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(06:40 min) Guys like Ebu Eesa automatically assume that in a disagreement between a man and a woman the man is at fault. This is their default position. If you take his advise you might as well have a divorce lawyer on speed dial. This is the same position Feminists and Tradcons take i.e. take authority away from men and only leave them with responsibility.


Ebu Eesa wants to do this by suspending the Quran and Sunnah in marital situations because he knows fully well that the Quran and Sunnah give authority to the husband. Can’t be surprised though. Almaghrib Institute is a commercial organisation with a large female customer base. They make good money selling their courses to women. This is also a large part how churches got corrupted in the US.


Also notice the moist behaviour of these figures: the hand movements, eye rolling, neck twitching and the increasingly higher pitched voice when they want to make their point. I suspect a soy rich diet. Maybe even vegan.

Anti PC Akhi

If this mule said what he is saying in this video where he claims he is from he’ll be walking funny for the rest of his life.

What a disgraceful donkey. Someone needs to take that pakol away from this dayyuth.

Ok Muslim

In a show about the royals, I remember Prince Phillip asking the Queen for permission for him to go somewhere. The BBC narrator made no comment on this and said that was the expected behavior for consorts. But when a man expects his wife to obey him and ask for permission, hell breaks loose.