EctoLife Artificial Wombs: The Ultimate Transhumanist Nightmare

If you’ve been wondering when artificial wombs will become a reality, then you need not wonder any longer. Recently a science concept video was released. This video portrays not just one artificial womb but an entire facility filled with artificial wombs. The name of this facility is ‘EctoLife’:

Have you ever imagined a baby being ‘produced’ in a factory-like environment? In what looks like a scene from Keanu Reeves’ Matrix, a video of rows of babies being grown inside a pod has got many talking about the future of pregnancies.

EctoLife, the “world’s first artificial womb facility” is just a concept for now, which offers a way for parents to produce customised babies.

The video, “EctoLife: The World’s First Artificial Womb Facility,” which was uploaded on December 9, 2022, has amassed close to two million views on YouTube, and it is being discussed widely. The video was made by Hashem Al-Ghaili, who is a ‘science communicator,’ molecular biologist, and filmmaker. [not clear that he is a Muslim] But before taking a closer look at who exactly this individual is, let’s examine the actual video itself, starting with its most telling line.

Human Morality and the Pain of Childbirth

“Say goodbye to the pain of childbirth.”

Yes, it may hard to believe, but this is an actual line in the video. Essentially what is being proffered is the idea that, by getting rid of the entire process of pregnancy, women can have children without experiencing any pain or suffering whatsoever—no more morning sickness; no more nausea; no more carrying a baby for nine months; no more labor pains; no more muscle contractions; no more blood-ridden extremely excruciating process of birthing. Now, like in some children’s stories, you can simply have your baby delivered to your doorstep.

And the strange thing in all of this is that according to the liberal standards of maximizing pleasure and minimizing pain, this is wonderful news. For them, this is the ultimate feminist solution to 99% of all the ‘problems’ faced by women. How? Well, this could possibly even completely remove any need for an ‘evil,’ ‘toxic,’ patriarchal husband.

Now, the stereotypical ‘empowered’ feminist in her mid-’30s can just go up to any of her male coworkers and ask them to kindly donate some sperm. Then she can head over to the EctoLife facility, hand over the donated sperm along with her eggs, fill out a form, sign off on some terms and conditions, transfer a reasonable fee of $500K excluding tax and return swiftly to her boring cardboard life. Now, within the next nine months, she can put her twelve cats up for adoption and replace them with her brand new Model 3 Ecto-Baby v1.2 (Product ID 3728458912).

Isn’t this absolutely wonderful?

And shouldn’t feminists be ecstatic about such unprecedented levels of freedom and liberation for women?

So why is it that the vast majority of the comments under this video are comparing this concept to that of a creepy sci-fi dystopia and warning against its ethical implications for humanity, passionately wanting nothing to do with the concept? The comments describe this technology as ‘extremely dangerous,’ even referring to it as a man-made horror beyond imagination.

In fact, if you use the ‘Return YouTube Dislike’ extension you will see that while the video has 15K likes, the dislikes are almost double that number at around 29K! This 1:2 ratio of likes to dislikes is extremely telling.

Why does society naturally hate this idea when, theoretically at least, the opposite should be the case due to the dominance of liberal ideology?

I think the following comment accurately encapsulates the answer to this question:

“Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.”

It turns out that this line is actually a quote from a science fiction movie called Jurassic Park, which is about scientists using gene editing and reproductive technology to revive the dinosaurs. Of course⁠—and just to clarify⁠—I am not promoting this movie, nor do I recommend that anyone watches movies in general for obvious reasons. However, the idea behind the quote is very true. Modern technology progresses through modern science, and modern science does not care to give any consideration to the metaphysical. In fact, it outright rejects the idea of there being anything beyond the material world. And so, if all that exists is the material world, then the metaphysical is not taken into account when making decisions. The transhumanists who come up with these ideas have a similar ideology. They don’t believe in the human soul. And even if they do, to them it is something completely abstract. Unlike most normal people, they do not afford the same level of respect and honor to mankind. To them, humans are just sacks of blood, meat and bones. They can be manufactured easily and disposed of just as easily. They don’t look around themselves and stand in awe of creation and, by extension, the Creator. All because their narrow analytical minds don’t allow them to.

[This is] the parable of those who disbelieve [in the call of their messenger]: It is like the case of [a shepherd] who hollers out to [flocks] that hear nothing but mere calls and cries. Deaf, dumb, and blind [in heart] — never shall they understand. (Qur’an, 2:171)

Yet still your hearts hardened after [all] this, and they became like stones, or even harder; for assuredly there are some stones from which rivers burst forth! And, indeed, some of them split asunder, so that water issues from them! And some of them fall down in fear of God! And never is God at all heedless of what you do. (Qur’an, 2:74)

And thus their internal moral compasses fail and their hearts become hard. They become desensitized to the wrongs that they’re about to commit.

Just think about it. Even without diagnosing some sort of logical reasoning for it, would any true Muslim who is of sound mind ever agree with or accept such an idea? There is this inner human morality that Allah has blessed us with, which makes us instinctively abhor and reject this idea of lab grown babies outright.

They on the other hand believe that the role of a mother is to merely provide the baby with nutrients, remove its waste products and give it room to grow. All of the natural bonding that occurs between the mother and her child during that nine month period⁠—spiritual, emotional and biological⁠—means absolutely nothing to them. They can’t understand⁠ the special and powerful connection that pregnancy creates between a mother and her child. The pain and the struggle that she experiences, perhaps the most painful human experience prior to death, makes for an unbreakable bond and a level of affection that cannot be replicated in a lab. But they ignore it, because to them, the mother is nothing but a simple nutrient exchanger. She is a machine on the production line.

Liberals and feminists love to proclaim how they support women’s rights. They claim that they want to elevate a woman’s status, taking her from being a simple baby-making machine and transforming her into a career-oriented, independent woman. And look at how the most pro-feminist technology conceivable (pun-intended) quite literally reduces the concept of motherhood to nothing more than the mechanical process of a machine. By embracing artificial womb technology, one would also be embracing the idea that the mother’s role during pregnancy is nothing more than that of a machine.

And these transhumanists believe that they can actually ‘improve’ this machine, i.e., the human body, through science. They truly think that they can tinker around with the creation of Allah and make ‘improvements’ and ‘upgrade’ something that was already designed and created in the most perfect manner.

How could this be anything short of blasphemy against our Creator? By supporting this technology, one effectively supports the idea that the mother’s womb is imperfect, thus the human body is imperfect, therefore God’s design is imperfect, and God is imperfect. We seek refuge with Allah from such arrogance and imbecility.

This is the unspoken message of transhumanism⁠—that God is not perfect, that we must take matters into our own hands and the ‘progress’ of humanity is our responsibility. The ideology itself is the very manifestation of arrogance.

But Muslims and, on a subconscious level, most humans understand that this is not the case and that humans aren’t up for technological upgrades.

Very truly, We created man in the fairest stature. (Qur’an, 95:4)

This unexplainable sense of morality is so innate to humans that, despite the modern world discarding so many basic values into the dumpster, many hardcore liberals and self-proclaimed feminists still cringe at the idea of artificial womb technology. This is because they still retain a small portion of this morality. However, as modernity progresses further and further, the satanic powers that be are selectively ripping away the basic moral values of the populace one by one, through war and social engineering.

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The Horrors of Gene Editing Technology

And if the arrogance of attempting to replace the mother’s womb wasn’t bad enough, the video goes so far as to even include the idea of gene editing technology:

“Our elite package offers you the opportunity to genetically engineer the embryo before implanting it into the artificial womb. Thanks to CRISPR-Cas 9 gene editing tool, you can edit any trait of your baby through a wide range of over 300 genes.”

Yes, that’s right. Artificially manufacturing a living, breathing, human baby is just the start of what this company would do. It will snip and edit the human genome, like Photoshop, and give feminists the baby of their dreams. You can choose the baby’s height, race, color and intelligence. You can get whatever you want, tailored to your specific requirements. What on earth is this, a character customization menu from some sort of video game? They make it sound so simple and easy! Yet, technology like this can never be perfected, and it will always have extremely negative long term ramifications. In the eye of human history, we’ve barely begun to understand the genetic code and just how complex it is. Our genome makes even the most remarkable modern computing machine look like two stones being smashed together. Ask anyone who has studied genetics, even to a basic elementary level, and they’ll agree.

But let’s say for the sake of argument that this technology is somehow perfected. In that case, this would pave the way for a truly bizarre future. Mega corporations are known to bend to the will of the woke masses. Whatever decision they make, it is always in line with woke liberal interests. EctoLife will surely be no different.

Imagine the facility becomes well established, and then, one day, woke mobs decide to have a meltdown on Twitter, complaining about how the factory is producing too many white or fair skinned babies and hurling accusations of racism against EctoLife for not being diverse and inclusive enough. The company, fearing the impending threat of being cancelled, will issue an apology letter stating that, from now on, the number of white babies that can be produced will be limited or that, for a specified amount of time, no more white babies will be grown in their labs.

And what about gender? By manipulating the genes of a zygote, can they affect the baby’s gender? The enzyme 5-alpha reductase converts testosterone to its active form DHT (dihydrotestosterone). What if satanic groups decide that all male babies born at EctoLife need to have fewer genes that code for this enzyme? The outcome would be reduced male sexual development. Men can be made more feminine and thus less ‘toxic’. The woke mobs and their satanic masters are sure to rejoice over this. The same parents who allow their children to get irreversible gender surgeries will joyfully line up to have their child’s life ruined even before they’re born.

The same genetic manipulation can also be used to impart masculine features onto females⁠—like giving them more genes that code for muscle enhancing proteins so they naturally have bigger muscles. I can already imagine feminists using this to argue things such as:

“Now she won’t need a male guardian to protect her!”

Transgender activists are going to be over the moon due to all the possibilities related to creating ‘agender babies.’

What about the COVID vaccine; or any vaccine for that matter? What if certain genes are implemented that code for the proteins and antigens of various viruses, in order to ‘vaccinate’ the child from all possible diseases right at the moment of his birth. Will the mother’s concerns be considered, or will these vaccines be mandatory?

Apart from messing with the fundamental code that we have been created with, there is another significant layer of ingratitude towards Allah’s design and creation that this gene editing tool reveals. This is the idea of giving people the opportunity to create babies free from any genetic defects, which ultimately insinuates that people who already have genetic defects are ‘undesirables.’ For example, the mentally deficient, such as people with Down Syndrome; or the physically deficient, such as those born with missing limbs or digits; or genetically acquired diseases, like cystic fibrosis.

What is being said by a society that wants the ability to erase disabilities entirely? It says that people with disabilities are inherently useless and not desired. It says that they offer nothing of value and impart no contribution whatsoever. It says that society would be better off without them.

And what else should we expect from a modern progressive society? Like I mentioned previously, these societies are immersed fully in the pursuit of the material world. They have quantified happiness into numbers, such as GDP and economic growth charts. If a member of society isn’t contributing to this overall economic growth, if they aren’t contributing to skyscrapers becoming taller; if they aren’t contributing to electric grids getting wider; etc., then they aren’t a useful member of society.

This is how the worth and value of a human is measured in the modern world⁠—by seeing how much money he makes for his billionaire boss.

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Born as Company Property

Why stop at individuals? What if corporations decide they want to utilize this gene technology? Greedy corporate billionaires that hate having to pay their employees minimum wage would have found the perfect solution to all their problems! By investing in genetic research, they can find out what genetic makeup results in the best, most productive and least whiny, workers. They can find out what IQ is sufficient for their accounting jobs⁠—high enough so the job is done efficiently but not so high that the Ecto-accountant realizes they’re a slave. CEOs of construction companies can find out the right amount of muscle needed to get the job done, then they can order exactly that and not just one at a time either, but in bulk.

Can you imagine tech billionaires finally being able to do away with the constant heat and criticism for exploiting children in mines? Well, now they can pre-order 50,000 babies that will grow up to be perfect miners (don’t worry about the sperm and eggs, anyone can be paid to provide those). And when I say miners, I mean the genetic definition of a perfect miner. Someone who is literally born to mine. Obviously the CEO will have to wait 15-20 years before he can actually use them. Until then child labor will just have to suffice.

Also, since the CEO will technically own these 50,000 workers, as their ‘father,’ he won’t be required to pay them. At that point, his investment would have finally paid off now that he has an entire army of slaves at his mercy—an army of miners; an army of factory workers; an army of deliverymen—who will work for free without ever complaining about it.⁠ He and his fellow shareholders will literally own all the non-biological and biological components of the company. Because that’s precisely what these Ecto-workers will be. Company property.

Earlier on, I had mentioned the idea of ‘vaccine genes’ being mandated for these babies. But how could companies use this to their advantage? And here I’m specifically referring to Big Pharma. Even now, various bacteria are used to produce certain chemicals that can be used in various medicines. The fungus Penicillium secretes Penicillin, one of the most widely used antibiotics. Cyclosporine and lovastatin are also both derived from fungi. Couldn’t humans also be used to produce these?

Imagine a company ordering in babies that they own, with genes that code proteins which produce all kinds of pharmaceutical drugs. They can have a whole line of babies that are genetically engineered to secrete these medicines in their pure chemical form through their skin. They could also have another line of babies that produce the chemical used to make the casing for these drugs. Both of these groups are then trained to work in factories that manufacture these drugs. The harder they work in these factories, the more they’ll sweat. But instead of sweat, it’ll be precious, money-making chemicals emerging from their pores. Pharmaceutical companies will be ecstatic over the cost efficiency and sustainability of the entire process. All they need to do is make sure they keep these Ecto-secreters alive and don’t let them die. Even when they’re old and on their deathbeds, the money hungry tycoons will ensure they extract all the residual chemicals from their bodies. And hey, since it’s company property, I’m sure the company will not let by the opportunity to sell all of the Ecto-secreter’s organs for more money that can be put towards the next order of babies.

This leads on to an even more sinister possibility. Organ harvesting.

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Let’s not pretend to be stupid now. Evil companies like Big Tech and Big Pharma will go to absolutely any lengths to turn a profit. This includes organ harvesting. Indeed, it might be possible to embed genes that impart highly regenerative enhancements which allow for the quick replacement of an organ. This can be used to produce Ecto-donors, who are used to produce organs which are then harvested and sold on the black market. The Ecto-donor will of course survive due to their amazing regenerative capacity and in little to no time at all they’ll be ready to have another organ cut out of them.

These humans will be the most literal definition of a human farm. Only, instead of being farmed for milk and eggs, they’re being farmed for livers and kidneys.

Imagine if EctoLife itself starts editing in certain genes that are only activated through certain chemical commands, and this can then used as a torture-button in order to keep their workers in line or even as a kill-switch.

“If you don’t obey us, all we have to do is flip this (genetic) switch. Your body will produce all kinds of harmful toxins, and you will die.”

This could potentially also be extended to babies that are sold to women who would rather work than be pregnant.

Imagine this kill-switch being used to get repeated, regular business from EctoLife’s customers, i.e., feminists? For example, let’s say most feminists who wanted an Ecto-baby got one. Now what? How can EctoLife continue to profit? Just like other big companies, all they have to do is make the older versions useless and redundant. Just look at Apple as an example. Apple has openly admitted to degrading older models of iPhones so that customers will buy the new ones. They did this by using lithium-ion batteries, which degrade over time. Couldn’t EctoLife do the same thing? Couldn’t they insert genes into their babies that would ensure a short-lived life? Then their feminist customers would have no choice but to return and spend more money.

‘Excessive Comfort Technologies’

Returning to how the video starts off, it presents artificial wombs as the ultimate solution to various modern reproductive obstacles such as miscarriages, hysterectomies, low sperm counts and low fertility. It boldly claims that premature births and C-Sections will be a thing of the past, and that embryos and fetuses will now be able to grow within a completely infection free environment.

Presenting destructive and dangerous ideas to society disguised as solutions is the modus operandi of modern thinkers and transhumanists. Recall the extreme reaction liberals had when abortion was banned, with an endless stream of articles claiming that this is supposedly a human rights violation. One of their main arguments was that the miniscule minority of women who do suffer actual health risks due to pregnancies somehow justifies some kind of right to unconditional abortion for all women. The cherry on top was the claim that women are just so desperate to get abortions that even if it’s banned, millions of them are going to attempt it themselves or get it done by untrained quacks. So, if they’re going to do it anyways, why not facilitate a safe and hygienic alternative in the form of a clinic with a trained medical professional?

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Elon Musk’s Neuralink is being marketed in the very same way. The initial use is meant to be for people with paralysis, to give them control over certain devices and allow ease of access. The goal itself seems noble enough, just like pro-abortionists and ‘pro-EctoLifers’ like to present themselves as being. When you peel back the layers though, the sinister truth becomes clear.

EctoLife can be categorized under what I like to call a ‘comfort technology.’ These technologies are heavily used to maximize pleasure and minimize pain, and while they make day to day activities much easier, there is a devastating hidden long term cost to society and individuals. We’ve seen many examples like this in the modern world. For instance, smartphones and social media, which have made communication and information gathering much easier, but at the same time have spawned a generation of demotivated and depressed youngsters. Due to cheap junk food manufacture, we no longer need to waste time on cooking, we can just order a takeout. And although that saves time, it has led to various chronic illnesses like obesity, diabetes, addiction to sugar and so on. The list goes on and on, but this should be sufficient to provide you with a rough idea of what a comfort technology is. Neuralink is another example since it too aims to become a commodity that will allow you to access information and perform tasks you do on phones but without even moving so much as a finger. But is that good? Will it eventually lead to a generation of lifeless zombies, staring into the abyss all day, surfing the internet in their minds?

And the same applies to abortion and contraceptive tech. What they market is female safety but what results is a degenerate society where women avoid the accountability of sleeping with countless men by murdering their own babies. And artificial wombs are the ultimate contraceptive technology, ending pregnancy altogether. Another funny thing to note is that hyper technological development is what led to these pathological reproductive changes that makes pregnancy risky or extremely difficult for some women in the first place. A prime example of this are microplastics.

The more developed a society is according to modern standards, the more likely it is that you’re surrounded by plastics, and even more dangerously, microplastics. Microplastics are a staple part of most modernity-dwelling people’s diets. We ingest it all the time through plastic containers such as water bottles.

A recent study shows the effect of microplastics on male mice and confirms that it leads to abnormal spermatogenesis (the process through which sperm is produced). It actually altered the microscopic structure of the testes in male mice.

There’s another study showing the effects on female mice as well, documenting a decrease in the size of their ovaries and follicles and reducing their reproductive hormones. And if the fact that this study was conducted on mice isn’t causing any alarms to go off in the back of your head, another study in Fatebenefratelli Hospital in Rome discovered that four out of six pregnant women had microplastics in their placentas, deeming it a “matter of great concern.” When we see the toxic effects that chemicals such as microplastics have on reproductive systems and we can see that it is now actually being found embedded within human reproductive systems, it’s not too hard to put two and two together.

For sake of brevity, I won’t be delving extensively into all of the other ways in which male and female hormone levels have been destroyed by modern technology, where in many cases it is leading to lifelong illnesses. This was just to show you that this is a problem created by modern technology and now proponents of modern technology aim to solve such problems by pushing the limits even further. How exactly does that make any sense?

And what’s more is it is inevitable that, just like any other shady business, EctoLife will try desperately to hide its failures. Companies do this all the time. I gave the example of Apple earlier and how they hid their sinister schemes for so long. Artificial womb technology is most certainly going to result in countless failures that the news won’t share and that the public will never hear about. Just like all the COVID vaccine deaths that are being covered up, all the tens of thousands of deformed and mutated babies from EctoLife will be cremated and swept under the rug.

The company claims to have solved the issue of miscarriages.

Trust me, it will be killing far more babies than natural miscarriages ever could.

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Masquerading as Intellectuals to Win Public Approval

‘Science communicator’ is nothing more than a loose term meant for actors who further the government’s propaganda. Celebrities like Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson are some of the more popular figures who fall into this category. These are people who will masquerade as science aficionados that know better than most because they know science while others don’t, fueling the idea that having scientific knowledge makes someone superior to those without it. And by doing this, they add weight to their empty words. Hashem-Al-Ghaili, the man behind EctoLife, is no different.

In fact, he has a Ted Talk about how to make science fascinating, but it’s actually just a seventeen minute rant about COVID misinformation. This tells us that this ‘science communicator’ is someone who can’t think for himself and just obediently follows official government narratives. The article linked at the beginning of this piece makes his intentions regarding the EctoLife video pretty clear:

He says once ethical constraints are relaxed, people can be willing to adopt the technology in the near future.

“In terms of timeframe, it really depends on the ethical guidelines. Right now, research on human embryos is not allowed beyond 14 days. After 14 days, embryos must be destroyed due to ethical concerns”, the producer said.

“If these ethical restrictions are relaxed, I give it 10 to 15 years before EctoLife becomes widely used everywhere”, he stated, as per Metro.

In other words, whenever the powers that be want to make a move which is in their favor but goes against public interests, they need first to gain the approval of the public. For that, they have to create narratives that support the move they want to make, then direct these at their audience, i.e., the public. Right now, this concept video serves that purpose. It is being used to gain⁠—or at least pave the way towards⁠—public approval on artificial womb technology, and Muslims need to be extremely wary of people like this.

EctoLife and the Modern Machine

Consider the social purpose that EctoLife will serve. Producing 30,000 babies per year, per facility. To what end though? Are these babies going to grow up living in a free society? No. It is very likely that hundreds of thousands of these babies will be made to serve one single purpose: to be slaves of the liberal world order.

Give it some serious thought. The average EctoLife baby probably won’t have a committed father, and he won’t share any meaningful connection with his mother either. The mother will be too busy working for a mega-corporation anyway, so she won’t have time to raise her child. EctoLife took on the burden of birthing the child, but who’s responsible for this motherless child after that? Realistically it’ll most likely be another state funded institution, where a liberal nanny will take care of these babies and raise them, indoctrinating them along the way. From there, they’ll go to a liberal school where they’ll be subjected to all the horrific activities of the homosexual community during drag queen story day (by then, studies would have found that an hour wasn’t long enough to override the natural disgust people have towards this kind of stuff). Like this, they will go through school, then university and finally, an underpaying job as a wage slave.

And what will these EctoLifers be living for, day to day? Just to grow up in an an even more atomized society, living alone, then eventually donating their sperm and eggs so the factory can produce more Ectobabies. This will turn into a vicious uncontrolled cycle where eventually, the entire society will consist of marriage-less pods. Marital intimacy will no longer exist, as these EctoLifers will live life in their own personal pods, replacing their need for companionship and intimacy with cheap entertainment and pornography.

Of course, male to female intimacy also has to be erased from society. Yes, Zina is absolutely Haram. And yes, marriage is the only way men and women should be intimate. But even for the modern machine, pre-marital intimacy between a man and a woman is a risk factor. Why? Because it may lead to pair bonding, which may lead to marriage, which may lead to a family, which goes against the interests of the modern machine. So they need to remove the idea from society completely, providing every kind of cheap replacement imaginable through pornography, sex toys, virtual girlfriends, etc.

It’s pretty strange that there are these ‘rebellious’ liberals who realize the tyrannical threat of the world government but, at the same time, believe that marriage is how people are being controlled. Ideas like this can be seen from people like George Orwell, who realized the threat of an increasingly controlling government. But he also thought that this control was being implemented through religion and marriage. He believed that a hedonistic lifestyle was the way to true freedom and that the government was trying to stamp this out by getting people married for the sole purpose of reproduction.

What he didn’t seem to realize was that the exact opposite holds true. Islam and marriage are the only exit from this ‘Matrix.’ Islam is the only real and permanent solution to defeating the modern machine. Just look at Andrew Tate, who understands the system better than most people on the planet (evidenced through his success, which he attained by claiming to have manipulated the actual system itself). Even he realized that Islam is the only real solution to most of today’s extant problems, while technologies like EctoLife are what will turn humans into the biggest Orwellian nightmare: government slaves meant to produce more government slaves.

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Just to pick on a detail, I would say yes Andrew Tate understands the system and how humans are and work more than most people, but only in the West. I would say Muslims who are true to their deen have internalized things that only geniuses or talented people in the West understand (about women, religion, the purpose of life, how we should live our life). That is a testament to our beloved prophet Mohammad (SAW) and how wise he is and how he is truly a prophet of Allah.

Maaz Ahmad Khan

where’s Wayne when you need an idiot to say something stupid just to disagree?


As-Salamu Aleykoum Akhi

As much as I can understand the sentiment. I think calling him an idiot is counter-productive. The man is reading a blog/website about Islam that isn’t mainstream, maybe he is secretely or without realizing it, interested in Islam.
Even if he is isn’t, he may realize it’s pointless with time if we ignore him or debate with him respectfully.
As far as I know he isn’t spouting disgusting derogatory nonsense about Allah or Mohammad (SAW).

Have a good day !

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

They want to transform humans into something like ants or termites, humans born to perform specific tasks and without critical thinking, like worker ants, slaves and like in the ancient times(ancient egyptians, romans, etc) they want the slaves to not even have a family, to be just like mere cattle to perform the jobs.

It is also a way to control the way people reproduce and thus set population limits, it’s the final dream of any eugenics(population manipulation and control) supporter.

Last edited 18 days ago by Yusuf ibn Tashfin

If you implement this and ban natural pregnancy or make it even impossible by making us all infertile one way or another, then you can literally control the world population on 1 by 1 basis. Like you can choose to have 200,300,548 humans exactly for example.
And you can choose everything about them. Their potential expressed by their DNA will already set them up for being good slaves but adding the programming on top (going through institutions after institutions) and nobody will rebel.

Maalik Serebryakov

i reckon i could break through the genetic and institutional programming trus me im ‘ard


I don’t know if it’s satire but like the number of reverts in the West, excluding ones with Muslim background, it would be a meaningless number of people who are able to see through the propaganda.
Of course there will always will that one in a million/billion that Allah has guided even in the heart of modern day Qawm Lut.