Your Future Life According to the World Economic Forum

While the good folks at the World Economic Forum were busy making sure we all live well, they boasted of all the ways that technology and progress will be making our lives better (and them richer, perhaps?) in the not-too-distant future.

One of the things they’ve wanted for us for a while now has already been added to the menu (though I suspect they’ll be having the filet mignon).

And don’t ya know, bugs have already been on the menu in Canada for some time. Here’s a Canadian snack food brand’s Cheddar Cheese Puffs:

It’s a little too easy to miss the somewhat vague ‘powered by crickets’ statement on the front of the package.

The WEF has been pushing this idea of consuming bugs for a while now, as part of their goals for a sustainable future. The want to replace a lot of animal protein in our diets with insect protein.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the latest news and, for whatever reason, think this is just some sort of sick joke, it’s not. They’ve been promoting this as a necessary step for mankind for a few years now.



As with everything else, let us look to Islam for answers regarding what we can and cannot consume, not the WEF. I cannot comment more than that on which WEF food suggestions could be permissible, and there could be some room for debate on this, so I make no firm opinions.1 For such information, please consult scholars (of which I am not). The point is, we cannot just blindly follow what these elites want.

Let’s also strive to not be gluttonous in our eating habits. Perhaps this alone could help significantly towards an actual ‘sustainable future.’ Strangely, basic principles such as this are not mentioned by the WEF.

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Diminished Reality

Google glasses, virtual reality—after all, who needs more stimulation? Probably about half of the world has already had enough stimulation through watching pornography and at this point, even TV. But now, the WEF peeps are talking about diminished reality glasses that will “allow you to be able to remove things from your point of view, whether that’s garbage or other people.”

This is not a joke. Someone actually said this at the WEF.

No longer will we be required to, you know, be part of society. There’s no need to make any effort towards improving things around us. Just simply put on your Diminished Reality glasses and voila. What starving child on the street? What elderly lady in need of assistance? Now, you can just conveniently forget about everything that you can’t be bothered with. It’s like it’s not even there…

You could describe it as the liberal, dystopian version of monkhoood, if you will.

This is what the liberal world order has brought us. How scary it is that these are the people that are in charge. What’s even more frightening is that so many people seem to be completely unaware of what the WEF is and what’s going on. Either that or they think these are just some nonsensical fantasy sci-fi conspiracy theories.

Just look at some of the replies to these tweets highlighting some problematic individuals linked to the WEF:

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Unfortunately many people are completely unaware of what the WEF is; how dangerous it is; and why it would be extremely problematic for their favorite celebrity orators to be associated with it.

May Allah grant us the ability to see things as they are, the desire and capacity to uphold and abide by His laws, and may He keep us firm upon iman (faith) and guide us so that we are good Muslims and good people on this earth. Amin.

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1 There are some differing opinons regarding various typs of insects such as crickets, which are not locusts. Locusts are another matter as well; they are permissible. Nonetheless, it’s good to keep in mind that the WEF largely wants to replace* halal animal protein with insects.

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A big part of the world has been eating bugs for centuries, no one is forcing you to eat it but with world population being so high increasing the demand for protein, this is one way ppl can get it if they want


Many nations overproduce and overeat and waste while others are starving.
It’s a problem of moderation. People in the West (China and Japan included in this one and maybe Gulf nations) eat more than they need of everything.
And we don’t care about what the statistics says about eating da bugz, we have hard lines in our morality that will never change.
We won’t accept sodomy just because it reduces birth rates and we are “over populated”.
This is what having firm morals looks like.

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Yes, and if the government were to somehow limit overeating then people would cry that the government is regulating their lives.


I prefer a bottom up society where people follow the rules and are morally sound based on their belief on god.
Not because they are constantly policed and are afraid of the cameras and the robot dogs patrolling the street.
You think the only solutions are top down regulations enforced by brutal force and fear and propaganda. Even if you don’t realize it, that’s how Western and most civilizations work.
If we convince the masses, we don’t need to beat them into submission.

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population decrease

Isn’t the population decreasing in rich countries like Japan, western europe, and other other places due to birth rates decreasing?


The Worst of Evil Forum is the proof that without Allah’s guidance and a true desire to know the truth, people will swallow anything.
It can literally be broadcasted and talked about publicly, average Joe doesn’t care. It’s all conspiracy theories, as if no conspiracies ever happened. As if a meeting between all the “elites” (in power not in morals or intellect) can’t determine the future of at least the West and trickle down to the rest of the World by bullying or economic sanctions.

Ali A

Salam brother isn’t crickets halal in Islam? I am little confused, this article is making sound like its haram, I just want to genuinely understand.

As for worms, there are different opinions. Some ulamas (interpreters of Islamic rules), such as Imam Malik, Ibn Abi Laila and al-Auza’i, declare that eating worms is Halal as long as it brings benefits and it is not harmful to human health

Ali A

Thanks for the reply, and I totally agree it’s unnecessary


The glasses thing reminds me of this dystopian video game We Happy Few, where the government forces people to take drugs that make everything seem fine and dandy, where in reality it is a dystopian place, where the drugs make people smashing a rat an with a baseball bat and eating it look like they are smashing a pinata and eating candy.

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