The Newest Fight for Tolerance and Inclusion: Woman-Dog Relationships

I am happy to inform you that the sexual revolution is just getting started.

There has been uproar over the past week because a woman has been fired from her job and banned off of various online platforms for posting videos of her sex acts with dogs.

A model claiming to be a “transcanine” has been kicked out from her job and banned from OnlyFans after she faced social media backlash for making comments that she engaged in sick sexual acts with dogs. [********], as the woman is known on social media, faced severe backlash on Twitter for posting videos of engaging in sexual acts with canines.

She claims that firing her and banning her are bigoted acts of discrimination and a clear violation of her freedoms. Why? Because love is love!

She says that the acts are completely consensual and no one has the right to stop her from loving whomever she loves.

[********] sparked uproar on Twitter following remarks she made and allegedly posted videos of herself having sex with dogs, according to Daily Star. She announced to her 185.8k followers on January 2 that she had decided to “come out” as a “transcanine,” adding that she had been with six dogs in the previous year and only two men.

Liberals, LGBTQ+, feminists, pro-sex work activists, etc., have argued that having sex with dogs is abusive because sex should only be between two consenting humans.

“Consensual sex is always between members of the same species who engage in it willingly, which can never be the case when a human and another animal are involved,” PETA UK’s Vice President of Programmes Elisa Allen, told the Daily Star.

How arbitrary! This is just as arbitrary and irrational as insisting that love can only be between men and women.

In response to all this disgusting hate, the woman has responded that she is not a human. She is a “transdog” or “trans-canine,” so technically, it is just sex between two dogs. Transdogs are dogs.

“I have made a decision to come out. As we know that humans are complicated and intelligent beings. We aren’t always simple. I have been with 6 dogs this past year and only 2 men my entire life,” she wrote on Twitter.

“I just want friends and a crowd that accepts and loves and cherishes me.”

Those who are against this woman are on the wrong side of history.

It is only closed-minded fundamentalists who want to impose their hatred on others.

Honestly, this is a human/dog rights issue. The UN and Human Rights Watch need to file a resolution immediately to protect the rights of transdogs and their partners in the court of International Law.

Did you know that the Taliban doesn’t even recognize woman-dog marriages? Basically, whoever opposes these beautiful relationships is pro-Taliban.

Let that sink in.

What I am really concerned about is, of course, the children.

We should immediately begin teaching kindergartners that, sometimes, a woman and a dog can be in happy relationships. We should also include examples of such woman/dog relations with graphic imagery in school textbooks and libraries. If we don’t teach our children, they will become hateful bigots.

Conservatives will probably argue that only children in the 5th grade and up should learn about sex with dogs. Talk about hate!

Thankfully, Fox News has hired one of these transdogs to be a full-time pundit on their family-friendly programming. She is in a loving relationship with a Labrador which, as all Conservatives know, is the most patriotic breed of dog.

A Note to Muslims

Fellow Muslims, having sex with dogs is haram. No doubt about it. And if you think having sex with dogs is halal, you are mistaken. BUT we must always be merciful and compassionate to transdogs, whether they be Muslim or non-Muslim. Always!

Do you want to drive the women having sex with dogs away from Islam?!!

Some people just have this desire to have sex with dogs. We can’t judge people for this desire. There is absolutely no problem with the desire to have sex with dogs. Only acting on the desire by having sex with a dog is haram. The desire is not. See the compassion?

We don’t ostracize people who simply desire to have sex with dogs. We don’t tell them to stop desiring sex with dogs or tell them they have a mental problem that needs to be addressed. Because wanting to have sex with dogs is just like any other desire! These people who desire sex with dogs but aren’t doing it are actually heroes and awliya we need to bring to the masjid as examples of bravery for other Muslims.

The real question is: When are we, as Muslims, going to recognize the rights of transdogs? This is not a hard issue. We live in a secular society, therefore we cannot impose halal and haram on non-Muslims. There is not a single reason for us to oppose these transdog rights.

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If we don’t support the right of women to marry and have sex with dogs, tomorrow the government is going to nullify all Muslim marriages and throw us all into concentration camps. Is that what you want?

If we don’t support transdog rights, no one is going to support Muslim rights. Trust me. I know politics. We have no choice.

It’s called compassion.

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Abdullah Ali



Lmao the fact everyone in muslim skeptic’s comment section is waiting for wayne to post nonsesical takes is pretty damn hilarious

Maaz Ahmad Khan

He’s been absent since a few days. Maybe crying in his mom’s basement.


i dont think he is coming back, the arguments are becoming too strong and the backlash too great for even him

M. Shehreyar

Rather whining Wayne who thinks himself as Bruce Wayne.

Haziq Farhan

Oh boy, i sure do love how western ego be the very death of their civilization. Please go ahead western people, please continue as we can see and learn how much destruction of morality just like those ancient tribes before us

Last edited 17 days ago by Haziq Farhan

But we are dependent on them for many ressources, technologies and agricultural products.
Muslim countries that were less developed tank through fake revolutions and puppets (like Egypt that could and still has the potential to be great, Libya, Lebanon) and others that were going places and always have been booming with scholars and progress (like Irak or Syria, Damascus has been known for at least a thousand year as a city of global importance).
And Iran is lost to Shiism.
We have the Gulf.


I find dogs beautiful and of course they deserve to exist in this world and they are a creation of Allah.
BUT some creatures teach us a wisdom merely by being here, and honestly I have found disbelievers and sinners love dogs with a force.
Dogs can be dirty (and usually are), they are ALWAYS dangerous, I don’t care how trained they are, dogs are a weapon not a pet, dogs are meant to guard your home or property, not to leave a pitbull with your 3 year old alone, “no my dog would never do that”


By the way, the article is amazing and should raise questions in the minds of atheists, satanists and other disbelievers or people not awake to this reality yet. If it’s ok to cut your genitals and have sex with humans that have been modified heavily by modern science then it’s just one step away from incest, pedophilia and dog-“love”.

dog obsession

The Western Liberal peoples have an unhealthy obsession with dogs. Some are so nuts, that they think if a 4 year old child is brutally mauled by a dog and had their limbs eaten by the dog, they think the child “deserves it” for interacting with the dog.

Lets not forget the fact that many own dogs, sleep with dogs in the, kiss dogs, and are having dogs instead of kids and unironically calling them “furbabies”. I wonder how many are actually having sexual relations with dogs.

Ibrahim Ihsan

Personally,it depends on how many people are willing to rely on an argument.
Most Americans do not like beastiality with many liberals arguing that since animals cannot show consent the same way humans can, it is rape and animal abuse.
And yet, in countries like Japan, it’s a thing.
And I guess the same goes with France.


Japan already had a head start by being a pagan country but they were basically culturally-raped by the USA and so they are now devoid of any form of traditional spirituality. Sure they have “values” but it just seem like petty respect titles and other things that have no sense or purpose and would drive the average human to madness and no real answers to the questions we all ask and no framework for morality other than liberalism with a Shinto twist..
Japan is ripe for Islam.

Last edited 16 days ago by FrenchMuslim
Anti PC Akhi

Besides dolphins, dogs are the only other animals that initiate sexual action with humans paricularly human females. If anyone ever owned a dog, they know this. Family dogs dont hump men, they always hump women, young or old.

Dogs have a strong sense of smell. They can sense pheromones.

So one can argue from this perspective.

Liberals, humanists, are munafiqeen. But trust me even this line will be crossed if there are enough of them to be used to subvert a homogeneous society.


Zoophilia has been part of western culture for a whole. Google “Bodil Joensen”.


Absolutely, not true. Bestiality is widespread in USA and legal in several states. And they have a strong pro zoo movement with podcasts like “Zoier than thou” and self proclaimed Christian conservatives coming out as zoophilic.


All I see is the liberal standard of consent was applied and she faced the consequences of that. And the usual right-wing nonsense comparisons

Truth Seeker

We Muslims do not fit in either left-wing or right-wing, we are not simpletons who only follow American politics. If a nazi would agree with a point in the Quran I would not reject the Quran. If a trans satanist would say the Quran is the word of God it would not make me reject my religion. I am where Islam leads me, not where the passion and tribalism of the mass of society who doesn’t reflect enough leads me.

Abdullah Ali

I see bestiality.


You should get a new hobby then


And you should get a life.


Why are you being such a bigot? liberalism changed before and it can change now! Animals have a urges as well, and if they can relieve themselves with a pillow, they can do it with human-beings as well! Stop enforcing the bronze age mentality upon us!

dog obsession

Whether or not dogs can consent to sex with humans, this is just a difference of opinion amongst liberals. Some say that they can, others say they cannot.

Also, according to liberal consent logic, having sexual relations with a dog is less bad than eating animals, whether or not you think that sex with dogs is okay or not.

Anti PC Akhi

The liberal standard of consent is backwards and primitive! We dont need that dogmatic 18th century belief! This is 2024!

A dog can consent by initiating the action. Havent you seen dogs hump humans? That is clear consent. If transdog woman gets in position and the dog uses his sniffing and licking, proceeds to hump, that is consent!

Consent doesnt mean verbal. Consent mean initiating action. If no resistance from transdog woman, that means its mutual.

You barbaric liberal savage!


I am not surprised that you don’t even know what year it currently is

Anti PC Akhi

I am not surprised you think that pointing that out in a post where i am mocking liberals hypocrisy about transdogs is important.

Last edited 16 days ago by Anti PC Akhi

“pointing out hypocrisy” by lumping in animals and humans together, yeah, you sure showed me lol

Anti PC Akhi

What humans are not animals now?

Flippity flop, slippery slope. No consistency.

Explains all the gender confusion this, dysphoria that, existential crisis there. Dont forget to take your meds.


Zahid Hasan

You should’ve, instead, address his argument.

Zahid Hasan



Do you know that some philosophers think that animals can consent right?
And that is what zoo activists argue that animal can, in fact, consent:
Also, very telling that you think losing your job is punishment enough for raping dogs.

Last edited 13 days ago by Hassan

Yeah, I’ve have also seen people make the argument that animals don’t give consent to be slaughtered for human consumption, so then why is consent needed in interspecies sex between humans and animals, especially when it is a male animal penetrating a female human.


welp, guess i was wrong about you
you really are that mentenally demented

Kein Name


Last edited 16 days ago by Kein Name

Transdogs are dogs🤣🤣🤣

Wayne bot missing :(

Where is Wayne bot?


Still wondering how some people find that kind of acts disgusting and abnormal, and yet at the same time still support LGBTQ+.

Last edited 16 days ago by example


How on earth could you have missed the fact that this bitch was a middle school teacher before she joined only fans?!


Abu Ahmed

Usually I’m against strong language on an muslim website and I would advise against it, but since this “brave” woman has identified as a transcanine and the definition of “bitch” is female dog my hands are tied. Lol

Zahid Hasan

Brother Daniel, how could you forget to add these lines at the end?

“We are determined to cry together, to pray together, to stand together – straight, gay, TRANSCANINE, Floridian and Texan.”

Sounds familiar?


Thing with bestaility is if it’s the next social movement and if (big if here) somehow it gets accepted how much further down can they go? Necrophilia? Pedo acceptance? The big question is does Western society have a breaking point of what they are willing to accept or not?


Necrophilia is legal in California.


This isn’t something new, though. Zoophilia is widespread in the West, it’s a very known fact and it’s legal in most western countries. That is why I never understood why westoids call us “goatf@ckers”. I mean, you only have to search on Google for “bestiality” and you will find literally thousands of results of westoids raping animals. If I were one of them I wouldn’t bring up that topic.

Ok Muslim

That is the trajectory. Before homosexuality was considered a mental disorder. Eventually psychologists will say beastiality is normal. They will study animals during human-animal sex and find some chemical is released that indicates the animal is consenting. If this seems farfetched, remember perhaps 15-20 years ago, calling someone gay was an insult. There’s already a transwolf.You also have furries. Expect a few more characters in the sexuality alphabet.


Wait, I thought Elton John was already a big time practitioner and promoter of bestiality.


Never thought I would be living end of times nightmares. Worst then animals. Even animals stick to their own species.
You are right they might be teaching in a few years . Live in Muslim countries as much as possible Muslims. Now is not the time to run after riches of these deviant nations.

Syed Mujtaba Ali

I thought its okay in Atheism to have s*x with dead and alive animals, if the animal allows them to do so, Why do these westerns contradict themselves?