Greta Thunberg and Ecologism: The Secular Religion of the 21st Century

The media sanctification of Greta Thunberg had puzzled many. The entire fiasco was only made possible due to her being an apostle of a new religion: ecologism. If she had been placed into the spotlight at the same age (she was under 18 at the time) but adorning a Hijab instead, people would have yammered on about “religious indoctrination.”

So just how strong is this ecologism religion?

The BBC released a news report a while back. Within this article a global survey was quoted, one which was carried out across many countries, about how “young people” are “worried” about climate change. The following statistics were presented:

Nearly 60% of young people approached said they felt very worried or extremely worried.

More than 45% of those questioned said feelings about the climate affected their daily lives.

Three-quarters of them said they thought the future was frightening. Over half (56%) say they think humanity is doomed.

Two-thirds reported feeling sad, afraid and anxious. Many felt fear, anger, despair, grief and shame – as well as hope.

One 16-year-old said: “It’s different for young people – for us, the destruction of the planet is personal.”

The social engineering surrounding climate change has been so successful that, for these “youth,” it is not the degradation of religious values, social atomization, the dissolution of the family unit, the increasingly dropping birth rates to below replacement levels, the rising depression and suicide rates, etc., that are worrying for them.

Yet these are the very elements that make up civilization and even “humanity” itself.

But no, the real threat is an imminent annihilation of “our planet, mother Earth.” It almost seems as though the entire purpose of ecologism is to inject dubious fears into people⁠—fears about our planet⁠—as some form of devoted worship. These fears then consume them fully, leaving them incapable of combating the genuine evils that surround us.

Unsurprisingly, ecologism has actually always had a religious background. For instance, two of its most prominent German thinkers were openly neo-pagans:

  1. Biologist, Ernst Haeckel, who actually coined the word from the Greek oikos, i.e., “house” and who, during 1870, was also instrumental in popularizing Darwin within the country; and
  2. Philosopher, Ludwig Klages, who was sympathetic to the National-Socialist revolution.

Even in France the pioneer of ecologism, Robert Dun, was a notable neo-pagan (and incidentally also a White nationalist).

This makes perfect sense, as the famous saying goes: If you do not worship the Creator, you will inevitably end up worshiping the creation instead.

Ecologism also seems to serve as a way for Westerners to atone for Europe’s industrialization.

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More importantly perhaps, is the fact that it is manifestly also a (geo)political tool. Third World nations must pursue industrialization in order to reach higher living standards, and they are literally criminalized for doing so.

The BBC article continues:

Many of those questioned perceive that they have no future, that humanity is doomed, and that governments are failing to respond adequately.

Many feel betrayed, ignored and abandoned by politicians and adults.

The authors say the young are confused by governments’ failure to act. They say environmental fears are “profoundly affecting huge numbers of young people”.

Apart from its obvious secular religious aspects, another discernible angle is ecologism resulting in counter-culture, or even “revolution,” as it pits people against both their governments and their parents.

The West⁠—the foundations of which lie in critical rationalism and destructive individualism since Descartes and Locke inaugurated its modern “philosophy”⁠—has always sought devices to be “rebellious.” This rebelliousness of theirs was first directed against God. But then, following the initial transgression and its natural progression, it was also directed against every “patriarchal-oppressive” institution. And ecologism grants some youth the faint sense of being “green Che Guevara’s” by blaming parents and governments.

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Thanks to ecologism, the most widespread image of nature nowadays is also very New Age-ish, with Lovelock’s “Gaia hypothesis” of “mother Earth” being a cosmic, living entity. Ultimately this imbues young ecologists with a sort of messianic individualism, replete with apocalyptic imagery.

We can thus begin to understand the symbolic nature of Greta Thunberg, as well as her persona, hysteria and so on, all of which made her appear as some sort of religious cult-figure.

The BBC article concludes with the following:

The researchers said they were moved by the scale of distress. One young person said: “I don’t want to die, but I don’t want to live in a world that doesn’t care for children and animals.”

A clear sign of false religions is that they exploit apparently decent sentiments for their own nefarious designs. What better way is there to “care for children and animals” than following the religion of Allah⁠—the Creator and Fashioner of all that exists⁠—and establishing His commands and laws?

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So now caring about the planet is also a conspiracy lol. Although I am sure you guys are just angry because she insulted Andrew Tate lol

Abu Ahmed

Wake up and smell the coffee Wayne the redditor. The propaganda machine have been trying to brainwash us since it’s inception. You know how they try to say the earth is getting warmer? Well in the 1979 Leonard Nimoy said “Science” predicted that we were going to put in an ice age. There are countless other lies if you want me to list them all.

So why don’t you stop being a dimwitted sheep and start learning how to be a critical thinker?


Being a contrarian on every issue is not being a critical thinker, it’s trying to project yourself as being smarter than you actually are


Very introspective of you. Hopefully you can use this information to correct yourself. Ah, you live and learn as they say.


Wayne, you are literally a contrarían. You are below every single Muslim Skeptic post claiming the opposite the post says. I say it as someone who disagree with them on many topics. The author is spot on here.


Opposing crazy conspiracies not being a contrarian, it’s being normal


Making the people go crazy over the climate is definitely a conspiracy. There’s nothing your average person can do about it, it’s industrialism’s fault the nature is wrecked. Unless we all suddenly stop consuming, we can’t change a thing. So it’s a useless movement.

Zaid Diaz

‘Wayne’ conveniently forgets that the politicians screaming ‘we need to save the climate’ usually use private jets, which actually harm the environment a lot. Yup, Scandinavian politicians use bicycles, but they’re the only ones to ‘care for the environment’ and they form a minority.


I don’t want to die, but I don’t want to live in a world that doesn’t care for children and animals.””

But why than support abortion rights and destructive divorce laws that leave them dead, poor, sick and confused?

When child activists are used to push a narrative know there is a larger agenda behind it. This tactic is useful for a number of reasons, but one is: Critiquing a child makes you look like a bully. Even if legitimate you look extremely bad doing it. So people avoid it.


I honestly feel sad for her.
Her parents and the global elites used her as a pawn because she was a cute little white girl from scandinavia that gives them the PR boost they needed.
Of course she might believe in it, and it might true to some extent, as there is a hadith about Arabia becomes green and lush again before the Hour, but there is obviously an agenda at play here.

Zaid Diaz

Hitler’s Nazi propaganda used images and artworks of young blonde girls. Greta Thunberg being used by neoliberals and environment-Nazis like this reminded me of the old Nazi posters. Yeah, Hitler and Nazism have never really faded away from the ‘morally superior’ West, they have just undergone metamorphoses depending on regions and ages.


“More importantly perhaps, is the fact that it is manifestly also a (geo)political tool. Third World nations must pursue industrialization in order to reach higher living standards, and they are literally criminalized for doing so”
Spot on. I suspected time ago the “ecologist movement” is mostly about western countries not wanting poorer countries to reach their level of development.

Ok Muslim

Corps/governments want to move away from fossil fuels because they have an alternative energy source where people can continue to be consoomers, though it as equally dirty. On the other, almost nothing is done to reduce plastic consumption, which is a larger problem, because there is no alternative. Although we can observe the plastic problem, relatively nothing is said and done about it but have to be constantly reminded about climate change. This absurdity can only mean climate change is hoax.


The only clean alternative, at present, for fossil is nuclear energy. And many countries don’t want this. To undertand the West you must look at their actions from the position of population control, because they see overpopulation as a huge problem. Fossil fuels make producing and maintaining large populations possible. When you view it from that angle feminism, lgbtq and climate activism starts to make sense.