Is “Judeo-Christian” Really Even a Thing?

In France, Eric Zemmour (a major right-wing ideologue, journalist and TV personality) was at one point being touted as potentially being instated as the president of the nation.

Zemmour, who is of Jewish ethnic roots, is overtly anti-Islam. And he keeps talking about a supposed “Judeo-Christian” civilization, one which Islam is opposed to.

Of course, he’s not alone in this regard. Republicans in the U.S. also often invoke these supposed “Judeo-Christian” values. For example, “conservative” pundit Ben Shapiro does so very often.

But is such an expression even legitimate?

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Christian Anti-Semitism

The most respected authorities within Christianity are the Church Fathers, theologians who lived mainly before the rise of Islam.

And, well, to be quite frank about it, they were all rabid anti-Semites.

In Holy Hatred, the late American historian Robert Michael attempts to demonstrate the Christian roots of the Holocaust. He states the following as a general assessment of the Church Fathers and their views regarding Judaism:

The paramount tasks of the emerging Christianity were to overthrow the theological dominance of Judaism, to establish itself as a separate and self-sustaining religion, and to situate Christians as the new and authentic chosen people. The Christian Fathers believed that they were fighting a war with the Jews in which only the victor would reap the reward of eternal life; Judaism was a standing insult and threat to Christianity’s image of itself. Jerome once wrote to Augustine that if converted Jews were allowed to practice even one fragment of their former religion, “they will not become Christians, but they will make us Jews… The ceremonies of the Jews are pernicious and deadly; and whoever observes them, whether Jew or Gentile, has fallen into the pit of the devil. For Christ is the end of the Torah…” John Chrysostom was blunt about it, “Don’t you realize, if the Jewish rites are holy and venerable, our way of life must be false… The Jews… pay honor to the avenging demons, the foes of our life.”

Through anti-Jewish theological myths and defamations, the Church Fathers pictured the Jews no longer as the chosen people, no longer heroes of holiness and moral living; they were instead the earthly representatives of the powers of evil.[1]

Within the next few pages, he provides specific quotes from these Church Fathers, and some of them were actually very violent. Chrysostom in particular. He would quote passages from the New Testament and declare that he wished to slaughter the Jews. It is quite unsurprising then that he was admired by a certain Adolf Hitler.

So, you’d assume that these Church Fathers wouldn’t have so readily accepted any such “Judeo-Christian” tag…

Jews Against Jesus

The Church Fathers were most certainly against Judaism, but how do the Jews view Christianity?

More specifically, let’s examine how they perceive the Christ in Christ-ian; namely Prophet ‘Isa (Jesus), peace be upon him.

Peter Schäfer, a German scholar, wrote the book Jesus in the Talmud. The Talmud and the Torah are the main religious books of the Jews. Their rabbis take inspiration from the Talmud for both their law (halakha) and theology.

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For instance, this book demonstrates how according to the rabbis, Prophet ‘Isa, i.e., Jesus (peace be upon him) is the product of an illegitimate union between Maryam, i.e, Mary (may Allah be pleased with her) and a Roman soldier named Panthera.

Schäfer also quotes rabbinical sources in relation to Prophet ‘Isa, i.e., Jesus (peace be upon him) being punished in hell:

He [Onqelos] went and brought up Jesus the Nazarene (Yeshu ha-notzri)/the sinners of Israel (posh’e Yisrael) out of his/their grave(s) by necromancy and asked him/them: Who is important in that world?

He/they [Jesus/the sinners of Israel] answered: Israel!

[Onqelos:] What then about joining them?

[Jesus/the sinners of Israel:] Seek their welfare, seek not their harm. Whoever touches them is as though he touches the apple of his [God’s] eye!

[Onqelos:] What is your punishment?

[Jesus/the sinners of Israel:] With boiling excrement.

For the master has said: Whoever mocks the words of the Sages is punished with boiling excrement.

Come and see the difference between the sinners of Israel and the prophets of the gentile nations![2]

Schäfer presents many other insults such as Prophet ‘Isa, i.e., Jesus (peace be upon him) being a sorcerer… And you know what, let’s not even go there.

We’ll just ask a simple question to the Christians who promote this “Judeo-Christian” myth:

Do you embrace the fact that the Jews consider your “god” to be an illegitimate child who is being punished in hell with boiling excrement?

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A Bogus Concept Designed for the Express Purpose of Opposing Islam

We’ve seen how Christianity and Judaism are completely incompatible on a theological level, so why does there exist such a fervent solidarity between them on a political level?

You guessed right. While the idea was conceptualized during the ’30s in order to oppose Fascism (which targeted both Christians and Jews, especially in Germany), it has now become a common catchphrase in the West that is used single out and persecute Muslims.

M.J.C. Warren, a lecturer in Biblical and religious studies from the UK, writes:

“Judeo-Christian” is now most often used to draw a line between imagined Christian values and a perceived (but false) threat of Muslim immigration. It’s in this context, that right wing figures such as Nigel Farage use the phrase.


Time and again, when Farage and Trump use the term, what they really imply is an “us-versus-them” division between the West and Islam.

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Isn’t Islam truly amazing?

Just look at how it unites Christians and Jews (as well as Hindus, atheists, etc.), who are otherwise so diametrically opposed to one another in their beliefs…

The truth is indeed a unifying force. I mean, you have all sorts of evils here banding together in order to try and wrestle it to the ground.

They will never fight you even united except from within fortified strongholds or from behind walls. Strong is their internal hostility. You may think that they are united when in fact their hearts are at odds with one another, because they are people who will not use their reason.

(Qur’an 59:14)


[1] Robert Michael, Holy Hatred: Christianity, Antisemitism, and the Holocaust, Springer, 2006, p. 21.

[2] Peter Schäfer, Jesus in the Talmud, Princeton University Press, 2009, pp. 84-85.

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