to not be able to reproduce nooooo gives us your children we let you in our country!

Ibrahim Ihsan

Isn’t there a difference between recommendations and a compulsory option?

Haziq Farhan

i’d rather pay someone to home school you

Anti PC Akhi

Homeschooling saved our Muslim families from the cesspool in the most liberal democratic cities and states in the US.

Allhamdulillah that the first to get a taste of the “amazing” diversity in public schools were males. We immediatley knew that there is no way we are sending our young ones to schools where they boys will spend 7hrs with bangers like Smokey, Casper, Joker & Coco with 2 baby daddies, Maria who did a gangbang with OGs per initiation.

Save your kids.

Anti PC Akhi

To get an idea of what your Muslim children would be exposed to in public schools particularly in the minority friendly states and cities, with lots of diversity, watch these films:

Stand n deliver, dangerous minds, blood in blood out, Menace II Society.

Its all that plus way much more. They dont make films like that because political correctness.

Schools are filthy under developed, teachers under paid, lots of hate amongst “diverse” groups fighting for resources and attention.

Anti PC Akhi

Your kids are more likely to succeed, be safe, and maybe become something living with racist whites from the bibile belt than these amazing enrichment camps.

They might face a little racism, but no one will enoucrage them to join a gang, pull tricks for lunch money in the girls bathroom, how to give good “heads”, how to twerk and make their cheeks clap. Get a face tattoo. What is a “WAP”.

Their fav song from former strippers and hoes turned icons and role models.


I wonder if this also applies to Muslim majority countries, but it is true even in Indonesia when I was young I was exposed to cursing, and all those things, and many people were already exposed to pornography from elementary school. Even a relative today I saw was exposed to pornography as well from his friends in elementary school and he went to an islamic school, one of the best! By these points I think it is still probably better to homeschool children even in Muslim majority countries. 😔