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Maaz Ahmad Khan

Bheria’s meme was hilarious. JazakAllah khair!

Abdullah Ali

That Times of Israel screenshot smh

Citizen of the Kingdom of God

Best one, along with the cat. 😀


The shaykh alia meme is a fake one. This account was a troll on twitter years ago.


Awesome memes this week!


The ‘Shaykha Alia’ Twitter account is a parody one though…

Mohammad Talha Ansari

Alhamdulillah. I was genuinely worried.

Syed Altamish

you should be worried hindutva trolls are taking that too seriously


Seems like it. The account was only operative from 23th to the 26th of september 2018. Although the person does exist (the surname is spelled slightly different in reality)…likely a case of stolen identity.


Another week of quality memes

Citizen of the Kingdom of God

Hahahaha, the cat slam dunking is really good!


Please have some better memes with all due respect. the shaykha alia is not a real account/person. the website masha allah serves us a healthy dose of valuable knowledge and i know sometimes we need a laugh but we should authenticate some of these before posting.


Saudi Arabia meme hits hard. For those who don’t know, check out the hadiths about the last Hour.
And I want to say that I also regret taking the vaccine (3 doses…), I knew it was poison but I was so depressed and wanted to travel to Egypt (so many restriction here in France at the time) that I threw myself into destruction.
But al-hamdulillah I won’t say it didn’t have any effect, I don’t know, but I don’t have any new chronic disease neither did I die of sudden-itis.

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This page always finds a way to get even more ridiculous, apart from the usual conspiracy nonsense, the Joker thing was a magical curse that was put on him lol

Haziq Farhan

Your existence is a conspiracy in and of itself. Your ingenuity is unreal


The dude is a Yaqeenite bot.

Wayne Watcher

Nice to see you again Wayne


just so you know, if you didnt already, Joker is intentionally depicted as not a hetero or atleast as a “fluid” one in comics for a long time, its just a matter of years and i am sure he will be introduced that way in yet another spin-off solo movie.


Question: What does the lightbulb meme mean in relation to printer ink cartridges? I couldn’t figure this out.


It means while things can work reliably for a hundred years, they’re made intentionally to fail in a short time to generate more profit (search google for HP ink cartridges). This is a direct consequence of Technological System merely existing. Natural selection favors those who focus on short term profit, so companies who make their ink cartridges fail in a short time profit and survive, while compaines whose cartridges last longer don’t. You can read Industrial Society and Its Future on this.