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“working tirelessly” lol!


Haha, didnt expect that programming meme

Abdullah Ali

Please…not the 9/11 false flag nonsense again. There is no evidence. It’s not funny. It’s just annoying.

Instead, why not focus on pointing out the hypocrisy around it? In how 3,000 dead in the US is worse than 4,000 dead in Beirut or 500,000 dead in Iraq?

zaheen ahmed

i mean i heard a lot of small little things like the military budget was about to be audited and the plane hit the pentagon . i have heard things like the US air force practiced or conducted exercises with similar scenarios to 9/11 around the time . plus isreali always had plans to carry out attacks in different western countries and blame the muslims for it i dont remember the name of the plan but i know that the documents where leaked this was way before 9/11

Abdullah Ali

It’s possible Israel knew it was coming, but let it happen on purpose. Especially in light of the 5 dancing Israelis arrested on 9/11. But that doesn’t reach the level of a false flag.

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zaheen ahmed

yup what ever it maybe but it was definitely shady as hell .


It was a false flag.What do you think about the collapse of building 7?(yes apart from the twin towers there was also a third building nearby that fell without being hit by any plane).Or the way the twin towers and building 7 fell, the exact way as a controlled demolition?Look on Google for “, it’s the official website of “Architects & Engineers for 9/11 truth” an organization that gathered thousands of architects and engineers that provide evidence contrary to the official

Abdullah Ali

Brother, AE911Truth is one of the most egregious frauds I have seen. The collapses – esp of the Towers – did not resemble controlled demolitions.

There are serious errors in the official reports. But AE is not interested in finding the truth. They just want 15yrs of fame.

Explaining further would look weird. Find me on Quora.

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Yeah sure, the sinking of the USS Maine in 1898 that led to the Spanish-American war, the gulf of Tonkin incident (that led to the USA entering the war in Vietnam)or the Operation Northwoods(a proposed false flag to justify a war against Cuba)were not false flags right? Do you know that false flags have been always been used by governments since ancient times to justify wars, manipulate the plebs and make them accept things that they would never accept in normal circumstances(war,genocide,…)?


They were controlled demolitions, the planes also collided, but they can’t bring down buildings designed to withstand plane crashes and steel beams can’t be melt by jet fuel. And you still didn’t answer how WTC Building 7 fell without being hit by any plane? Don’t be a sheep, or are you a paid troll?

Abdullah Ali

Takeshi, are you crazy? How could you call me a paid troll, after reading my opening comment??

Since you’ve forced me to go into detail, here we go.

Jet fuel can melt steel beams. Jetliners carry oxygen bottles/generators, and these, when burst, can cause steel melting temperatures.

Building 7 was illegal. A single demolition charge on a single girder anywhere could bring the thing down

I can’t explain further cause of comment section limits. Fund me in Quora

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zaheen ahmed

bro Abdullah Ali and takeshi lets not bicker about this event it is past lets focus on now . even if we figure out the truth the US govt will never let it out if they wanted to they would have .but Allah SWT knows what happened and didn’t. they plan and Allah SWT plans and Allah is best planner . so all is good for the believer

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

To understand the present problems you have to understand the past by knowing the truth.Most massacres, tortures, concentration camps and genocides perpetrated against muslim populations worldwide since 2001 stem from that event, always using the card of terrorism to justify the massacres of millions of innocent muslims including children. Forgetting those events is like inviting them to happen again, also thousands of innocent people died in 9 11 and their families deserve justice.

Zaheen ahmed

So let me ask you if you go to any of University hall or any place of work and say to your colleagues that you don’t believe the official narrative about 911 will they believe or entertain you no way.No matter what scraps of info you sew together they will never accept it.Plus the govt will never let the truth out so your main aim is already lost and since then things have changed drastically USA is no longer a serious power it’s dying.Plus we can point to Iraq Libya as crimes of US

zaheen ahmed


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