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Anti PC Akhi

Not only is the porn, modeling, fashion, film, print, music industries exploitative of women, they are entirely controlled and run by men of elite groups in the US, while the vast majority of the women come from the wage caste citizenry.

The entire capitalistic economy is based on “pimping” men, women and children of the “average Joes”. People like Destiney know this, but they are so defeated that they have embraced their capitulation as “progress”.

Some of them call it “acceleration”.


Destiny was cringe and hard to listen to.

Just kept calling the other stuff Daniel mentioning like the porn industry and US involvement “rambling” and “irrelevant”.


This guy is openly bi and has blue hair. Therefore he is a degenerate and until he stops his ways and becomes a Muslim his thoughts and ideology will always be nonsense, he is literally sick in both the mind and the soul by his sins.
That being said, I will not cry if Andrew Tate is really guilty of all of this. He definitely was living a hedonistic, immoral lifestyle before. We’ll see.

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And a cuck. Destiny lets his wife sleep with other men.


I can’t believe I watched some of this, it was clear Daniel had no facts about the case or law and as usual went into his typical ridiculous comparisons


Comparing porn to porn is ridiculous now?


The West has a very carefree atttitude with regards to s@x, and at the same time they view r@pe as one of the most heinous crimes. Same category of murder or torture. Good that Daniel pointed that out. They should make up their mind. Either be liberal and carefree or conservative and careful. When your laws and social expectations don’t align (or vague) people are bound to break the law. Same with women who walk in public almost naked but are insulted when people look at them lustfully.