America Desperately Needs Carpenters and Plumbers: Time for Feminists to Step Up

Throughout all of human history, men have dutifully taken up the burden of building societies from the ground up. One of the consequences of the modern feminization of men is that men are discouraged from taking up the more masculine roles within society. As a consequence of this, we have a large percentage of men pursuing comfortable, white collar jobs and PhDs in areas such as Gender Studies.

Furthermore, the masculinization of women is not sufficient to fill this void that is constantly growing. Society needs more masculine men. This is because, as controversial as it is to say nowadays, women can never fulfill the roles of men.

A recent article from NPR states:

The number of young people seeking technical jobs—like plumbing, building and electrical work—dropped by 49% in 2022 compared to 2020, according to data from online recruiting platform Handshake shared with NPR.”

The article continues:

“Researchers from Handshake tracked how the number of applications for technical roles vs. the number of job postings has changed over the last two years.

While postings for those roles — automotive technicians, equipment installers and respiratory therapists, to name a few — saw about 10 applications each in 2020, they got about five per posting in 2022.

While the creation of technical positions has continued to grow, the number of students interested in applying for them — hasn’t.”

While the demand for technical positions increases, parents still continue to push their children into colleges and universities, where they amass large amounts of debt and graduate with useless degrees in the liberal arts; where they are brainwashed into believing that a formal higher education is perhaps the best way⁠—maybe even the only way⁠—into the modern workforce.

It is quite relevant that the NPR article under discussion highlights the following:

“According to the Department of Education, about 45 million people in the United States owe nearly $1.3 trillion in student debt.”

While young people continue jumping on the conveyor belt towards comfortable desk jobs, the aging technical workforce is left completely forgotten.

The consequences of an aging workforce are huge and very serious.

The article goes on to tell the story of a farmer who owns and operates a soy, corn, wheat and cattle farm in Virginia. This farmer has three children, none of whom have any desire to take over the family farm after he retires:

Boyd, 57, owns a 300-acre farm in Virginia where he grows soybeans, corn and wheat and raises cattle — just as three generations did before him. But now, none of his three children want to take over when he retires.

Everybody on my farm is over the age of 50,” said Boyd, who is the president of the National Black Farmers’ Association. “We need some young people with some energy and hustle and innovation.”

The average age of a U.S. farmer is 57.5, according to the 2017 US Agriculture Census, up from 54.9 in 2007.”

Boyd’s story shines a light on the crumbling family structure, where young people have no desire to carry on the legacy of their parents, and they hold no sense of pride towards a family operation that has fed and clothed them and their predecessors for generations.

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Anyway, we’ve talked enough about men. Where are the women at?

We’re constantly being bombarded with propaganda, telling us how women are just as strong and capable as men; how men and women are equal in every way⁠—physically, psychologically, emotionally, etc.

Men and women are basically the same, right?

Well, if that’s the case, then women need to step up. It’s about time they assumed equal responsibility and⁠ filled up all the vacant roles in these essential technical positions.

When it comes to feminists, they seem to believe that they are entitled to equality but only where and when it suits them.

They want to receive pay equal to what men receive. This is despite restricting themselves to comfortable desk jobs while men are toiling away at places like construction sites. They want to work jobs that are traditionally male roles (only the ones that they like mind you), but when it comes to labor-intensive jobs or fighting in wars, etc., we hear nothing but crickets.

The wisdom of Islam continues to shine through the expanding cracks of Western society. The emphasis that Islam places upon gender roles; family; and, most importantly, the fundamental differences between the sexes, is something absolutely vital and necessary for the continuation of a thriving society.

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Ojo Eli

So true. In my country, many have been brainwashed to think that if you don’t go to University, you can’t make it. Meanwhile in these Universities, someone trained as a mechanical engineer who can’t even repair generator will be respected than someone who learnt mechanic in a workshop and can repair a mode of car. What an irony.


Can’t make it in what sense? There is good money in the trades but men don’t work exclusively for money. They work for money and status. In a first world welfare state status is arguably even more important than the money. This is why you have scores of able bodied men in their prime ages not working at all in the West. Despite there being plenty of jobs available.


The first problem in this article is this outdated notion that masculinity means doing physical work. It’s 2023.


What does it mean according to you?


Nothing, really. I think a “real man” is someone who is comfortable with who they are. If he likes going to the gym three times a week, great. If he likes cooking meals for his family, great.


Most men in the West aren’t comfortable with who they are. This is why all these different phenomena like MGTOW, Redpill etc. and content creators like Andrew Tate are so immensly popular with young men. And why suicide is so high among them, and some choose to be trannies. The reason they aren’t comfortable is because they are forcibly being feminized.


That’s not true at all. The reason those movements are popular is because they give easy answers and a false sense of hope, example your looks don’t matter it’s how you act that will attract women. That appeals to some men because they know they aren’t good looking nor do they have an interesting personality so they think being a jerk and bossing women around is what will get them women.

Haziq Farhan

Sure, keep telling yourself that. Eventually your civilization will find itself extinct.


Your mentality is that of a 5 year old.
In the real world women marry for money, status or looks.
They don’t marry your bald 5 foot nothing janitor from Bengladesh just because he’s a devout muslim and a good man.
Or that he is a good SJW who is pro whatever the trend of the day is.
That’s why women must not be the ones who make important decision for the society, they will reject 90 % of men in their decision making and make the society a living hell until men rise up and sit them down.


You need to learn how to read, I said women care about looks. The problem is some men think they can act in a certain “dominant” way and women will be attracted to them regardless of their looks. And it’s insane that you think men should rise up because women also care about looks and reject men lol


… and what’s a real woman according to you?

Zaid Diaz

‘Wayne’ is a woman, you should’ve understood by now! Such a feminazi can be nothing but a woman 😀

Ibrahim Ihsan

That is not the meaning but the association is very much justifiable.
Why do you think men have the highest record in bodybuilding and speed than women?
Why do you think studies show on average, men are stronger and faster than women?
Why do you think when it comes to physical stuff, men are more likely to participate while women focus on less physically exhausting stuff?
If you are referring to the fact that men are far weaker than they were 50 years ago in the US, a gap still exists.

M. Shehreyar

Then enlighten us with your un-parralled wisdom, what else does it mean? Btw good luck with un-natural desires & crazy sodomite woke cancel culture. You are sealing your own fate in the process; extincting earlier then expected.


One of the consequences of the modern feminization of men is that men are discouraged from taking up the more masculine roles within society.”

Sure, this also but a large part is women entering higher education and having careers. This has resultated in the fact that blue collar work is now considered ‘low (or no) status’. Men have to atleast match women in education and career to be considered husband material. So, as women entered the market men fled from blue collar work to white collar


What used to be a respectable job (mechanic, carpenter, plumber, machine operator) is now of low social status – not even talking about the no or negative status jobs like garbage collector. One of the prime reasons men work to begin with is to increase their social status…. increase their standing in the community, be more marriageable and optimize their reputation overall. This flight from blue collar jobs is one of the – unintended? – consequences of feminism.

zaheen ahmed

All this really comes down to what roles do society glorifies . and looks down upon like multiple times DH his self has said that people will look up to a doctor over a Mid wife or nurse . here in India govt jobs where really glorified even if you where just a peon in a govt office the trend had died down a bit .but still their is a high degree of respect for jobs like IAS(Indian admin services) , IPS(Indian police services) (central bureaucrats almost equal to FED in USA )

zaheen ahmed

people will pay insane amounts in tuition and live in dingy filthy rooms and toil away . the exam are designed to just take top 0.99% people . people will spend their prime years 20 to 30 trying to crack these exams and if they dont pass at 30 their career is almost ruined as they have no experience/nothing to show for at 30 years of age plus the insanely competitive market where salaries are next to nothing .


The only men pushing feminism are those who benefit from it-secularist men in power who like to have access to lots of women, not even the average atheist. They are just brainwashed to think supporting feminism and other men in power will get them somewhere in life. Muslim fathers and mahrams of Muslim women are also to blame for following them into the lizard’s hole. Inferior behaviour.

Last edited 2 months ago by Zahra

Liberals are welcome to seethe and cope in the comments.


What I’ll do: not allow my sons to get in debt for higher Ed. If they can finance it by working, fine. I’ll push them to develop careers using their hands, via apprenticeships etc. I’ll teach them to aspire for the status Allah desires, not society’s or women’s. I’ll teach them to find wives that aspire for the same; If none to be found, then Allah’s Earth (Ard) is wide. And such women do exist.


Boyd’s story shines a light on the crumbling family structure, where young people have no desire to carry on the legacy of their parents, and they hold no sense of pride towards a family operation that has fed and clothed them and their predecessors for generations.” This shows people’s priority and absurdity given even the mythical ‘American Dream’, it always begins with the hard work, satisfaction and joy of investing and being part of a family business rather than working for someone else


I do wonder however, how much this transition from blue to white collar work is due to female empowerment leading to men needing to work the white collar jobs to be able to provide. I do sincerely believe that if we remove women from the workforce, amongst all the other benefits, a key one would be that jobs would equate to work (there is a fundamental difference – work – a physical/mental activity that produces practical results, job – an activity that you are remunerated for, most jobs are bs)


Wich incentives do western men have to work physically demanding jobs in the west?
Their women take easier jobs and make the same or more money. Many western men worked physically demanding jobs while their working wives were doing easier jobs while cheating(less physically demanding job=more energy levels and less injuries long term when aging, making them to think “I’m worth more” …).

All feminism has done is take away the possibility of having a family for men in the working class.


While wealthier men now have access to all women, they are the ultimate winners here.

Feminissm was designed to lower the population among the working class (90% of people).

And this is what they want to spread in muslim lands when the local “muslim” rulers, ngos paid by Soros or BlackRock etc; talk about equality, women education, etc.

Last edited 2 months ago by Takeshi
Ok Muslim

Child labors broke up families and resulted in people waste their youth. Before a child would learn a craft from his family or community, stay in the family, and continue the tradition. Now kids are encouraged to pursue their passions in an university potentially 100s of miles away, only to get a job in an unrelated field. If you think the child labor were meant to protect children, ask yourself, in light of recent events, if TPTB actually care about your children.

Ok Muslim

Meant child labor laws.