From France to Belgium to Morocco: The Dangers of Succumbing to Western Values

The tale of Hassan Iquioussen, a liberal Imam in France who was targeted by the Interior Minister and subsequently vanished from the public eye, has taken a dramatic turn.

After a few weeks following his disappearance, he was eventually found in hiding within Belgium, close to his hometown of Lilles. France requested Belgium to send him back so that he could be judged under French law, but Belgium refused.

Critics have noted the stark irony of asking a foreign country to return an illegal migrant for the purpose of prosecuting them for illegal entry. It is becoming increasingly clear that the French Interior Minister has a personal vendetta against Iquioussen and seeks only to publicly shame and disgrace him. This tragic event serves as yet another reminder of how power can be manipulated by those in positions of authority.

Hassan Iquioussen, in his search for a new home, instead found himself facing judgement under Belgian law and ultimately facing deportation. Despite his aspirations, on January 13, 2023, the very country he had fled to ended up returning him to his place of birth.

Upon his arrival at the airport in Casablanca, he was greeted with open arms by the Moroccan authorities.

Global Happenings reports:

Moroccan imam Hassan Iquioussen was deported Friday to Morocco by Belgium, where he was arrested on September 30 after his expulsion from France for “remarks inciting hatred and discrimination”, announced his French lawyer to the AFP. This preacher from the north of France, whose expulsion was announced by Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin at the end of July, was deported to Casablanca after the Moroccan authorities issued a pass on Thursday, said Me Lucie Simon .

According to information from Europe 1, this expulsion order induces a ban on return. Imam Iquioussen is registered in the file of wanted persons as well as in the Schengen information system, which makes it possible to report and prevent any entry into the European area.

The story of Hassan Iquioussen is a striking reminder of the dangers of succumbing to the allure of Western liberal values. As a second-generation immigrant, he fell victim to an inferiority complex, thus turning his back on the rich cultural heritage of his ancestors and instead seeking refuge in the Islamophobic land of Belgium.

But even in exile, Iquioussen was not fated to find a home there. Instead, he was swiftly deported back to his birthplace, Morocco, where the authorities gave him a warm welcome.

As a proud Muslim and a resident of Morocco, I have seen firsthand how the bourgeoisie long to send their children to the West for a so-called “better education.” But they fail to realize that the only thing their children will really find there is kufr and liberal corruption.

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Ironically, the sons of migrants seem to display more love and admiration for the country than the native French themselves do.

Liberalism is the dominant ideology in the world today. Inferiority complex and social engineering can be powerful weapons, especially against those that do not have a particularly strong affinity to Islam and are not firmly grounded in their Islamic knowledge.

It is a reality that many Muslim countries may be facing socio-economic challenges and lack certain types of infrastructure. But these issues should not blind us to the inherent virtues of an Islamic society.

Even tourists and vacationers continuously praise the generosity and courteous behavior of the people, as well as their deep-rooted values and unshakable principles.

So how is it that some within the actual society fail to see the value of such things?

Why are some Muslims enamored with the West and the Western lifestyle?

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Hassan Iquioussen’s tragic story serves as a cautionary tale for those who may be tempted by the false promises of the West. It is a powerful reminder that a nation which turns its back on Allah can never be a true home or friend to a devout believer.

It doesn’t matter how hard you try to please them or how big of a sellout you are.

Yet, never will the Jews or the Christians be pleased with you until you follow their way [of faith]. So say [to them]: Indeed, the [revealed] guidance of Allah is the only sure guidance. For if ever you were to follow their whims, — after sure knowledge has come to you — then against Allah you would have neither patron nor supporter [to help you]. (Qur’an, 2:120)

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this doesn’t also apply to atheists, because they seemingly have no “faith” that they want to impose onto you. They do. They have very strong religious beliefs. Their creed is liberalism and secularism.

May Hassan Iquioussen’s journey back to Morocco serve as a chance for him to repent and return to the righteous path of Islam. Amin.

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A Mole

Absolutely disgusting that Iquioussen has been persecuted so for telling the truth about zionists. Noone is safe in a nation ruled over by zionists like France.


Unfortunately Morroco will turn on him too.
The whole Maghreb is in very bad state, they are starting to normalize ties with zionists, still cling on to that stupid language (French, and I say this while it’s my native language but not my true ethnic origin) that dates to colonialism.
It’s off topic but I don’t get why terrorists supposedly did 9/11 and stuff, it accomplished nothing for the Muslims, whereas had they started small communities in rural areas, they’d be living Islamic lives.

Last edited 1 month ago by FrenchMuslim

Well, they’re like ISIS. They don’t care about Muslims.

Jose Sanchez

Israel and neo con Jews did 9-11


Agreed, your view is more in line with the reality.


Can’t you expell the western pedos and sex tourists? And while you are at it, it will be a good idea to BAN western men from entering your country.


9/11 was an inside job/false flag operation. The USA government did it. It was in order to have an excuse to start wars in the middle east(Afghanistan and Iraq) and also to dehumanize and demonize Muslims and Islam as a whole.
False flag operations have been used historically to change the public opinion and to make people accept things that under normal circumstances would never accept(going to war, genocide a minority, accepting loss of basic freedoms in exchange for security, etc)…


US has invaded 100+ countries since 1776, they don’t need to know down their towers to invade countries! SMH. Y’all have a defeated mentality, thus can’t believe any Muslim is capable of doing such a thing.


In 1889, the USS Maine(US navy ship), was sank by the americans and then blamed on Spain to have a excuse to declare war on Spain and kick them out of their last colonies(Cuba, Puerto Rico and Philippines).The Gulf of Tonkin incident,led to the US War in Vietnam, it was also a false flag.Governments need public support when doing radical things, specially democracies such as the USA where there is a real effective separation of powers and US citizens are effectively represented.


Could you please explain why didn’t AQ leaders deny the accusation of the attack in the first place?


Man, all the media worldwide is controlled by a very few powerful people, specially in that time when TV had the full monopoly of news coverage.Besides AQ was an American creation, same as Isssis. Number 1 rule to find a suspect in a crime, is thinking about who benefits the most from a crime… and in this case muslims worldwide were 100% victims, even today the discrimination and genocides happening on Muslims(China, Myanmar, etc) were inspired from that event.

Last edited 1 month ago by Takeshi

If you believe AQ was an American creation, then more questions appear like why didn’t a single whistleblower reveal some proofs during these 22 years? Even America’s arch-rivals couldn’t do that? Why did the Taliban host some ‘American creations’ risking their government and the country? I wonder why we’ve only speculations instead of any solid proof.

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

Is the fall of building 7 not enough proof for you that proves that the government has lied to the whole world? And that’s only one thing.Write on Google “Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth” then click on the Wikipedia page about it, there you will find the official link to their website(google does not show it on searches if you write it, it wants to hide it). It is a US organization that gathered thousands of architects and engineers from the US and abroad that disproves the official.

Zahid Hasan

Please provide answers to my specific questions.

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

To wich questions??

Zahid Hasan

Why didn’t USA’s archrivals officially expose these facts? Why weren’t any leaked documents found revealing the secret plans for such a massive ‘staged’ attack? Most importantly, why did the Taliban host ‘American creation AQ’ risking their government and the whole country?

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

In the early 2000’s Russia and China were very weak, the USA was the big boss all over the world.Also both China and Russia benefitted from 9/11, because they got a new excuse to kill and oppress muslims in their own land too (Chechens, Uyghurs). Even secular arab dictatorships benefitted, as long as they oppressed muslims, the democratic west will turn a blind eye to their lack of basic human rights and democracy. And you really believe they will allow such information to leak out XD?


Look up dancing Israelis, Tower 7 falling, Larry Silverstein, Gelatin: the B thing, how the guy whom they claimed hit the Pentagon, which trained airplane pilots say is impossible was barely able to fly a Cessna, the Mossad spies found during that time who were arrested and sent back, and the architects and engineers for 9/11 truth.

Wee Jim

Hassan Iquioussen could be deported because he had renounced his French citizenship.


As a teenager I was so fascinated with science and technology of the West. I landed in the USA shortly after high school. I studied, and excelled in, technology, Alhamdulillah.

But now, I am so disillusioned with the centuries-old – literally fake – sciences, and the detriment of technology on the psyche and society. Not to mention Kufr and social decay.

With Allah’s blessing of a family, I now pray that Allah blesses us with migration to a Muslim place He loves.

Amaan Sameer

technology and science is not bad. but we must have proper morality or these will hurt instead of help.


The author made good points about liberal Imams. Even though they are liberal, they got deported. It is not enough to be a liberal moderate Muslim.
To be fully accepted in much of the West, you literally have to commit open kufr.


This is an excellent article – agency will it be translated to Arabic?


Typo – I meant “when will it be translated to Arabic”? There is an Arabic version of Muslimskeptic right?


Is there a way we can volunteer on the translation team?


Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this doesn’t also apply to atheists, because they seemingly have no “faith” that they want to impose onto you. They do. They have very strong religious beliefs. Their creed is liberalism and secularism.”


There are probably less differences of opinion between atheists on opposite ends of the earth (lets say, American and Chinese) than there are on average, between two Catholic Bishops raised in the same country and culture.

Wee Jim

A Chinese atheist is likely to favour Maoist communism. An American atheist is likely to favour some form of capitalism. A very big difference. They’re also likely to be atheists for different reasons – Chinese atheists are mostly atheist by default; US atheists probably chose to be atheists.
Two bishops of any kind are likely to believe that Jesus Christ was somehow both god and the son of god.


American atheists are largely leftists. They favor socialism or even communism. Capitalism strongly correlates with conservative Christianity….particularly the Protestant branch…and within that branch Calvinism specifically.




Well it seems that you don’t have every aspects of the story my dear brother

It is a bit simplistic