Bob Roberts and His Dawah Mafia Friends: Their Agenda to Reform Islam

Many of you know about how the new “Abrahamic House” that was just opened is a Zionist interfaith project against Islam, pushed by the US and Israel.

But did you know that one of the main promoters of this project, Bob Roberts, is deeply connected to certain celebrity imams?




First more information on Roberts.

He has a long resume working for thr US State Dept, the UN, and is a WEF fellow. Basically his job is to push religious reform, secularization, liberalization, and Israel normalization through interfaith. Primarily, he targets Muslims.

Roberts has been a key participant at “peace” and “global faith” forums. The purpose of these forums, which have been held since 2014, is to give religious legitimacy to Zionist normalization and silence pro Palestinian advocacy in the Muslim world.




A secondary goal is to push “religious freedom” in the Muslim world. What this refers to is secularization.

Laws that are based on Islam violate the “rights of religious minorities.”

This is the stick used by RAND-guided, US-funded campaigns to separate “mosque and state.”

Roberts sells this secularization project to Muslims by claiming he fights against islamophobia in the US. In return, Muslims should push for “religious freedom” for Atheists, Christians, Jews, Hindus, etc., in the Muslim world, i.e., to secularize.



Here is Roberts co writing an article about how interfaith is the way to fight hate and violent extremism (CVE).

Note the co-author…

Central to Roberts’ religious freedom agenda is legalizing blasphemy in the Muslim world.

Islam has severe criminal punishments for blasphemy and apostasy. This serves to protect the Islamic character of Muslim society by keeping the sacred sacrosanct. Bob wants to end this.

What is Roberts’ connection to Muslims in the West?

He has been the keynote speaker at numerous Muslim national conventions over the years, including ISNA, RIS, and ICNA.

He has a special connection with Mohamed Magid, a notorious pro-Zionist imam who has an extensive history working with the US gov via CVE initiatives to police his own community. Truly a despicable person.

(We need a separate article for all of Magid’s filthy work)




Next is Hamza Yusuf, himself a key figure in pushing all the same narratives as Roberts: secularization, CVE, anti Islamic law, etc. More on Yusuf’s role can be read here.

Alongside Yusuf and Magid is, of course, Bin Bayyah, not a Western figure, but still used by “traditionalists” in the West to normalize these pro-zionist and secularization campaigns.

All these figures converged in a 2018 interfaith event where a Muslim children’s choir performed the Hebrew song “salaam” at the Multi Faith Prayer Service organized by Pastor Bob Roberts. Magid, Yusuf, and Bin Bayyah gave speeches. Watch here (Telegram link).

Another figure close to Roberts: Yasir Qadhi.

Coincidentally, Qadhi has in recent years vocally called for Islamic “reform” and has even spoken against blasphemy laws in Islam and politicsl Islam more broadly.

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Another imam that Roberts has worked with and highly praised as “a man of strong integrity and courage” in recent years: Omar Suleiman.

Roberts tells us to that Suleiman is an “imam to keep your eyes on.”

I wonder why.

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Other “usual suspects” that Roberts has worked with a promoted:

CVE architect Dalia Mogahed.

Pro LGBT feminist Ingrid Mattson.

Oil Crucifix Ritual Afficionada Zahra Billoo.

And Zaid Shakir.

Ask yourself how one pastor working for the US Stat Dept, UN, and the Zionist Abraham Accords and Peace Fora projects so deeply connected to these Muslim “leaders”?

They’re holding the doors wide open for wolves like Roberts to come in and feast on the iman of you and your children.

For more on this secularization agenda pushing “religious freedom,” watch this analysis.

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A Mole

Absolutely disgusting. These filth are the enemies of all religions. One wonders how much the zionists pay them- do they get Learjets, like Jerry Falwell did?


The sad thing is those heretics are doing that probably for free or very little.
It’s an inferiority complex, they think the white man is smarter and our religion is dumb middle age nonsense.
Except they are gravely mistaken because they don’t understand a thing.
It’s only the “cultural” muslims who never learned Islam probably or never cared and pray only on Friday that bend over to the West.


If a Muslim thinks there is a need to meddle Islam with inferior religions such as Christianity (shirk upon shirk upon shirk) or Judaism (dodgy morals derived from a modified/corrupted book and an attitude of racial supremacy) then he is no longer a Muslim.
Simple as that.
To be a Muslim is to recognize that the Quran is the only preserved word of Allah in today’s age and that Mohammad is his last messenger.
How can they be Muslims and think there is something missing in Islam ?


Jazaka Allahu khairan brother Daniel for the exposition. Brothers, this is decades in the making.

I used to listen religiously to Hamza Yusuf. Alhamdulillah I stopped long ago. I remember him quoting Bin Bayyah a lot.

This Abrahamic faith is everywhere now, Our tiny mosque gets approached by local churches and synagogues to join in on it (not to mention the Masonic Rotary Club and equivalent), who target charismatic and influential Muslims in the area.

O Allah, save us.

Truth Speaker

This is what scum of the waste water looks like. Imagine some fools who believe God was walking around on earth eating and defecating, whose book ascribes unspeakable evil to prophets, who cannot even say men sodomizing each other is deplorable. Imagine respecting such a fool and pretending that giving them freedom to speak their ignorance is useful. IMAGINE! Only in the west and the inferiority complexed eastern minds. The real Muslims will never tolerate this evil; and we do not have to.


Should we talk to evangelicals and Jews and hindus ? Absolutely ! The problem is how to talk to them.
Stop saying that Allah SWT has a Son to Christians
Stop the racism and mocking Allah and His messengers to the Jews.

Scholars like Tariq Ramadan, Hamza Yusuf are not calling others to Tawhid and Islam
Instead they are telling Muslims to abandon Tawhid and find a middle ground with the other groups.
We have become Cowards as a community.
Compare these scholars to Sheikh Ahmed Deedat!


They have sold their akhirah for a few zionist shekels in duniya.

Bin Bayyah and others like Ali Goma, Ali Jifry, Tahirul Qadri, Tantawi et al, are there to offer the legitimacy proffered by a “native” brown face.

Hanson is for those in awe of the white man. Magid, Shakir et al, are for those with inferiority complexes towards the rap and basketball culture in deformism.

They’ve covered all bases except for those in awe of Miyagi.


They also have all the trannies they need, women wanting to be men, and men who enjoy being womanized.

They have forgotten that they will die and face their Lord’s Wrath for being such sellout and bootlicking munafiqeen.


They have also forgotten that it is Allah’s promise that His true religion shall always reign supreme and be protected by Him.


Exactly. They cover all the angles.


Hamza’s fall started with “Exactly, it’s an allegory. Exactly”, circa 2001. Or at least it became clear to me with that quote. I stopped listening to him then.

This Abrahamic blasphemy has been decades in the making.

Our tiny mosque is approached by Rabbis and Churchians to join in on the A.F. train. Not to mention the local Rotary club (a Masonic front.) Both target influential individuals in our Muslim community.


Good article DH.
I noticed most of these Imams deviate as soon as they try to impress the West by getting a degree in a Western University
Yasir Qadhi Yale
Hamza Yusuf Berkeley
Tariq Ramadan Oxford
Omar Sulaiman got a PhD too !

Basically, you study or teach Islam in those institutions, next thing you know, you have no Iman left, only doubts.
As Sheikh Said Rageah said: ” don’t learn the Shari’a from the Church”

Yale, Harvard, Oxford all were churches.


So he puts the ن on his name on twitter because Christians in Iraq were scared of ISIS. You have Christians doing this because they claim to care about alleged persecution of Christians by Khawarij like ISIS.
I wonder though, what does he think about the mass killings and bombings and burnings and rapes of German Christian civilians, including women and children, during WW2 by the Allies. Would he condemn the US and Britain for their crimes against German Christians the same way he condemnsISIS


Then these same guys cry and whine about someone burning a Quran not realizing that this is what freedom of religion leads to Quran burnings but these Gus have no brain cells if they did they would have realized that a long time ago.