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What’s the point of those debates ?
Is Hijab good or evil ? Good since Allah ordered it.
You don’t need to prove and debate every branches of the religion.
Prove the foundation and then everything trickles down.
People who want to know the truth will find it easily without 2 hours long debates.
I mean you are free to do what you want but it’s kind of a waste of time.
We should all go off the Internet and start building stuff in real life.
Even if that means fighting.


If they don’t want to submit to Allah they will always find something else to debate you with : age of ‘Aisha, preservation of the Quran, Qira’at/Ahrof, some ayat that they don’t agree with, some hadith about camels, some Muslim in Saudi Arabia that said this or that, some crime committed by a Caliph that supposedly negates the religion as a whole and on and on and on.
Submission or defiance, there’s no other way in life.

Haziq Farhan

This debate serves as a dawah opportunity to those who are sincere

Last edited 24 days ago by Haziq Farhan

“hijaab is good becaue it prevents promiscuity”. Godless people don’t see anything wrong with promiscuity…well, at least if it’s coming from women. In that case it is seen as liberating. Liberating from what you might think?…from men. This is why hijaab also doesn’t make sense to them. From their point of view it’s an obstacle.

The point about the increase in incels and rising crime is something Vincent Harinam (a criminologist) talks about.


This clip on the Chris Williamson channel on YT is an interesting watch “Having Lots Of Single Men Is Very Dangerous For Society”. Female promiscuity also negatively effects male work ethic. There are millions of men in the West who are willingly unemployed. Nicholas Eberstadt is someone who writes alot about this.

Anti PC Akhi

Its all part of the plan.

“But they plan, and Allāh plans. And Allāh is the best of planners.”

Liberalism can only be implemented by force thru men. Women arent being perchuted into nations to fight native men to implement “women rights”.

But liberalism, feminism, creates weak men. So the men produced by these societies cant implement sh#t. Instead they are all weak, soy virgin coomers.

After 20 years, we saw what happened in Afghanistan.

Its devine planned obsolescence.

Anti PC Akhi

For example, in which country can you go up to the native, local, homogeneous group of men, and say “F##K [insert race] men! Check your privilege! Defund the police! You racist! We are equal to everything you have and created including your WOMEN!” and get away with it without a scratch or hell even be celebrated by the media and news as a hero?

In China? India? Africa? Arabia? Latin nations? Can these people tolerate a White mayor, minister?



Anti PC Akhi

Even Shaytan, the devil, and his minions are part of the plan.

You just have to hold on to that rope as tightly as you can and never let go. Thats all you have to do to come out fine at the end of it all.

Subhan Allah, that easy, that simple.


“Latin” America is a bad example (they worship the white man) and what are you trying to get at ? “Homogeneous” is not the end goal, it’s neither negative nor positive. A society should be homogeneously Muslim then we don’t care if it’s only Pakistanis, French, English, Sudanese people living in it as long as it’s not because they exclude others on the basis of ethnicity, that is literally tribalism.
Ethnicities exists but none are superior to another and pride in your race is foolishness.

Anti PC Akhi

Its understandable why you missed the point.

Also, you are chronically spamming the comment section with your diatribes. I know you feel like you have something important to add, but honestly you dont. Take a break or better start a blog of your own. This isnt the place.