Hypocrisy of Freedom: France Targets Outspoken Muslim Preacher, Mohammed Nadhir

France faces a mounting crisis with its youth, as deeply rooted anti-France sentiments continue to spread and grow among them. This sentiment is particularly pronounced among the offspring of migrants, who carry with them the historical scars and troubled identity of their foreign upbringing. As a significant number of the migrants in France are Muslim, this has led to a new generation of unapologetic Muslims who resent France and wish to live solely in accordance with the laws and teachings of Islam.

Despite this, it must be acknowledged that this does not change the stark reality of there being no real future for Islam in France.

These young people often struggle with confusion and uncertainty about religion, and France has implemented measures to curb the spread of this sentiment.

Wherever there is demand, there is also opportunity. Young students of knowledge have identified this and jumped on the bandwagon, establishing various institutions and channels for the purpose of teaching traditional Islamic knowledge and, subsequently, the rejection of liberalism and modernism.

One such individual, Mohammed Nadhir (founder of Din-ul-Qayyima), has been particularly active in his endeavors within this field. At just 26 years of age, Mohammed has made significant contributions towards the teaching of Maliki fiqh (jurisprudence) in France, providing a range of resources and programs which cater to both the general public and those seeking to undergo a deeper study of classical knowledge.

It was only a matter of time before the liberal forces targeted this fiery and outspoken preacher. Mohammed Nadhir’s recent tweets proved to be the tipping point. He publicly opposed the views of Eric Zemmour’s ally, Damien Rieu, and he also praised a Muslim who had offered their prayers in public, within a metro station. This open call in favor of public displays of faith was simply too much for the secularists to bear, and they sought to make him a scapegoat for their own agendas.

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The following day, the “conservative” news channel, Cnews, aired a special edition that was dedicated to the person of Mohammed Nadhir. They aired clips from his YouTube and TikTok videos and assembled a panel of political figures that were brought on to comment on these clips. This group wholeheartedly denounced the “horror” of Mohammed’s statements, specifically those that promoted women being obedient towatds their husbands. In one video, Mohammed quoted from a commentary on Mukhtasar Al-Khalil (a classical Maliki legal manual) which stated that women cannot leave their homes without their husband’s permission, except in cases of absolute necessity.

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This group of cowards, proceeded to slander the brother, Mohammed Nadhir, accusing him of being a self-proclaimed imam and of following an extremist ideology. An elected member of Macron’s party, Renaissance, even threatened Mohammed, claiming that his statements were unconstitutional and could even lead to a court case being brought against him.

Just look at how simple-minded and hypocritical these individuals are! They claim to defend and champion “freedom of thought” and “freedom of speech,” yet they lambast this imam for simply stating Islam’s stance on women leaving their homes without their husband’s permission. This is a severe violation of their own supposed “human rights.” Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights states:

Article 9

Freedom of thought, conscience and religion

1. Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief, in worship, teaching, practice and observance.

2. Freedom to manifest one’s religion or beliefs shall be subject only to such limitations as are prescribed by law and are necessary in a democratic society in the interests of public safety, for the protection of public order, health or morals, or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others.

Additionally, these very same individuals that are now calling for “freedom of movement” had no problems whatsoever when it came to restricting people from being outside without government permission during the Covid lockdown. Both single and married women needed the permission of the French interior minister, Daddy Darmanin, to step outside of their homes. Yet, this was somehow deemed acceptable, perhaps because it is such a well-known fact that these corrupt politicians, who are convicted harassers and drug addicts, always have the best interests of women and the population at large in mind. They only care about everyone’s safety, in contrast to these barbaric Muslims who wish only to deprive their women of sunlight.

And the list of hypocritical contradictions does not end there. Cnews often defends Catholicism on their channel. They even promoted Mission Ismerie, a group of Catholic missionaries that specialize in targeting Islam and Muslims. The channel also hosted theological discussions about hell, paradise and the end of time from a Catholic point of view, clearly displaying its favorable stance towards Catholicism.

Is it not duplicitous of them to go around attacking Islam on these specific grounds, when the same rules can be found in Catholic canon law?

The Catechism of the Council of Trent, an authoritative text of the Catholic Church, states:

Another essential duty of women is the religious education of children, and the assiduous care of domestic things. They will also like to stay at home, unless necessity compels them to go out, and even then they will have to have the permission of their husbands. Finally—and this is the capital point in Marriage—they will remember that, according to God, they should neither love nor esteem anyone more than their husbands, and that they are obliged, in all that which is not contrary to Christian piety, to be subject to them and to obey them with joy and eagerness.

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This is an important, recognized and accepted text within Catholicism. The Catholic Church endorses this text, and it is considered to be authoritative in the faith. It would thus be quite preposterous for any believing Catholic to claim that anything found in this text is “immoral.”

Despite all of this, the hypocrites will never side with truth and reason. For them, the truth is simply not important. Consistency is just not something that is necessary. Hypocrisy is the name of the game.

They will continue to act and do as they please, and this means that they may possibly cause harm and suffering to our brother, Mohammed Nadhir.

Let us remember him and his family in our supplications.

I ask Allah to safeguard the iman (faith) and lives of the Muslims all over the world and to grant us victory over the hypocrites and the wicked. Amin.

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I saw this brother face on youtube. Didn’t thought much of it but now I’m worried for him
He better leave France quick if he doesn’t want the establishment to come down on him one way or another
Like you said there’s no future for Islam in France
Just a bunch of pagans, some racist pagans, dim-witted second or third generation migrants who try to mix secular values with Islam and a little bit of true Muslims who are oppressed
Being atheist is not enough, if you are brown they want you out


A pet peeve of mine is how people are not just racist but also inaccurate and ignorant about anything close to Islam.
Nobody EVER tried to debate the faith, legit never happened that someone on national television with a good understanding of Islam (a MUSLIM that is) debated on “is Islam barbaric?”
It’s all just propaganda about how Muslims are dealing drugs and raping women (like lol, hudud would reduce both).
And there are no Arabs in France, I hate this misnomer, they are from the Maghreb

Haziq Farhan

I don’t really think they want brown people out though (who’s going to help them with labor jobs?). They just want to feel good about themselves by diminishing their existence value. Basically modern day slavery


The media speaks of migrants always as a negative, barbaric invasion of bad Muslims who come because their country are inferior due to Islam and that we the French are superior because we have “laïcité” and we allow gay marriage
You are right they need migrants for some stuff, it’s a schizophrenic society, they want us for some work like uber, factories and so on but at the same time they make us know we aren’t welcomed
I’m half French half Egyptian, that’s still not “French” enough

Last edited 27 days ago by FrenchMuslim

And we still have plenty of slave colonies oops.. we call it the equivalent of a “state” in America 😉
Réunion, Antilles, Guadeloupe, Guyane…
France has tentacles everywhere, modern day colonies.
I want France to get out of everywhere that isn’t mainland France. All Islands that are 50+ km from the shore aren’t French, especially when the natives are descendants of slaves.
Guyane if it can’t stand by itself should belong to Brazil, because that’s literally theirs.


I want France to get out of everywhere that isn’t mainland France.”

Fair enough. We want all muslims out of mainland France, a nation fonded on the tenets of christianity. We no longer want you, muslim imperialists, colonialists and historical slave traders, on our soil. Give back, in the process, all the lands stolen to the Berbers among others…


‘Do you know that Catholicism is as imperialist, colonialist, and pro-slavery as Islam’

We know. And God knows how we christians are atoning, day in, day out for that. Unlike muslims….

‘…you only mention Catholicism to attack Islam, even though you practically oppose all catholic values.’

Do you know me? Practicing Islam makes you a mind reader somehow?

‘In terms of Muslims leaving France, I think this is a good idea.’

So do I. Enjoy the trip back in SA. See U never.

Last edited 20 days ago by FrenchFries

French fries are not french at all. They were invented in Belgium. You should call yourself FrenchDummy instead.


What a moronic take, on top of being blatantly ignorant. You had nothing even remotely interesting to say but couldn’t keep your filthy mouth shut.

Zaid Diaz

Bonjour putain, what did you do in Algeria? Wasn’t that your imperialism? Do you think people have forgotten those days? And you still try to maintain your hegemony in Africa by any means possible… oh sorry, you guys don’t like to take a bath! Get clean first 😀

Asim Khan

We all know what the atheist French fools want. “Freedom” for them is to live their ultra-hedonistic lifestyle, mostly involving anything and everything sex and nudity. That is their only issue.


I see nothing wrong with that. You can be a healthy hedonist. It’s a matter of self-control.


To be fair, this Mohammed Nadhir’s background is somehow problematic… He studied islamic sciences in a institute in Morocco partly funded by French authorities. They made complusory in this institute the teaching of French history and all that stuff. There’s an interesting video in French about that. I think that Hud should watch it. Not to mention that he is a soufi ach3ari…

Last edited 27 days ago by Faris