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What is this Hafsa nonsense ?
The real version is :
Hafsa is a Kaafir, because of her open transgression of the basics of Islam and her continuous spreading of mischief in the land while claiming to be merely but a reformer, she was beheaded in front of a joyous crowd of a 100 men and women and children.
The sentence was approved by Caliph Mohammad ibn Abdullah, Caliph of Islamistan.
Oh I wish it was that instead.

average muslim

I get where you’re coming from but you need to chill. Indeed the true believers despise and oppose those “reformers” but it doesn’t mean that we take to this degree even in a satirical sense.


My response to your comment is “awaiting for approval” like everytime. So in short, look up what the Sharia and the shuyukh say about the punishment for such a person, taking into account all the precautions of course.
I’m not trying to attack you but it’s not like a girl like that would be allowed to spread her ideology willy-nilly in Muslim lands.

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Relax dude… Think… Hafsa is a lost minor(teenager) that is being brainwashed and used as tool by some adults(hyenas) that are paid by sinister agendas to brainwash other minors like her… Hafsa is the victim, what she needs is muslim adults to protect her from those hyenas, and receive a real professional halal psychological therapy and at the same time teach her Qur’an and Sunnah, she also needs rukya…

Instead of attacking the poor helpless victim, think about how we can save her

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My brother your comment made me very happy that there are people like you.Do not let these coward who dont know the sharia fill you with doubt.May Allah keep you on the right path.


Funny how Haqiqatjou hasn’t been able to find a headline about how all the Fox News hosts admitted they knew Trump was lying about election fraud lol. And people will still say Haqiqatjou is not right-wing lol


What is right wing ? If I support Putin on one topic, am I suddenly a Russian Spy ? A Red ? A Commie ?
I don’t understand how Americans get so black and white on politics. Even if I despise the French politicians and government, at least here we understand life isn’t black and white and sometimes the left agrees with the right and isn’t always in complete opposition just for the sake of it.
Muslims are not defined by left or right, we are oblique and we follow the religion of Islam.

Zaid Diaz

Wayne herself has admitted that she’s a communist. Don’t expect better things from her.


Then how do you explain his refusal to even mention such a big story when he mentions even the smallest details of left-wing politicians? Had it been CNN hosts caught in such a lie he would have mentioned it like five times a week lol

Maaz Ahmad Khan

You’re a short sighted idiot , Wayne

Zaid Diaz

What do you expect from a hippie communist woman, Maaz? Some intellectual discourse? That’s not happening 😀

Syed Altamish

That egg one is a fake article actually