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Whining Whine ! Sorry my bad Bruce Wayne.


Remember when this page shared a typical nonsense right-wing meme about how Disney’s stock price had fallen because of “wokeness” and that Avatar won’t make money because of this? Avatar hit $2 billion this past weekend and Disney’s stock price is up 20% this year lol. This page always hits the mark lol


Remember when you had someone who loved you or cared about you ?
I know you are hurt deep down my sweet boy.
It’s okay you can cry.
Wayne-ing, nobody cares if the meme was wrong, ok he made a mistake or just found it funny. It’s even more worrying that the movie made a profit, just a sign of Western degeneracy, loving CGI movies of blue aliens nonsensical fantasy with a touch of propaganda.


BRUH he’s speechless lol.


Don’t be too harsh to Wayne, maybe someday he’ll see the truth (maybe because he is following Muslim Skeptic!). May Allah give hidayah to Wayne and everyone else. Congrats Wayne, for your determination on following Muslim Skeptic.

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