In Perpetuity: Ukraine and Washington’s Love of War and Money

“My argument is simply, let’s have a sense of urgency about getting everything to the Ukrainians that they need to fight this war on the behalf of people who believe that the international system cannot allow an aggressor to win.”

These are the words of the woman who supported invading a sovereign nation and destroying it, leading to the deaths of hundreds of thousands, as well as the suffering of so many others due the violence of war and the complete destabilization of their country and…the rise in wealth of people like her!

Condoleeza Rice is no stranger to aggression, which is why her disgusting, hypocritical, cantankerous words almost leave me perplexed beyond words.

So many lives have been destroyed, so many families turned upside down and decimated, because of her and her ilk. And even after the fact—and even if you were to argue that her role in causing the invasion of Iraq was not as significant as people make it out to be—we hear the same calm, ‘measured,’ well-spoken GARBAGE from her on sophisticated, woke NPR two decades later.

Sure, Ukraine is not Iraq, but the point here is more about Washington’s penchant for war, any war, because it lines the pockets of many at the top.

the ones to whom the faithless said

Hasbun Allah wa ni’m al-wakil.

Allah is sufficient for us. And He is the most excellent Guardian! (Qur’an, 3:173)

The Joke’s on Us?

It took me some time to fathom the extent to which the government lies and harms innocent people around the world. Then it took me more time to register the reality of how many people still believe their theatrics (I kind of thought I was the last to know).

Maybe the general public are too imbued with the drama of Hollywood to be able to see straight. Maybe they’re too ‘nice,’ and they try to see the good in everyone, including even greedy, power-hungry war criminals. I don’t know. I suppose the best way to help others to wake up and smell the coffee is to just keep piling on the evidence.

But what about the ones who spew all of this nonsense? For instance, I think Dick Cheney—may Allah give him what he deserves—knows very well the lies he propounds. The goal is simply more power, more money.

But then there are others like Condi and many congressmen and women I hear these days waxing poetically about the noble cause of Ukraine…

And I’ve found myself asking:

Do these people actually believe the nonsense that comes out of their mouths?

Maybe they went through the schooling system (public or private, it doesn’t really matter), then went to college and just never really woke up to the lies. Or maybe they’re just great actors, merely reproducing the Hollywood depictions that they’ve consumed all their lives. And I suppose it could also be a mix of the two.

I hope the respected readers will feel free to weigh in.

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Dangerous Games

With regard to Ukraine, beyond any cantankerous words, the most frightening aspect of all of this is that those in charge seem completely unbothered by the potential consequences of their pugnacious speech. And this is likely due to how much money they make from it.

Glenn Greenwald explains that while some of the tens of billions of dollars for Ukraine is for “economic and humanitarian assistance,” “most of it will go into the coffers of the weapons industry — including Raytheon, on whose Board of Directors the current Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, sat immediately before being chosen by Biden to run the Pentagon.”

Greenwald adds that the $40 billion for Ukraine that was approved last May (which was originally supposed to be $33 billion) was primarily for “the purchase of weaponry and other military assets: ‘$20.4 billion in additional security and military assistance for Ukraine and for U.S. efforts to strengthen European security in cooperation with our NATO allies and other partners in the region,’” as the White House noted.

As has been the practice with previous wars, one of the benefits the US gains from ‘aid’ to Ukraine is the ability to test and study weapons without placing US lives on the line. The ‘aid’ will also stimulate more US weapons sales to other eastern European NATO nations:

“Money in this package likely reimburses allies and partners for equipment that they have sent to Ukraine. Many Eastern European NATO allies had equipment left over from the Soviet era―T-72 tanks, S-300 air defense systems, aircraft, and helicopters…Transferring this [military] equipment has been a win-win-win. Ukraine gets additional equipment to replace losses. The Eastern European allies get rid of old Soviet-era equipment and can buy newer, NATO-standard equipment. The U.S. defense industry can sell more products.”

While the government and military tests weapons and lines the pockets of their pals, the rest of us sleep less easily. Let’s not forget, WWII gave birth to a weapon that produces unspeakable carnage, and it was used when it very likely needn’t have been used. The Germans had already surrendered, the Japanese were likely going to surrender too due to threats from the Soviet Union and the US allowance to let Japan keep the emperor (plus the US had already decimated dozens of cities through firebombing).

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But, Oppenheimer and the US had their pet project, their race to more technology and destruction. So they worked until they developed the atomic bomb and they used it (or perhaps ‘showcased’ it), twice. Brilliance is no guarantee of morality.

May Allah guide us to the straight path. Amin.

Former congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, who recently left the Democrats, has warned of the dangers of this current war in Ukraine:

“We are staring over the precipice of that nuclear break…People need to know that this is the reality that we’re facing, that our leaders have pushed us and led us to this brink of nuclear war. They have their own bunkers and ways to protect themselves. There is no shelter for the American people.” (see from 3:58-4:57).

Let us pray that what she warns of does not become a reality.

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Every government on Earth is a hypocrite when it comes to foreign policy and war. I can’t think of one that isn’t. There really should be a rule that any government that invades another country has to send the kids of everyone in government to fight. Then we will see how eager everyone is to declare war

Abdullah Ali

If only the US had not set the bad precedent Russia is following

Last edited 12 days ago by Abdullah Ali

There really should be a rule that any government that invades another country has to send the kids of everyone in government to fight.

and that hasn’t happened already in the past? didnt young sons of rulers, commanders used to fight alongside soldiers in wars ? and I can’t recall (m)any accounts of submission in a war beacuse of fear to loose a loved one.


Wait until you realize such wars of this scale of effect weren’t possible before Technology. Wars mattered little economically to someone on the other side of the world, now it affects everyone on the globe cause inflation. Wars didn’t create much environmental damage, now they make entire cities unlivable for centuries (atom bombs). Wars themselves didn’t killed or injured civilians, only soldiers.