Muslim Sister Harassed on Twitter: Protecting the Dignity of Our Womenfolk

Within a community, a man’s individual value and worth is measured by his ability to provide and protect. This duty often extends to his immediate family, including his mother, aunts, sisters, wives, and daughters. However, when a woman in our community is subjected to public harassment, it is the collective responsibility of the entire Muslim Ummah to stand up and defend her.

According to Ibn Ishaq, the Prophet Muhammad (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) fought against the Banu Qaynuqa’ tribe after a Muslim man was killed while defending the honor of a Muslim woman. The story tells that a member of the Banu Qaynuqa’ had lifted the skirt of a woman in the market. When a companion of the Prophet tried to protect her honor, he was killed. This led to the eventual exile of the entire tribe from Madinah.

Recently, a so-called liberal man became triggered because a woman was criticizing Iranian women that had mocked her. Unable to contain his bloodthirsty rage, this liberal man then doxxed her on Twitter, doing everything he could to try and get her fired from the hospital in which she works.

Read through the entire thread to see for yourself just how despicable this man is.

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This man’s actions are reprehensible and cowardly. Men like him are weak and ungrateful. They only have the courage to behave poorly towards isolated women. They hide in the shadows when a woman is with her mahram, only showing their true colors when she is alone. Their cowardice is only matched by their hypocrisy.

This pathetic excuse of a man, Omeed Boghraty, claims to support “freedom of expression” and “women’s rights” in Iran, yet he strives towards having a woman fired from her job for merely expressing her personal opinions.

He couldn’t handle or tolerate her ideas.

How dare this woman not express liberal values!

He was absolutely seething. His blood was evidently boiling. All he could see was red. Eyes bloodshot. Head pounding. Frothing at the mouth.

What did he do?

He fabricated baseless accusations of “racism against Iranians,” when it seems the reality of the situation is that she was simply criticizing the anti-Hijab movement which has been promoted recently in the media.

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No one should be given a free pass to harass the women within our community.

We must stand united and make it clear that this kind of disgusting behavior will not be tolerated.

And of course, this is pretty obvious but, whatever we do, it must be within the limits of the law. Just getting that out there because these brainless liberals will probably start claiming that simply defending a sister who is being manhandled online is somehow an incitement towards violence.

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I agree but for this to be possible we need to do Hijra collectively.
We cannot protect our brothers and sisters in the land of the Kuffar. It’s very hard, because usually it requires we use physical means or “harassment” and we will be subject to the twisted laws of this land and we will bring more problems to the Ummah.
We are playing within a rigged system, we need to get out of it to be able to act fully.
The best we can do is keep women at home, the men are able to defend themselves.

Follower of Truth

Hijri is needed definitely
1. But there is another option of the muslims actually should try and live in close proximity to one another and know where their local mosques and community centers are

2. They should also strive to meet as often to exchange ideas and become a serious contender on the public sphere

3. Muslims should use youtube n other platforms to bridge the gaps between communities that arent connected

4. Etc. Things along this vein


You have very good points.
We need a conscious leadership for the muslims of Europe and America, a local one I mean.
We need imams and other men of knowledge to lead the communities and help us navigate within a society full of sins.
It’s very difficult since even basic things are illegal, such as the Niqab in France or the Azaan or Islamic schools and teachings, but with a lot of understanding of the dangers of our times, we could help a few families raise their children properly.

Mawlaanaa Shiraz Khan

The story goes that a member of the Banu Qaynuqa’ had left the skirt of a woman in the market,

This makes absolutely no sense, I know you Americans tend not to be very good in English but this is taking the biscuit so to speak. Please correct as this makes Muslims look uneducated and ignorant. I am somebody who appreciates your work but you must stop making such mistakes, have somebody educated proofread your work.


Wa alaykumussalaam.

I appreciate your response and I am only being stern because I have noticed many errors and this was the straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak. I pray for your success and I reiterate once again that I appreciate your efforts to help educate the Muslims.


She Said the truth but she should shut up…WE hate shia Iran and wish them to collapse but she got herself in trouble for nothing. It is our scholars who should answer. I do not protect women who work or have college degrees


I know you think you are a rebel of some kind, but you are the best servant of imperialism when all you do is spew more division and hatred amongst Muslims in times of dire need for the opposite.


Where is all this hatred coming from?
She is a muslim sister so it is our responsibility to defend her.
I dont support the Shia government of Iran either but think about it if they are removed from power then who will come to power?
The west with its ideas will infiltrate Iran and introduce its so called democracy. We both know what that mean.
Also she might be in a situation where she has no other option but to work to survive maybe she isnt married or maybe she accepted Islam two weeks ago

Mohamed Mahamud

I think your anger is misplaced I think the sister has a point. I know women who had surgery in order to look more European, her epidermis was removed now she can’t touch anything hot.


I agree with you. She acted within a liberal framework. Now she made a mess and we muslims are supposed to fix it. Which sheikh advised her to go on TikTok and be a loud mouth?


She is being against racism of some iranian people, but herself being racist by generalizing all of the iranian people. we need to address specific people of group, especially if it includes muslims. I hope nothing bad happens to our sister and may Allah strengthen our Iman


What I saw was just her spittin fax and that lib coping like there’s no tomorrow.

Haziq Farhan

I may get shot for this, But I personally don’t like the idea of protecting someone who is not my mahram. Out of fear that i might be simping

Haziq Farhan

But for the doxxing part though, i can vouch for that, it’s not legal to dox anyone anyway

Abu Happiya

When Um Salama migrated from Mecca to Medina, a polytheist accompanied her without even talking with her. She was astonished et praised him publicly. So how would you abandon a muslima who is right while you are a muslim ?

Mohamed Mahamud

This whole simping thing is out of hand at this point, if it looks like she needs help then help her.


He is pissed because her description of – many, if not most – Iranians in the West is 100% spot on. They are more western than most westerners, more Catholic than the pope. They have copy pasted literally almost everything: dress, mannerisms, behaviour, attitudes, looks (through nose jobs and hair bleaching etc.)….and even believes (primarily: leftism, liberalism and atheism…and in cases where it is opportune Christianity). And at the same time claim to be proud Persians.


Fun fact: women veiled (mathabana) themselves in pre-Islamic Persia. It’s very much part of Persian culture.

Abu Happiya

Persianity has left Persia since Shah Pahlavi. They are westerners within Easteaners. Wonderful mosques are what remain form persian-islamic era.


How can they think they were greater before Islam is insane.
The beauty of their mosques, calligraphy and the many Islamic scholars that came from Iran is a sufficient proof.
Why would any ethnically Persian man dedicate his life to learning the religion of the “oppressor” and propagate it in it’s purest form (before Shia) ?
It is nonsense from new age activists who thinks democracy or the worship of their intellect will solve everything and that the incest religion they had before is better.

Ok Muslim

One comment on that thread is for her to move out of the U.S. if she doesn’t like their policies. But that’s not enough. A Muslim country will make a certain law or attempt to enforce a law, and the West and their media will say the country should be sanctioned and bombed into submission. The right is getting a taste of this when they were kicked off social media, saying they are free to make their platform. Even when they made an alternative platform, the left asked to shut that platform down.


She said nothing wrong. Many Iranians (not all ofc) LARP as whites and many get plastic surgery. Those are facts. Also, it is true that female ex Muslims are jealous of white converts. I have seen them harassing in groups and sending death threats to female white converts.


I have no interest in defending the Iranian government btw.


Dont defend them but if you push for there fall then keep in mind that the west will put puppets again in iran and use it to spread its values in Iran.


Relax guys, she just made his wife’s boyfriend a bit angry so he wants to cancel her accordingly.

Mohamed Mahamud

May Allah protect this sister and give her a much better job.


Thank you Mr daniel


Lives in kuffar country, works for kuffar, used kuffar media, than got doxxed by a kuffar. Their land their rule.

Sharia does not teach me to intervene in other established nations business without the authorization of Caliph/Amir.

Let the harassment be in muslim land, then I will show what a muslim man I am.